Monday, 19 December 2011


Friends, loved ones, fish and strangers…what is doing?  I can not believe that it is only four more days till Christmas!  Our family is going away for a lovely holiday in Yamba so this will more than likely be my last post for 2011, and what a year it has been!  There has been SO much happening I am just not sure where the time has gone!? 

Socially and family wise things have been super.  Pria is growing so quickly and Tegan and I are learning new and wonderful things every day on how to try and mould her into a Godly little girl more and more.  Tegan and I celebrated nine years married and I am starting to feel ol…nah, just hitting my form!  Work is also going well and keeping me, and the crooks on our toes!

All that aside, this is primarily a running blog, so a bit of a re-cap on 2011.  It has been quite a big year for me running wise!  I have taken part in a number of organized runs and really found my niche in the trail running scene!  I have met so many beautiful people this year and I am sure they are friends I will now have for life!  Us trail/ultra runners are a special breed!  And for those wondering, yes, I have turned into a real hippy and I love it!  Hug a tree and go vego I say!  This years runs have looked as such:

Mini Kokoda (Trail) – 50km
The North Face 100 (Trail) – 100km
Gold Coast Marathon (Road) – 42.2km
Relay for Life Bundaberg (Grass Track)– 107km
Cane 2 Coral Bundaberg (Road)– 15km
Glasshouse Tour (Trail) – 100miles (161km)
3 x Lighthouse Series runs – 10km each

On top of the organized runs, my training has been a major improvement this year, doing more k’s per week than I ever have before.  In the New Year, upon returning from our holiday, I will have a analysis of my k’s for the year/weekly averages.  This is some data I have never really kept before and upon doing it this year, it is quite interesting.  On a quick glance, I expect to have done over 5000km this year averaging, hopefully, 100k a week, give or take.  That info is to come.

Couldn't have said it better myself!
There has also been a major turning point in my running as far as ethics, mindset and footwear goes in 2011.  I have really embraced running on a whole new level this year and my life doesn’t feel complete if I am not doing it every day.  This year has seen me move from conventional running shoes, to a minimal running shoe, to sandals and barefoot.  I have taken the last three to four months to focus solely (no pun intended) on sandal and barefoot running, to really give it a go and make an assessment after completing Hares and Hounds, January 2012, in my sandals.  At this time, I am surely going to continue embracing the huarache sandals and completely unshod running.  The freedom and liberty it presents is amazing, along with a vast array of other major benefits to be discussed in future blogs.   

Another major thing that has been incorporated into my life is this blog.  I just want to take the opportunity to thank you, who ever you are, wherever you are, for reading this.  It is strange but I really feel a sense of ownership over this blog, and almost a responsibility to do it now.  It is something that I really enjoy doing and from some of your lovely comments, it appears that most of you enjoy reading.  My goal from the start has been to try and lift people higher than they are at the moment, encourage you to think more highly of life, get active, smile and love someone or something more than you have before.  As I have said people, life is but a breath so let’s embrace it together and ENJOY!

I pray that as the next year moves on, that you will continue to read my ramblings and be encouraged by my randomness.  Lets work to make this world a better place, cause if we don’t, the next person might not either…and what a shame that would be!

As a side note, please stay safe on our roads this holiday.  There have been too many fatalities that my mates at work have had to clean up this year, so take it easy and have a good time!

Keep smiling people, Merry Christmas and I hope it is a blessed time of the year for you!  Go run a trail, smile at a stranger, call your supermarket workers by name and have a chat with them, kiss a dog, hug a cleaner, go for a swim in the ocean, love nature, embrace life, go bare (foot that is, or if the other tickles your fancy, maybe that too!) and GO LIVE!  Bless you all and until 2012, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Run on friends, run on!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Change of plans...

Well, it has been a while between drinks!  But I am back with another effort of rambling!  It is good to be here, typing to myself, knowing that my friends and random strangers will soon be reading my nonsense!  I apologise for my time between blogs but somehow, things always tend to get hectic and time gets away from me.  In saying that, I am wanting to make this a bit more regular from here on in, and have some topics I wish to vent, so you will hopefully be hearing from me a bit more often from here on in! 

So, I guess the big news that I need to vent first, is that after much discussion and thought, the Run Across Auz we were planning is off…or at least been postponed for a number of years.  There were a number of reasons for our decision but all parties concerned thought it best to call things off at this time and possibly look at other options.  I am definitely going to complete this challenge in my lifetime but the general consensus is that that time is just not yet.

In saying that, we obviously wanted to do something else substantial…with a bit less organising and stress!  So after a bit of thought, and a bit more to do, we have had the idea of going on a family holiday (Tegs, Pria, Mum, Dad and I) around Tassie.  The catch is though, is that Dad and I will run around the little island!  It all might sound a little selfish but this idea stemmed from my previous blog about ‘running for running’s sake’.  We have talked about taking about four weeks, running maybe 50k ish a day and taking a rest day every three to five days to sight see and enjoy the beauty of Tassie.  Running for the sheer enjoyment of running!  Nothing to fundraise for, no pressure, just good times!  Run, rest, coffee, laugh…have a ball!  Don’t hold it against me but I am very excited!

So that is the big news…again…there is always something in the pipeline that is my mellon!

Apart from that, all else is well!  The training is cruising along nicely and I am loving the sandals and barefoot running!  I did my biggest week so far since switching over last week and covered 125km.  The best thing about this is that I did not even feel sore or worn out…this will be discussed in a future post and my thoughts on it…wait for it! 

I am really looking forward to my next event which will be Hares and Hounds on the second weekend in January.  Will be great to be back on the trails at the Glasshouse Mountains, catching up with friends and hopefully making some new ones!  This will be my first Ultra in my sandals and I am already feeling the fittest I have been in a long time and keen as mustard for a good hit out.  It probably sounds a bit weird but it will seem a bit strange to be finished an event in 6-6.5hours instead of 15-30hours!  Nice little stroll in the bush!  Ha!  Good times!

So friends, that is about all the goss for this blog!  As I mentioned I have a few topics that I want to cover in the near future so I look forward to sharing them with you!

I hope this finds you all well, safe and loving life!  I got emailed a few quotes the other day so I will leave you with a few of the good ones!

Stay true friends, love life and RUN ON!!!
‘Some people collect stamps – I collect miles.’
‘Ounces of discipline or tonnes of regret.’
‘You don’t stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running.’
‘Even if your on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there!’

And my favourite…‘My sport is your sports punishment!’

NOTE - As an extra, yesterday we run the last of the Lighthouse Series races at Burnett Heads.  I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sherry and all the crew for putting in so much hard work and time to make these runs not only very enjoyable but also a great success!  The work that they do of their own free will at Bundy Road Runners is to be commended and it is super that the town now has an organised group to show off!  Let it continue to grow in numbers and get more and more people running!  WELL DONE GUYS!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Whats up my friends!?  Well I am a little excited today as it is my birthday!  Now before I start my rambling, I just want to clarify that this is not meant to be a negative blog, but more a reflection on things...we'll see how we go!

So today I am 29years old and start my last year in my 20's!  It is a strange feeling but not really one that is bad?  As time moves on, we all get older.  I think the more we can accept that, the better we will be!  I look forward to the future with my wonderful family and friends and starting to get into the peak years for an ultra runner (mid 30's to mid 40's)  I think there is a fine line between growing old gracefully and going to extreme lengths to cover up the years of life lived and experiences had!  I know I am not at the point of 'showing my age' particularly yet, but just saying!  I am sure I will be there before I realize 

Though out my life so far, I have done some amazing, incredible things!  Those who know me well, know that I have no regrets in life.  I believe that life is about learning experiences and that everything happens for a reason!  If things happen that might not have turned out the way you or I would have liked, learn from it, move on and become a better, stronger, more resilient person!  Life is about living and making each day better than the last!

In saying that, I have had plenty of learning experiences in my 28years on earth!  As of late, there are a few things that I want to make better in my life, particularly to do with running/diet.  If we dont want to improve, whats the point?!  One of my friends latley gave me a saying C or D (Change or Die!)  How appropriate!  Lets adapt, change and improve!  I have become sick of being stuck on the carousel so to speak and making the same basic errors over and over.  So...without telling too much, I have decided to make the 29th year of my life...before I reach the big 3-0, a turning point in who I am and what I do.  I will release bits of information as time goes on, but I really want to see some major changes personally in this year ahead.  To the common person, the changes probably done seem significant, however to me, they will be important.  Stay tuned for the next year!  HA!

I know a lot of people that I know probably think that I put far too much time, effort and living into running.  Let me explain a little.  Running to me is my haven.  Life is SO buzy, it is the time that I can think about everything, or think about nothing.  I can solve the worlds problems in my head, or float along.  It is my resolve!  Running makes me, and I believe it could make you too, a better person.  It improves my friendships, health, marriage  parenting, day to day living, work, mental state (although some would disagree on that one!)...every fascist of my life! There is something mesmerizing, basic, spiritual, releasing, calming, clearing, loving about the simple art of putting one foot in front of the other!  This is our most basic, first sport!  Humans have been relishing in the art of running since we were created by God, and EVERYONE can do it, I truly believe that!  As a side point too, this is a big reason why I dont listen to music when I run.  Life is so 'noisy' why would I want to ruin the experience I have explained in short with more noise?!  Listen to nature, your breathing, foot falls...get in touch with the world we live in instead of just flying by it!

So when people say or think that I spend too much time running, trust me, if I didn't, I don't think I would be very enjoyable to be around.  It is my passion and a basic, primal love.  So I hope and pray that this year will be a great, challenging, rewarding and blessed one for me!  I hope that you will notice small changes in the way I am/live.  Life is an amazing journey and one that deserves to be sucked dry of everything it is worth!

If you are not trying to be a better person every day, and are just floating along in life...make a change today! Do something different, make life count, we only have it once!

I love you all friends and I am so blessed to have known you all for a short, or long time, depending on where I met you in my life journey!  Lets live, love, smile and make the most of what we have!  I cant wait to spend my 29th year alive with you all in one way or another!  Go for a run today for me, even if it is to the corner and back, you never know, you might catch the bug!

Love life, smile big and run on friends!


Friday, 4 November 2011

Remembering yesteryear...

When I was young (cause I am so old now...turning 29 on Thursday!) I used to run shorter distances, and at a reasonable pace.  As time has evolved, I have run further and further and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.  Well, today, I remembered why I stopped with the short stuff!

It was the second of a three race series in Bundy called the Lighthouse Series.  Once again I lined up for the 10k.  MUCH shorter than I have become accustomed to running these days!  I was once again shod in my sandals ready to go.  I didn't really plan on running too quick and started at the back of the pack.  I set off at a comfortable pace and after a couple of k's was feeling pretty good.  I also noticed Dad a couple of hundred meters ahead of me.  At about the three or four k mark, I decided to get into it and try to catch the old bull.

Now let me just say, I have been running about 4 or 5 years now, and I can not remember EVER beating Dad in a race... (oh, that is a lie, I beat him at the North Face, I seem to have a better shot at him over long Ultras.  He always smokes me in races up to and including marathons)

So anyway, after just completing 'Macca' Chris McCormack's book, I had a upsurge of competitiveness.  Dad was running at a good pace and it would take some doing to beat the bloke.  The first 5k was into a decent head wind and I seemed to maintain a gap of 100-meters behind him.  At the turn, we had a tail wind and it was HOT...time to put the hammer down (I kept dreaming I was in Kona!  Ok, maybe not that hot!)!  I made a plan in my head to catch him by the 8k mark.  I slowly chipped away at him, gaining about 20m - 50m per k, pushing myself to a limit I have not reached for a LONG time!  I slowly managed to bridge the gap by just after the 8k point...SHOWTIME!

Macca explains in his book that often when you make the 'chase', athletes will then run alongside the person they had caught and mentally they are then gone as they think the job is done.  Macca says that once you catch the leader (Dad in my case) either 1) make a comment to hurt them mentally (not in my interest, hes the BOSS!) and 2) don't slow to level with them, run straight by them, and break them with a pace they can't handle.  This was my plan.  Upon catching Dad, there was a slight rise...GO!  I got into it and moved quick.  I would like to have seen my heart was going!

Anyway, the Boss kept at his already quick pace and I pushed hard on ahead.  I had a look over my shoulder at the 9k mark and couldn't slow much, he was still there!  I was hurting in the last k but I pushed it home.  I managed to finish the race in 46.20min...I carn't remember running that fast for a LONG time!  Dad finished in 47.03min...not far behind!  I was spent!  The 'race' was of course all in good fun, and it felt great to get a hand shake and smile from the Boss across the line for a job well done!  Where we usually run side by side, a bit of healthy competition doesn't go astray from time to time!  I dont know if I will be running that quick again for a while...think I prefer the 24hour plus zone!     

The event was again a great success and it was great to see a lot of faces I haven't seen in a while!  A big thanks to Sherry and the Bundy Road Runners crew.  Without volunteers, stuff dosent get done!  It was awesome to have some good conversation after the race and catch up with old friends!

Well done to all, another super day/event.  Again the sandals came and saw, and today, at least for one day 'flew'...well in my little world anyway!  Thanks Boss for pushing me...I might feel it on our 20k'er tomorrow!

Keep smiling friends.  Life is good, make this day count!  Keep putting one foot in front of the other...otherwise you will be moving backwards!  Until next time...

Run on...

P.S - I have found a rickshaw!  Thanks to my friends who have helped with research!  It is actually a pony cart at a horse place in Landsborough, just gotta get down to check it out and save some pennies!  Good times!    

Monday, 24 October 2011


What the heck is up my friends!  What a ripper day to be alive for no other reason except to be alive!  I pray this rant finds you smiling like a fox!

Well things are going well in Grills land.  I have just completed my first week of my 50km program (Hares and Hounds) and this included 11.5km completely barefoot and 66.5km in sandals.  Apart from a little soreness in my right forefoot (which has now come good) it was a top week.  I have been hearing some funny stories from friends of friends etc about the 'bloke running in sandals', and hearing comments like 'do you really run with NO shoes on?!'.  This will then usually follow with a short conversation about same and some puzzled looks!  Makes me smile!  One particular conversation made me laugh the other day with a friend stating that barefoot running is such a 'new concept' that it hasn't had time to be tested!  Umm...I'm pretty sure SHOES are the 'new' concept...maybe I am missing something?!  I am also finding myself to go unshod more and more...this may cause problems with the wife?  Time will tell!  Ha!  All in all, so far it has been an enjoyable experience.  I have also been running with my hound, who LOVEs the run!

The Guru, Barefoot Ken Bob and Barefoot Ted
So, onto the title of this blog.  I have been inspired by Barefoot Ted and his Rickshaw!  I am on a it a quest to find/build my own Rickshaw!  I have done some research on the net and mainly only located pedal rickshaws.  I however am looking for a pull along one, like the ones pictured (note the cool sign on the back!).  I seek your assistance!  I need some help in trying to either get an old one that I can renovate, or get in touch with someone who might be able to build one!  The dream I have it to acquire one and set up down at Bargara (the beach at Bundy) and take people for a trip along the coast line, possibly to Burnett Heads Lighthouse (about 10k) with me running barefoot or in my sandals!  I would then set up a little picnic for them, leave them alone for a hour and then run them back the 10k to Bargara.  I reckon it would be stella!  I would enjoy it anyway, even if they didnt!  I would love some feedback on your thoughts and as I said, any advise about acquiring a rickshaw would be GOLD!  

Apart from that, all else is bonza!  I am very excited for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow, Tegan and I go away and celebrate our 9year wedding anniversary!  It is hard to believe that that time has gone so quickly!  Every day spent with my bride has enriched my life and I am so thankful that she puts up with my madness!  It will be a super time away together!  We are then spending two nights in Brissy and yep, it is tattoo time again!  Cant wait!  Getting my left arm finished, very excited!  As usual I will be going to Westside Tattoo in West End, Brisbane, so if you want any drawings on your skin, head there and tell em I sent you!

Well comrades, I hope that your week is filled with joy and happiness!  Run hard, smash some hills, do a somersault, be nice to someone who is hating on you, kiss your dog!!  Keep smiling, fit and loving life.  Life is good people, no matter how bad things are, you are still blessed!  I love you all, peace, hippy and happiness!

Run on ombre's!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sandals = Glory

Ahhh Sandals!  So, the reason for my bliss is I just ran my first organised race in my huaraches, and they were GLORIOUS!  And...I WON!!!  Well the Sandal category anyway!!!  The joys of being the only enterant!  Ha!  The longest distance I had done in my huaraches to date was 8km, and this was a 10km event.  Good times!  So, I rolled up, bare foot...the only way to be, carrying my new ‘footware’!  After lacing up my traditional laces, and getting a few odd looks/comments, we began.  The wind was howling but made for an easy 5km ‘out’.  The 5km home however was tough with 25-30knot winds!  I felt a little sick (which nearly never happens to me) but I think this was from pushing a bit and the resistance from the breeze!  I finished in 49minutes, the quickest I have run 10km in in a long time!  And I even stopped for about 30sec to a minute to help a little fella that went straight over his handle bars on his pushy!  OW!

Well done to Sherry and the Bundy Road Runners for organising the series!  I take my hat off to you for having a crack and getting a club started in Bundy.  It is something that the town has needed for a long time! 

Dad and I after.
To those local runners AKA ‘slackers’ who didn’t support the event ‘just because’, where were you??? What is the problem?  I had better not hear any of you whinging that there are no running events in Bundaberg when you couldn’t even support the ones that are here!  For those with legitimate reasons, well let you off this time!  Ha!
After...note my 'still buggered
 toes/feet from my 100mile race
 four weeks ago...bloody shoes!!!

So...the report!  The huaraches were SO good!  I have been reading Barefoot Ken Bobs book at the moment and during the race I constantly focused on maintaining a good barefoot style of running (wanna find out what this is???  Do some research into me, it will be worth your while!!!).  I really felt light and felt like I was floating!  I suffered no soreness/rub, however I did finished with hot spots under my big toes.  This is obviously still because I am getting used to the new treds.  I got to have some good conversation with some other runners about the benefits of barefoot and minimal running and it was wonderful to get out at an actual event in the huaraches!  I have decided to train for and run my next ultra in them.  This will be Hares and Hounds on the second weekend in January...CAN NOT WAIT!  I am VERY excited about a future of no blisters, black toenails or injury!  From now, at least until Hares and Hounds, I aim to train only barefoot and in my huaraches!  YES! 

Update on the first week of my 3month challenge...

So, for those meat lovers and vege haters…you will be happy to know that I am off the vegetarian diet already.  This week has been pretty tough!  I have run well, and quickly for me, however been SO tired the rest of the time.  I don’t know if this has been due to the reduction in calories or not eating meat; however I am back being a carnivore.  This low energy factor seems to always rear its head when ever I drop meat from my diet and seems to be compounded by my exercise induced anaemia…sucks!  Even though I have dropped the meat free eating at the moment, it will be back, I promise!  A vege diet is surely something that I would like to convert to 100% to in the future, but while I am running like a mad man, I think a bit of meat here and there is of benefit to me. 

Further to this, in my first week of calorie counting and eating well, I have had some great weight loss results!  I am now down to 83.8kg and things are going well!  Just have to remain consistent!  Good times!

So all round, good news!  I am now kicking back a bit for the weekend and looking forward to watching the Hawaii Ironman highlights on telly today!  For those out there reading this, have a ripper weekend!  Love life, go for a run, kiss the trail (not by falling over though) and appreciate what you have!  Life is good, we are blessed!

Until next time friends...Run on!

Barefoot Ken Bob-ism for the day...
In the beginning, we were barefoot.  Then we screwed up and invented running shoes!

Friday, 30 September 2011


Gday ya'll!  Hope this reaches you all well and that your being inspired to live each day to its full potential!  The 1st of October...the start of a new month!  This blog is about a new trial...and hopefully a new beginning!  Ohhh, exciting!

Before I get into that, a quick back track.  I have had a mixed September.  I have trained quite well and had some good results with my weight loss at the start and middle of the month.  I have managed to drop quite a few kg's, however toward the end of the month, I have gotten complacent.  Whilst going well, I have been doing something I haven't done before seriously...calorie count.  Let me tell you, the simple science behind it indicates that it has to work...and has been!  Eat less than you burn in a day.  Basic huh?!  For those interested in losing a couple of kg's and have an Iphone or Android, I am using MyFitnessPal.  Ask me to be your friend, I will be, I promise!  It takes a bit of effort to start with but it is worth it and is a valuable tool in knowing how much/little we should eat and how much we burn.  My bet is that probably 90% of you don't know how much you body actually requires to function each day, let alone when you includ your exercise/ is very interesting to find out!

That said, the start of October is bringing some new, exciting possibilities for me.  I have decided to go back to (I have done so before for about 5months) a vegetarian lifestyle.  The reasons for this aren't overly complex or deep.  Basically, I feel better eating meat free, I don't feel as 'heavy' in day to day life and in particular when I run and I am a hippy at heart and love nature, ie. Animals!  Ha!

Further to this decision, I am wanting to make a 13week commitment (October, November, December) to stick to my calorie counting, aim to be under my 'limit' each day, eat as much healthy food as possible (vegetarian) and reach my goal weight of 75kg's by the end of the year.  At this point I will re-assess things but that is the aim for the next three months, starting October!!

With these new goals in place and broadcast to the whole world (more accurately, about 10people who read my ramblings!) I will keep you all up to date with my progress, struggles and successes!

It is all very exciting and a challenge I look forward to.

As a side point, on the body side of things, I am still recovering from the 'miler' however almost there.  My toenails are still falling off and the balls of my feet are still sore.  A little more concerning though is that I still can not feel the whole inside of my left big toe properly...wonder if this will ever come good?!  The minimal running and free feet can only be helping though.  I guess time will tell.

On the training front, my 'four week minimal program' is still going well and I have to be honest...I LOVE my sandals!  I am going to give them the rest of the four week plan and assess then but at this point, I may look at training for my next ultra in them...we'll see!

Anyway friends, that is all for today!  I love you all!  Be good to each other, love like there is no tomorrow, smile like a sucker and keep your chin up!  Someone will clock you on the mellon otherwise!  Life is good!  Keep plodding mates and mate-esses and I hope to catch you on the dirt soon!

Run on...Mx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The big announcement...

Well….I have an admission…I have been at it again!  My usual scheming mind has been pondering since the day dad and I completed our run from Bundaberg to Brisbane and back for Prostate Cancer.  I have been trying to decide, WHAT NEXT???  I have obviously been involved in many organised runs since this event however I am always keen to set new goals and try to make a difference in others lives through my own events.

So, I had come up with an idea and was needing to find a worthy charity to work with and raise funds for.  Through our Brissy run, we had a close relationship with Mel and Craig from Bundaberg McDonalds.  They, have a close relationship with a charity called Forget Me Not Foundation.  The foundation has sponsor children in Nepal and Uganda.  They further work to build Eco Villages in their contact countries to house, educate, feed etc the sponsor children.

Through Mel and Craig, I made contact with the foundations founder, Lars.  I did a bit of research on the bloke and the foundation, met Lars and was VERY impressed.  The heart of the foundation and in particular Lars for orphaned children was just amazing!  He is a young man with incredible vision and motivation to make a difference in this world!  I am a firm believer that an organisation is moulded from the top down, so I felt assured that Forget Me Not would be a fantastic, worthy charity to work with for my new adventure.  For more information about their fantastic work and involvement in Nepal and Uganda visit

So…in saying all this, I am here to announce that commencing in May 2013, I will be running from the Western most point of Australia (Steep Point, Shark Bay WA) to the Eastern most point of Australia (Cape Byron, Byron Bay NSW)!!!  5000km in 90days!  This equates to an average of approx 55km per day!  I, along with my support crew and the staff at Forget Me Not will be aiming to raise approx $250,000, enough to build and support an Eco Village, housing 40-60kids for one year!

Needless to say, I am VERY excited about this new adventure and the challenges/rewards it will bring!  I am in for a heck of a lot of work/organising before departure date but will love every minute of it!  I will obviously keep you all up to date through my blog as to progress and training and cant wait to share the experience with you all! 

If any of you are interested in helping in anyway, or have any contacts for major/minor sponsorship possibilities please let me know.

So that is it, the cat is now out of the bag and I have committed myself!  I am humbled by this new adventure, however will take a hold of it with both hands and fully commit myself to every aspect of it!  I just want to thank you all for the support you have all been through my adventures thus far and I hope and pray you will stand by me in this and any other crazy things I conjure up!  

Keep smiling friends and until next time…RUN ON!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Prep, Hiccups and Glory!

Well, first up, I apologise for not blogging for so long!  My computer has been out of action and then had a small procedure on my hand making it rather difficult to type!

So for those who don’t know, for the last few months I have been preparing to run a 100mile (161km) race through the Glasshouse Mountains.  I had previously decided to just do the 100k, however after The North Face, I lacked a bit of motivation and wanted a new challenge.

So, the 100mile it would be!  I have had a healthy respect for the distance as it is kinda the ‘done’ race when it comes to ultras.  I trained well (although I always want to do more!) and looked forward to the run!  Not only that, but meeting up with friends made through The North Face event.

We headed to the Coast a couple of days early after packing a ridiculous amount of gear, and making me very nervous, and did some relaxing.  We spent some time with Katie and her family which was great and also had a top lunch on Friday at Moolooaba Surf Club with runners Tylana (to do 50k), Dean (Injured but great moral support), Jaci (to do 50k), Andy (Resting/injured after a little run on the Nullabour), Ben (to do 100mile), Dad (to do 100k) and the rest of the family/support crew.  There were many laughs had, even though the weather was making us a little more nervous (pouring rain at times and blowing about a squillion miles an hour!)

On the Friday night we headed to Beerburrum School to register, have a race briefing and dinner.  I was dead set freezing and worried that I didn’t bring all my warm gear I collected for The North Face…oh well, things ‘may’ come good?!

So after a nervous nights sleep on Friday (what would be my last for at least two days!) I awoke early Saturday Morning to a howling wind.  No rain but WIND!!!  At least it wouldn’t be hot!  Tegs, Pria, Katie and I all then headed to the School for the start.  After a few nervous hellos and good lucks we were into it.

This run would be a little different as Dad was doing the 100k and I was doing the miler.  For some reason, distance I guess, at the 60km mark I had to do an extra 8km loop and leave dad to run on my own.  Dad and I started out at a pretty decent pace and in good spirits.  We got chatting to a few different people and soon made friends with a few new runners.  After a short loop we headed up old Mt Beerburrum to the usual uphill slaughter!  Love it!  We then continued to trot along pretty well without incident (apart from Dad having a good stack!)  We met with our crew regularly and also aide stations to good food and good laughs.  It’s incredible how smiling faces and a bit of good food can lift your spirits!

It sounds funny, but one thing that I was worried about in this run is that it was relatively flat (Hummm) and we would be doing a fair bit of running.  Due to the elevation at The North Face we did a fair bit of walking on the hills and it is a good break up/recovery.  On this run however, running would occur more, possibly tiring me quicker.  Only time would tell.

At about the 50k mark, I hit a low patch and found it pretty tough.  It was a shame cause it was a really beautiful part of the course with lovely single track and pretty purple flowers everywhere!  I will remember this section of the course for a long time for its secluded location and beauty! 

During this section, I also tried to round a massive water hole and left my shoe behind in the mud!  My dear father grabbed it for me and thought it would be a good idea to then throw it at me, covered in stinking mud!  TA!

Dad and I stayed together until 60k and I sadly said my fair wells to him.  He was looking strong and I did some maths and figured he would easily finish under 15hours…a great time!

Once he left me and I refuelled, I came good again and powered along from Checkpoint 8-10, about 30km.  I then had another little low, but nothing substantial.  By this time it was nearly dark and I met Tegan at Checkpoint 6 for a change of clothes (into warm gear), grab my headlamp and torch, and a good feed.  After a brief stop and kiss from my bride and crazy kid, I said good by and good night to them and  I headed off into the darkness on my own.

I have had a lot of people ask me about night time running through the bush and if I get scared, worried etc.  It is actually the opposite for me.  I really look forward to night fall as I seem to be able to get in a great headspace and really enjoy the nature, varying sounds and smells and stillness.  It really is a unique feeling running in the middle of nowhere, on your own, under a beautiful full moon and bright stars.  I LOVE IT!

For the first hour or two of this race at night however, for some reason it took me a while to get things right.  I kept thinking I had missed markers and nearly fell a few times.  I even had to stop and look at my map as I thought I had gone about 5km off track.  I back tracked about 500m to a Checkpoint marker and to my relief I was heading in the right direction.

During this time, I got a phone call from mum saying dad had finished?!?!  Amazing!  I thought I was going along ok, but he must have been really cruising!  I had allowed him 6hours to complete the last 40km on his own, in the dark and on trail and he did it in 4hrs 55min, finishing the race in 13hrs 55min!  AMAZING!!! A super job!

I continued on and things continued to go well and I arrived back at the School (109km) ahead of my predicted schedule.  I had a feed and refresh before getting ready to head out again.  I almost got in a fight as I found out the winner of the 100mile was sitting a couple of chairs over from me…ALREADY DONE AND KICKING BACK!  Bloody fast runners…incredible!

So I headed off again and did it a bit tough after the break at the School.  Mentally I was ok, but just starting to get a bit tired as it was now after 10pm and had been on my feet for about 16 and a half hours.

The final 53km started on the western side of Steve Irwin Way and then crossed over to the eastern.  It was pleasant to find that although this side of the road had some very sandy trail and some technical track, a good percentage of it was flattish.

Things again were going ok and glad I was able to keep a shuffle/walk motion forward.  I arrived at Checkpoint 9 in good spirits and had a laugh with the lovely aide station personnel and Mum, Dad and Ma who were now crewing for me, bless their hearts!  I completed a short trip up and down Wild Horse Mountain before returning to Checkpoint 9 and starting my journey to 10.

This went well apart from a small fall I had, landing on my sore hand!  OW!

Upon arrival at Checkpoint 10 we were to complete two short loops, both returning to 10.  Before going off on the first, I had a drink of Coke and immediately got gigantic hiccups!  These continued for about 45min!!!  They were so loud and violent, I reckon if anyone was within 500m of me they would have heard them!  Funny, but a little embarrassing!  After the 45min...they stopped???

I completed my first loop and then headed off on the second.  I predicted this would take 1hr 30min – 1hr 45min…I did it in 1hr 15min and arrived back at Checkpoint 10 to find my crew all sleeping!  Bless their hearts, it was a long night and I really appreciate them even being there!  I woke them as I was leaving the aide station and kept on keeping on.

All went well through this section back to Checkpoint 9 and another trip up Wildhorse Mountain (yes we had to do it twice!)  Upon returning to 9, I suddenly felt VERY sick!  Ma said later I went white and I thought I was going to power spew everywhere!  I couldn’t eat anything and it just felt bad!  I didn’t want to stop long as I was worried about what may have happened so I headed of on the journey home!

A short way from the Checkpoint I remembered earlier in the day picking up an unopened ginger chew.  I heard that ginger is a great way to help an upset stomach so I thought I would give it a crack.  The things tasted horrible, but I tell you what it did the trick!  All good I kept shuffling!

I was keen for a plain biscuit when I met the crew for the last time about 6km from the finish, only to find out they had left my esky of provisions at Checkpoint 9!  Oh well, I got some others and kept going! 

My spirits had really lifted by this stage as dawn had broken and I finally realised I was going to make the distance!  I shuffled/walked a bit quicker and managed to pass two girls about a km from the finish!

As I approached the finish shoot, I felt a great sense of achievement and excitement that I had made it!  It had been a long night but I had done it!  I ran though the finish to the claps of Tegs, Pria, Mum, Dad my Ma and other persons at the finish.  AMAZING!  I managed to cross the line in 25hours 16minutes, well within my very rough guess of 24-30hours.



My feet are a mess!  They are VERY swollen, had and has a vast number of blisters and black, BLACK toenails!  Only two good ones left now!

Always carry a ‘plugging agent’ in your kit!  Lucky my Ma had some as I started getting the runs and needed the help!  Also, always carry ginger and ibuprofene.

My family is amazing!  For Tegan to be out all day with Pria was incredible and then for my Mum and Ma to go all day and night was amazing!  Then Dad…what a lunatic!  To back up and be my support crew after running 100k!  What a top bloke and best mate!  I kept telling him to go to sleep but he wouldn’t have a bar of it!

I had a minor hallucination (yeah it happens quite often in 100mile runs) thinking a pine cone was someones shoe…I remember thinking to myself ‘Gee it would be hard to finish the race with one shoe!’

Someone at Checkpoint 8 makes THE BEST peanut brittle I have ever tasted!

The further I go, the better I seem to shuffle lasts forever!  What is next?!

Thanks to all my friends who believed in me and encouraged me in this new adventure!  It was amazing and I look forward to many more!  Thanks also to all for the post race get together, great!

Keep on keeping on crew, love each other, love life and until next time...RUN ON!!!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Big decisions...

First up people, this blog is just a bit of a catch up so it is not overly exciting...disclaimer over...enjoy!

Well, this week has come with some big decisions being made...since The North Face 100, I have been pondering doing the 100mile run in September.  Whilst I was pretty nervous about it, I wondered if it might be possible?  Soooo, after much pondering and deliberation, I made my decision, I WILL be doing the 100miler in September!  I am very excited for this new challenge however have a health fear of it too!  I can not wait to give it a crack and see how I go!  Thanks to everyone who has been an encouragement and given me a gentle push to do it!

First BIG week of training has just been completed - 143.8km done...GOOD TIMES!  This included back to back runs of 5 and 4 hours which was a challenge.  I battled on the 5hours on my own (Saturday) and had some problems with nutrition/hydration.  Sunday however, 4hours, was super!  Ran well and felt great!  Trial and error!!!

This weekend just gone also saw another Cane 2 Coral being run and won (not by me!!!)  I included this run in my training and had a great time.  I ran with my OIC, the Sheriff, and had a great time, even if we were on the stinking road!  I got held up for about 4-5minutes helping a bloke spewing his guts up on the side of the road, but I was glad to try and help as he was in a bad way.  The race was again HOT and for some reason the race organizers decided to keep the start time the same as last year, even though this was by far the biggest complaint.  Lets hope they listen to people and bring the start back AT LEAST an hour, or more for next years event.  It was also a sad event as a 61year old bloke died about half way out.  Ill be praying for your family old mate!

On other fronts, my weight loss has been up and down.  For those who run long distances and try to lose weight, you will know that it is a delicate balance between eating enough to lose weight but still eating enough to keep you body fueled.  I am still on trial and error with what is going to work best for me but unfortunately wont reach my initial goal.  That being said, I am not giving up until I get there, it will just take a little longer.  Just another awesome challenge to it!

Lastly, I just want to say congratulations to everyone who ran on the weekend, be it in the Cane 2 Coral or the Brisbane Marathon Festival!  You are all an inspiration and a legend!  Keep striving for more and be proud of your efforts!

See you on the road soon...Run On...

PS - How good is the new hippy design?!  Love it!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Round and round...

So, here I sit for a 'Race' review?!  I question this as the Relay for Life which was held in Bundaberg on the 23/24th of July, could hardly be called a race!  It is a great event, one of Cancer Councils biggest, to raise money for Cancer research.  Teams are organised to have one persons walking the 450-500m track at all times, for 18hours.  I, as I did last year, would be doing the event for the entire time with my trusty side kick Lee!

So as we did last year, Nashy organised a Police team.  Although it was very disappointing again that no one at the station got involved, (apart from Nashy and I!) we were keen as mustard!  We rolled up at about 2:30pm to get ready for a 3pm start.  Once 3 came around they do a survivors walk.  This is where those who have had/have cancer walk a lap with their carers.  It is a lovely start to the event.  Once this had happened, we were into it, all be it late!  Dad was also part of the team, however he was more there to have a good time and a chat this year...good on him!  Tegs stuck around for a while however wanted to get the big unit Pria home!  I waved them off and would see them in the morning.

Dad and Pria doing a lap
We initially had a goal of 120km and had worked on running 10min and then walking 5min.  This got off to a great start.  I did however suffer from some pretty bad stomach issues for about 6hours.  At times it was so bad I couldn't talk, just keep moving.  We did even talk about how great it would be to do three back to back marathons (approx 126km)...who knows what could have happened!

At this time, I got a visit from Elane and Angelo!  It was great to see them come down and yell at us as we went past!

At around dusk, they hold another ceremony where people write personal messages on paper bags and then light a tea light candle inside it.  Everyone then walks a lap with their bag and then places them around the inside of the track.  It is a very touching moment and great to remember those who are fighting/have fought cancer.  This again took a fair amount of time, however, we just relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

Once running again, it was looking less likely we were going to meet our km goal.  This was mainly due to the time being cut short.  We figured that we would only end up with about 16hours, instead of the organised 18.  Again, we just kept positive and kept working at it!

We got another visit from Pete and Karen.  Their smiling faces were lovely to see as the night was wearing on.

At about 9pm I was SO tired!  I dont know why, but after a coffee from the Boss, I came good!

I also got a visit from one of my sponsors, Michael from Jack Splats who turned up with one of his mates.  It was great to see these guys and the look of confusion as to why we would want to run around a track for so long!

We were able to maintain our run walk plan for about 8hours, however at that point we were getting pretty tired.  We had however done 60k in that time!  We had a change of clothes into warmer ones (it was COLD) and decided to walk a lap, run a lap.  At this time I also started to develop a very sore left hamstring.  I pushed through though.

In the early hours of the morning we were kept buzy checking my phone for updates on the mighty Cadel in the final stage of the Tour de France, the time trial!  Lee and I were both VERY excited to see him smash the final stage and finally win the tour!  Made us very proud to be Aussies!

The Green Meanie!
SO, through the night we went, plugging/shuffling away.  Dad had enough and wanted a kip.  We had dubbed him the 'Green Meanie' as during the event he had his green calf socks on and a green jumper.  It wasn't until he went to 'bed' however that the laughs really began.  We ducked into our teams gear to get some food and saw a green mound???  On closer inspection, there were legs coming out underneath!  It was the BOSS!!!  It is amazing what will make you laugh and spur you on when you are tired!

So on we went!  Through the early hours of the morning, and we were both looking forward to seeing dawn break.  By this time my hammie was GONE and although I don't condone it, was into the ibuprofen!  I was HURTING!  I was quite worried I had actually injured it, but kept going.  At this time we got another visit from the ever faithful Mandy, and then a bit later, Rebecca turned up!  IT was lovely to see these faces too and do a few laps with them, even though by this stage our 'running' pace was pitiful!

In the morning, we had another little break as Dad gave a little talk about his cancer battle/victory.  He did a great job as usual and made the Grills' proud.

So on we went for the final stages, and decided to pull the pin at 16hours.  This was only a short time before the official finish of the relay, however it made a nice whole number, so that was to be it!

Once we had a quick sit down, we went to the official finishing ceremony and celebrated the end of another successful relay event!

So when all was said and done, we reached just over 107km in the 16hours.  Although I didn't quite reach my goal, I was still happy with the outcome considering the reduced time and my buggered hamstring.  Our team raised over $1200 and as a whole the event raised over $110,000!!!  Incredible!
Lee and I after 107km!

I just want to thank everyone for their support during this event!  Weather it was commenting on my Facebook updates through the relay, coming down and saying gday, or donating money, you are all very special!  We had a ripper time and it wouldn't have been the same without you.  Personally, I had the biggest donations from Terry O'Shay Smash Repairs (thanks Mandy), Jack Splat Paint Ball (thanks Michael), and The Place Hairdressing (the best place in Bundy to get your hair looking all schmick!)  Thanks for your continual support guys, looking forward to the next event!  Thanks also to Nashy and Leisa for their organised of the team and going to so much effort to get all the logistics sorted out!  A top event!!!

Bless your heart all and thanks for reading!  Run on and until next time!

PS - As I sit and write this, five days after the relay, the hammie is almost better and I have managed to do 25k this week.  ALL GOOD!  Look out the Glasshouse 100k in September!!!  

Friday, 22 July 2011

A little bit emo...

So I had a topic for this blog however have been brought to a couple of more important the former will wait!  Hope your confused!

This week has been lingering in the back of my mind for some time now...  So, for those of you who don't know, in May of 2009, I had major surgery and got a benign tumor removed from my pituitary gland (the base of my brain).  To cut a long story short, it was not cancer however, if not treated it would have killed me.  So, the point of all this babble is that on Thursday this week I had a check up in Brisbane and was quite concerned as my results lately have been on the constant slide.  Much to my relief, the doctors are very happy with my progress and things are sitting 'normal'.

This all got me medical issues, whilst are minor on the big scheme of things, sometimes get me upset and worried about 'what might be'.  I guess this is normal when having something like I had?  This then in turn gets me thinking about the bigger scheme of things and how my issue is so small in the big wide world.  We have had a couple of family friends over the last 6months to a year who have been so close to not making it, it is not even funny.  Then to hear their wives and their attitudes, and their trust in God is just something truly amazing!!!  It is a good kick in the ass for me to wake up to myself and stop thinking 'poor me'!

This is something that frustrates me about people these days (oh yeah I'm so old!).  Everyone always wants to have a whinge about something so trivial when they should just shut their mouths and have a little think!  There are folks out there fighting for life and being over the moon to have taken one step, that their chemo has worked, that they can use their hand again or that they can finally eat a home cooked meal and not have to be fed through a tube!

Lets keep our heads in the game people and be thankful that life is GOLD and we are so blessed to have clothes to wear, food to eat, clean (kinda) air to breath and choices in life!!!  We truly are blessed and honored to live in this awesome country!  

So, all this leads into this weekend.  Most of you will know that I am doing Relay for Life.  Last year, my mate and I did the entire thing together, 18hours and I am aiming to do the same starting at 3pm today at Bundy Showgrounds.  I am aiming for a minimum of 120km's.  I will be doing it for the old man, who a couple of years ago had prostate cancer, however this year want to specifically keep going for our good mates John and Pete!  I don't know if you fellas read this or not, but you are absolute legends and do not deserve to have gone through what you have over the last while.  Sometimes crap things happen to good people!  Sucks!  I hope you don't mind that I have mentioned you in here but I just what to honor you both, let you know to keep fighting and that I will be thinking of you fellas and your lovely wives through the Relay today/tonight and tomorrow.

If anyone can come out and say gday, please do (bring your runners, if you throw in some coin Im sure you could jump on the track).  If you cant make it, I know there are so many great charities out there, but please consider donating to our team 'Cop this Lot' through the below link.  Keep smiling people!  The sun is shining, life is good and GET RUNNING!  Until next time, RUN ON!

(A special thought to those doing the Flinders Tour this weekend...wish I could be there but I will be thinking of you, have a ripper race!  Cant wait to hear all about it!)


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Running for running's sake.

This week has got me thinking about running for running's sake.  Let me explain.

These days there are a lot of people out there running for something, a charity, a family member, a cause, whatever.  Now let me say this is AWESOME!  I have done it many times before and I have many good friends that have (See Andy Bowen ) done it and are going to do it in the future (heck, I will be too, next week in fact!)  But in saying this, sometimes we get caught up in what we are 'doing' and forget about the simple, pure, pleasure of putting one foot in front of the other.

As most of you know, I have big dreams and ambitions of what I want to achieve in my life.  Not for any other reason than to get the most out of the short time I have on earth and live it up!  I am constantly thinking of new adventures I can have and crazy things I can do.  This week our family have been looking at going over to do the Northburn 100 in New Zealand in March.  I am super keen and looking at doing the 100miler.

This then got me thinking about just plain old running.  Now I know that time, work, money, family etc can be a factor when doing certain things, but this week I have been thinking about how in the future, near or far I dont know, I would like to 'travel' by foot.  By this I mean, if Tegs, Pria and I go somewhere, I would love to 'travel' back by foot.  For example, if we go to Brisbane, I would love to pack some running gear, food, the credit card, my phone and run home.  Run as far as I want, find somewhere to camp for the night (or keep running) and just make my way home.  The possibilities are endless, where ever we went, if the above mentioned factors worked out I could 'travel' back home from anywhere!

I have to say at times I am guilty of it too, but I think in this day and age, we get so bogged down and caught up in 'living' that we forget about REALLY LIVING!  We should be focused on the things that used to matter, adventure, spirit, heart, faith, love, fear of the unknown, a little bit of healthy crazy!  Instead these days we seem to be more concerned about our next facebook status update, how much money we earn, how much 'stuff' we have and how much TV we can watch in one day!  The really important things!  HA! Yeah right!

So, I move forward, striving to keep my heart and mind on the important things in life!  A new adventure can be just around the corner if you want it to be!  Don't be scared to dream, look up instead of down, smile instead of frown, believe instead of doubt and for goodness sake GO FOR A RUN!!!  Never say never, if you want to do something, forks to everyone who says you cant...YOU CAN!

My passing word...set a goal this week guys!  Be it big or small, set one!  Make a difference in your life and you never know, you might even be a positive influence on those around you!  RUN ON friends!


Update - I dropped some good weight last week, now down to 87.1kg as of last Friday.

For those friends who are local, I am doing the Relay for Life (I told you I still will be doing fundraisers!) on the 23rd and 24th of this Month.  It starts at 3pm I believe at Bundy Showgrounds.  As I did last year, I will be aiming to move for the entire time 18hours!!!  I aim to do 120km plus...well see how we go!  If any of you would like to come out and cheer our team and others on, at any time of the day or night, it would be super!  Also, if any of you would like to donate to the cause, the Cancer Council, please contact me direct so it can go through our team.  THANKS!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Road, rewarding and rattyness!

Well another Gold Coast Marathon has been run and won (not by me!)  and as much I was not really looking forward to a whole 42.2k on the road, this turned out to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable runs I have done.  The reason for this?  The reason is that I did not do the run for me, I did it for two other people.

It was my dad's 10th Goldy Marathon so it was a very exciting time for him and great that we could do it together!  Our annual pilgrimage to the Gold Coast with my wife, mum and grandma happened yet again.  My aunty and uncle are also regular supporters.  My dad is a superstar and even though he did little to no training since the North Face (due to injury, not lack of wanting!) he still finished easy and paced another first time marathoner from Bundy.

Me offering Mandy a little 'encouragement'!
This leads to the main reason for my personal reward at the Goldy...pacing!  I made a decision about two to three weeks before the race that I would help one of my training buddies Mandy who was running her first marathon.  She had done MORE than enough training but lacked the most important asset in long distance running...the few inches between the ears (MENTAL STRENGTH!)  So I decided to give her a hand.

Now once we dealt with, and dealt with again and again Mandys thinking she would slow me down, not enjoy it etc, race day fast arrived and it was go time.  From the outset she did a great job however approaching 30k, started to fall in a hole.  The sun came out, the legs got tired and the negative thoughts flowed freely!  To cut a long story short, I stuck with her and we plodded our way to the finish.  Mandy showed fantastic spirit and courage to continue on and she should be VERY proud of her efforts, as should all those involved in the full, half and 10k events!  We finished in 4hours 34minutes with massive smiles on our faces and hugs all round!  This marathon was my slowest by about 35-40minutes but BY FAR my most rewarding.  To help someone else achieve their goal in a small way made the weekend very special!  Good times!

So, I think for now the road marathons are on the back burner.  I look forward to some upcoming off road/trail events and the long hard slogs in the bush.  This weekend was a eye opener for me also at how important mental strength is in what we do.  As ultra runners, our minds are so hardened and determined to the goal at hand that nothing seems impossible.  This acts as an overflow into out everyday life also and I reckon makes us stronger, more productive, energetic people in all we do!  I wouldn't want it any other way!

So, over all, well done Dad, Mandy, all the Bundy runners, and everyone else who took part in the weekends events.  I am sure that you all have your own personal journeys to tell about and I hope to hear them!  Run on friends and catch you soon.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bitumen is boring...except for 10years!

Well in three more sleeps, I will be doing the Gold Coast Marathon again.  I have to be honest and say it is not a run I really want to do.  Mainly given the fact that
1. It is on bitumen.
2. It is just marathon distance.
3. It is on bitumen.
In saying that though, the reason we are making the yearly trek once more is because it is my dads 10th year running the race!  A super achievement and one that we weren't sure he was going to make!  Since The North Face, Dad, who has never been injured, has been injured and doing his very best to be ready for the Goldy!  I think he is almost up to scratch and will battle through regardless.  What a trooper!

I am also really looking forward to catching up with a lot of friends who are doing the race and encouraging a heap of first time marathoners I know.  I may end up running a fair bit slower time to my usual marathon time as I am looking at running with a first timer, but we'll see what happens.  It will be a super weekend away and if you are looking for me, just spot the tattooed man wearing trail shoes on the black stuff!

Apart from that, the last two weeks have been good ones doing just over 115km in each week.  This week however I have picked up another flu and am battling to be right come Sunday.  I have only done a few 5k runs since Sunday, but I think I should have the k's in the legs by now!

On other news, this year I have actually kept a record of how many k's I have done.  I have never done this and was interested.  So at the mid way point (26weeks) I have covered 1973.14km.  I have no idea if that is good, bad or otherwise, but gee it would have been good to do another 27k to get to 2000!!! Oh well, I'll have to rip in a bit more in the back half of the year!

Also, on my 12 week challenge.  The first week and a bit has had mainly ups with a couple of downs.  I had a loss of 2.6kg in my first week (crazy town) which was unexpected!  This week however I have had a couple of bad days but am back on the wagon now and looking forward to hitting some good goals on my return from the Goldy.  Stats 27/6 - 88.6kg 20% body fat (by my scales)

So ripper champions, have a top week, and if you are doing the Goldy Marathon, Half or 10k, GOOD LUCK!  Keep your head in the game and remember, running is easy, just one foot after the other!

Run on troopers! Mx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My name is Mat and I no longer want to be a Clydesdale!

Well this post is to be brutally honest!  As most of you know, I run, alot, however always trying to go further.  Last week was a good one, 115km.  Even so, since I have taken up long distance running a few years back, I have never really felt like a runner because of my weight.  Probably sounds weird to those non-runners, but to those who run, and know what a difference a few kg's can make would understand!  It seems like a constant effort to shed a few kgs in fat to become leaner and leaner!

Since moving to Bundy three years ago, I have lost around 12-14kgs (I used to be really into weight lifting!).  Recently though I seem to be hovering around 88-92kgs, depending on the day, food intake etc.  After reading 'Racing Weight', I realized just how much of a 'clydesdale'/fatty runner I am (a term generally used for runners over 90kg)!  WAY TOO HEAVY!!!

So for some time, I have wanted to get down to 80kg...and after reading the above mentioned book realized that closer to 75kg would be optimal!  I know that this may sound like a large loss, but I KNOW it would benefit me in so many ways, health wise, running wise and overall living wise.  I seem to constantly struggle with overeating and eating junk in big spurts...not good for my health or my running!  NO MORE!

So here is the plan....over the next 12weeks (the amount of time until my next 100km race) I want to get my weight under 80kg's.  This would be an awesome starting point and something I really want to achieve.  The problem I have had as of late is maintaining things.  So, no more!  This is my public declaration to do it, and stay committed!  I will need your help as you all probably know, weight loss is not easy!  So, through my blog, a food journel and the help of my friends, family and fellow weight loss partner, Mandy, I WILL get there!  Weigh ins will be Fridays and Mondays.

That is all on this point, apart from the beginning...91.2kg (stupid body fat measure wouldnt work!).  Oh, and if anyone wants to join me on my 12week jaunt, feel free!!!  Journeys are always funner together!

As a side note and update on the change in running Merrells (minimal shoes) are going well.  I am up to running 6km in them and have started running barefoot again also...slowly building.  My calfs have been quite sore since taking up the minimal running and I have some 'rub' points as I am going sockless, but know it is all part of the process.  Slowly does it!

Thanks for reading...Run on!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

First Up!

Gday there blokes and shelias!  Well this is my first, in a new career of blogging!  Just what I need, more time with technology!?

Anyway, I feel as though I need to share my lunacy with the world so they/you too can hopefully be encouraged, motivated and kicked in the ass to do more worthwhile things in life, be more motivated, and generally get living and harden up (smile people, we live in Australia)!!!

So, as this is my first blog, it will be a bit of an intro...Mat Grills...who am I and what do I love?  This pretty much sums it up...God, Family, trail running, tattoos and heavy music!  There are a few other things thrown in there but I think they are the main ones.

I will be using this blog, mainly as a useless ramble of what I have been up to in training, races, thoughts I have about pointless things and general rot talk!  Love it!

So far, my running resume reads as such...six marathons, many half marathons/10k plus other random runs, six ultra marathons (including a little run from Bundaberg to Brisbane and back with my dad, and most recently The North Face 100km trail run in the Blue Mountains)  I train hard...or like to think I do, and LOVE life in general so why not be doing something challenging, like running stupid distances!

At the moment, I have started training again for another 100k trail run, this time at the Glasshouse Mountains. I have a few 'smaler' runs in between consisting of the Goldy Marathon (boo to bitumen), Relay for Life (see how far I can go in 18hours) and Cane 2 Coral, a 15k fun run, probably at the end of a 4hour run or something???  So a good couple of months coming up!  So far this week has been...
Mon - 5k Tues - 15k hills Wed - 10k hills Thurs - 18k Fri - Rest (what does that mean) and tomorrow and Sunday will be 3hrs and 2hrs...good times, training is ramping up!

Well I think this may be enough for people to handle for my first 'blog'.  What the heck does that mean anyway???  Anywho, have a great day today people, make someone else happy, smile when things are 'bad' it really isnt the end of the world!  Love life and Run On...TattooRunner