Friday, 31 August 2012

By by August!

Well...August!  You have been interesting!  It has been a challenging month but one that I think I had to have mentally and physically!  It feels like it has been so up and down, I have been on some sort of rollercoaster!

Since Flinders Tour I have been constantlly battling niggling issues with my legs, and up and downs with my eating patterns.  It, I believe, was due to my own fault of overdoing things since the race in late July.  I trained too hard, too soon after the hard effort at that event and have done myself some minor damage (manageable but still damage).  And just when I thought things were coming good, my sandals ravaged my toes this week and I have had to barefoot the last couple of days.

In saying this though, since that race I have completed weeks of 129.3km, 34.5km, 162.3km, 65.3km and this week I should do over 110km.  Now this might seem like alot to some, but when training for a 100miler, long k's on the legs are what you need, physically and mentally.  I have unfortunatlly not been able to complete my 100miles a week for 10weeks as I had previouslly hoped.  This has been mainly because of my hard effort at Flinders, so I think I will try it again soon when I have no races to blow my legs out and destroy me!

Now in saying this, the 'forced rest' has proberbly been a good thing for me.  For thoes of you who know me well, know that rest is not something that I do!  I run every day, if physically possible and don't like not running!  It is something I need to do and have to do for my sanity!  I have noticed though, with the forced rest, the runs I have done have been much faster (pretty much always averaging betwen 5-5.30min p/km.)  This rest seems to have freshened up my body and mentally got me ready for the battle ahead in two weeks time!

Ahhh, the 100miler!!!  I have been working hard to get my head in the right space and really work myself up for the fun day/night of the race!  I have had a goal of going under 24hours this year since last years race and I really look forward to smashing that goal!  SOOO much of ultra running is done between your ears and the physical side of things is just a bonus.  I am fully ready to tackle the challenge!  I hope to get a few good runs in over the next week and then focus on positive thoughts, books, YouTube clips and people to really build things up to race day!

So...September.  The first day of Spring and a new start for my training and clean eating (I havent really been eating bad, just too much good food!)  I am very excited for the heat to return and get some sun/tan up for the months ahead.

I hope and pray you are all doing well!  Keep positive, run free and I look forward to updating you once or twice before the big weekend!  Run on...

P.S - As a side note, there are some VERY exciting adventures ahead for TattooRunner.  I, along with a good friend, are looking at expanding and exploring the possibilities of branching out into the unknown.  It is very exciting, so watch this space for developements.  In addition to this, there is something that YOU can do!  If you know anyone who might benifit physically, mentally or just enjoy reading my blog, please pass on the links and spread the word.  The more people reading along the better!  Thanks guys and Ill see ya soon!!    

Monday, 20 August 2012

Ups and downs....

First up, sorry that I haven’t been blogging much as of late. As I think I have previously mentioned, we have been without a computer so it has proved a little more challenging getting regular posts up. We have a new one now and it should be set up this week so that will make my constant harassment of yourself much easier.

So, since my last post there has been a vast array of ups and downs! First of all, on the running side. After running the hardest (as in ripping in) 50k race I have so far at Flinders Tour, I commenced the next week still trying to obtain my 100mile week goals. My legs were shot and running was very difficult! Due to my own fault, and overtraining and not listening to my body, I got a very sore foot and it stopped me running for a few days. I smashed myself with time cross training to let the foot rest and it came good.

Since then, I did another 100mile week last week but due to twisting my ankle a bit on one of my runs, my left ankle has become quite sore. Anyone who knows anything about running knows that when something is not right, it will in turn throw other things out. Biomechanics get stuffed up! This ankle soreness came reasonably good (whilst I continued to train) however, it not being 100%, has started to contribute to a sore right calf, foot and back of the knee…what the heck! This is now to the point where I need to have a couple of days off I think and then a couple of easy days running before resuming my program again next week.

Now this might all seem a bit negative but I have since Flinders Tour still done weeks of 129km, 34km and 162km…not bad for not being 100%. So I am hoping and praying that a few days of rest, then a few days of shorter runs will see things improve and my back to full running next week. This is important due to Glasshouse 100 being only four weeks away!

Now, on the eating/weight loss side of things. I have been quite a bit up and down in this regard too. Again, not all bad news as my weight has remained at a constant of between 79-80kg however my eating has been a little erratic, by my standards anyway! I decided (a little on a whim) to go to a 100% vegan diet on the 15th of this month. It seems in the five days since then ALL I have done is think about food and analyse things. This has essentially done my head in! I don’t think I am quite ready yet mentally to make this big leap….YET! Some might see this as weak however I am not afraid to admit my short falls and struggles and that I need to learn a lot more. I feel like my vegetarian knowledge is quite strong however when it comes to veganism, I am still very much in the infancy stage of learning. I have found my transition to vegetarianism VERY easy and I encourage you all to give it a go! VERY worth while and a decision you wont regret! The move to vegan though is huge…well I feel at this time as though it is anyway. My knowledge of this lifestyle while ok isn’t great and I have a lot of learning to do. Veganism is something that I am very interested in pursuing and ending up at one day, however at this point in time, socially, training wise and mentally, I am going to stick with eating a healthy vegetarian diet and continue to learn and grow. I know I will have my haters (always do) but forks to them. For those who know me well, know that I am always trying to improve myself and I feel like this is the right decision for now…knowledge is power! As long as I am moving forward positively and learning each day, in every area of my life, that is
the main thing and I don’t care what anyone negative says!! So, unless you got something positive to say, step aside cause I’m coming through! Ha!

As far as my training and eating goes, I just want to thank you all for putting up with my madness. Especially the ones who listen to my mindless rants and have to put up with my lunacy so often: being my beautiful wife Tegan, training buddy Jodie and constant bouncing board via electronic cyberspace Lori. Life is such a journey and I am so blessed to have friends and family that support me in my pursuit for a better life, health and fitness.

So from here…as I said in just under four weeks I will be taking part in the 100miler, Glasshouse 100. I have resigned myself to the fact that I need to have a couple of days off running and then ease back into things. I am planning on getting back to a healthy vegetarian diet and reach 78kg by Glasshouse. I still have the goal of going under 24hours this year and feel, even though I have a few niggles, my fitness is the best it has been and I am ready to give this a red hot go! I have this week also re-assessed my weight goals and while I am not going to share them here (don’t want you all giving me a hard time for wanting to lose too much weight) I am aiming to achieve this goal by the end of 2012. Plenty of time for hard training, beautiful eating and leanness!!!

So my friends, the end for another blog. As I said it has been a little up and down since Flinders however I am truly blessed! Just to be able to run, love life and God, have amazing support, clean water and beautiful food to eat…life is good! I hope this finds you getting the most of every day, smiling and living each moment as if it were you last! Love to you all and until next time…TattooRunner.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Three days of fun...

Poser much???
Well...what an awesome Friday, Saturday and Sunday it has been!a blessed, fun, hard running time!

So, from the start... Friday saw my middle weigh in for my 12week challenge. I had a goal and fell only 200g short! So close!!! Ha! I can't complain though, 8kg in 7weeks!! Pretty darn stoked with that!hopefully, anyone at saw my photo on facebook on Friday would agree that my hard work is paying off! YES! I have some personal goals for the next phase of the journey too, so stay tuned!

Friday night we drove down to the Coast to stay with our awesome friend Katie. We woke Saturday morning and had a coffee out before heading to Redcliffe to meet up with Lori, Chris and kids (Lori who I have met at ultras and written a previous blog about) and Dan and his kids (who I ran Cooks tour with)for a long planned lunch. Lori, Chris and Dan brought some beautiful food (apart from the meat! HA!), and apart from the ridiculous wind it was an awesome day out! Loads of laughs, fun, food and tales. A truly blessed time with new, and I'm sure long lasting, life time friends!

Andy and I keepin it real.
We then returned back to Katies for a quiet night in before race day Sunday. We woke to a pretty cool day but beautiful running conditions. We headed to the start and with some last minute instructions we were off! I decided this to be my first event 'Anton-esk' and ran the whole thing shirtless! It was a bit nipply to start with but lovely once we got going! Just nice to be in the sunshine after training all winter in the cold and dark! We started with a climb up Mt Beerburrum. For those who don't know, it is only about 1.5km long but is at a 45 degree climb!!! No that is not a typo, it is STEEP! I wish I lived nearby cause I would be going up and down that sucker in my training program at least once a week.

After going up we started the running and I started the day with my mate Andy from a small place just outside Toowoomba. We had a great catch up (I met him through the North Face run in 2010) and cruised along nicely. We hiked the hills hard and had a good time. I reckon it took me about 15k to get my 'running legs' back after Beerburrum but they came eventually. The first loop (a little longer) was 27.5km.

Lovin it!
We got back to the school without too much drama and was good to have a laugh and see the girls. We weighed in (only a little down), restocked out kit and headed off again. I was feeling pretty good so got into it. I reached the first aid station on the way back and after leaving here came to a junction. I looked at the signage on the tree and thought I had to do a 2k loop extra to make up some distance...after a little, I realizes I was wrong! Silly boy! I then got back on track, ran hard and caught Andy back up (he passed me after my detour) at the next checkpoint. I continued to get into it and did some hard running. It was really turning out to be my day (apart from my extra 2k detour!) and I ran hard. I was bombing the down hills hard, power hiking the uphills a man possessed and running every opportunity I could!

 After the last checkpoint it was funny, I was dreaming I was in Unbreakable (an ultra movie about The Western States Endurance Run, check you tube) and leading the race. I felt like I was running so smooth and free it was awesome. Beautiful trail and beautiful fun! I came to the finish and although I knew my legs were pretty belted, was soo happy with my efforts! I finished the race in 5hrs 31min! My previous best at this event was 6hr 18min, and that was 2k less!!! Stoked! A super event and a just reward for all my hard training and discipline I have been working so hard on!

At the end I did a snappy interview for a raw food/minimal running website. The writer, Russell was filming at one of the checkpoints and has compiled a cool little video on his website. Check it out here thanks Russell.

I also wanna say a big thanks to Chris at the Mower Doctor Bundy for sponsoring my first event. Good times!!

ADDED NOTE - This last week after Flinders has been tough! My legs have been HAMMERED and to still try and do my minimum of 100miles a week sure hasnt been easy! I have persevered, in pain, but still managed, somehow to churn out the k's! so far so good. I also weighed in again this week and another 1.1kg down! YES! Good times! END NOTE...

Well there you have it friends! A cool, awesome weekend! Can't wait for the challenges ahead and to share them all with you. There are many things in the pipeline as always so stay tuned! I hope and pray your going awesomely good and your making the most of every day! Keep smiling, loving life...until next time...RUN ON!!!