Monday, 26 May 2014

New blog

Hay everyone! Hope this reaches you all well! Just wanted to let you know I have posted a new blog over at my website please go over and have a look, subscribe and get amongst it. Have a rad day!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


To say that I am excited about this moment is a sever understatement!!!!  I am SO SO pumped and proud to announce that the long awaited website is now up and ready to roll!  I would LOVE it if you had the time to head over, check it out and subscribe to the site!

A few points to that the site is up and running, I will be blogging through it and no longer through this site.  I will post a few reminders before stopping on here all together but if you could subscribe to my site and keep an eye on it, thats where all the action will be taking place.  There will naturally be a few issues to iron out and upgrades/changes made over time but the basics are there.

I want to thank you all for your audience, encouragement, support and love through this process.  Things are really moving along nicely and there are so many exciting things going on.

You might notice a coaching link on the site.  If any of you would like to be coached, or know someone who would like to be, please contact me direct.  I have also included my sponsors and distribution affiliates.

Appart from that, training has been going well for the last two and a half weeks since returning after injury.  So far so good.  I am getting some awesome elevation in here and loving that we now live in some hills!  Stay tuned for more.  Cooks Tour 30k return in a week and a half.

Well thats it!  I can't believe it has finally happened!  Thanks again to everyone and a special thanks to Coach Jeff for his help in building the site and the regular encouragement he gives me to chase my dream!  Go check it out friends, please offer any feedback you have, positive and constructive criticism!  I wont get better if I don't know what to improve!

Love you all, run free and go visit NOW!  Good times!