Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Wild Horse runs free!

What up friends?  Well things are still moving hecticly along in my world and I hope this reaches you smiling and loving life in yours!

So, just a quick catch up today...I am now well and truly on the taper for my next race.  It has been a while since I have done one over 50k, so I am REALLY looking forward to the Wild Horse Criterium on Easter Sunday.  It is a 10.4km loop and I have entered the 70km (7 get a bit of distance for free in ultras!)  I have trained solidly for the last couple of months since coming back from injury, and apart from not being at the weight I would like to be (this will happen in time!) I should be good to go!

I am also really looking forward to the fact that we are having a mini break from uni (good to rest the brain for a couple of days at least!) and a family holiday!  I think I mentioned in my last blog that my sister is coming up and she is doing the 30k and dad is doing the 70k also.  We will have our 'Easter day'on Saturday with the girls as Sunday is gonna be pretty jammed up with race stuff.  It will be Corlè first ultra trail experience too so good fun for all!  I may also be getting my last tattoos for four years (uni is gonna make me broke) so stay tuned for that!

Apart from that, all is cruising along!  Loving the girls, uni is making my head explode and I love it and training is good as always!  I am also hooking into the hours at Alowishus (cafe you have to come to!) and really enjoying doing the close shifts.  All in all, BLESSED!

So, this is just a quick little biddy to let you know whats going down in the TattooRunners world and a quick pre-race ritual!  I will have a full race report next week, with what I hope will be good news of a ripper day out!

I hope and pray that you all have an amazing Easter and please try and remember the reason we have the holiday!  Jesus died for you so we all have a second chance in this crazy world!  Life is amazing friends, love is the answer and I'll catch up with yall next week!  Happy Easter!    

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Long time no hear.

Well, where have you been I hear some of you ask?  I know I have got a few questions about the whereabouts of my next blog so Im sorry it has been so long!  This is going to be a quick flyover rant/catch up to bring you all up to speed.  So, why I hear you ask, have I been so buzy...well, things have been a little crazy over the last month!  Dont believe me?  Read on my friends and ride the wave!


On the 26th of February, 2013, we welcomed into the world little baby girl Corlè Rose GRILLS.  She was 6pd 14oz and 47cm long.  She is a very very content little girl and her big sister just loves her!  Such a blessing to have a new baby in the house!  So, its me and three girls...give me strength!  It is funny but I do love having girls in the house!  Many cuddles and fun times....give me strengh in a few years time though!


Well since my last blog I!  After much thought and discussion, I am leaving the Police and not taking them up on their offer of part time.  I went into this new adventure with the intent of leaving so I am charging ahead with the origonal plan.  I am working as a shift supervisor at Alowishu Delicious cafe, so comeon down (usually late afternoon/night) and grab a quality brew!


I started uni at the end of February and now into my third week!  Lets just say that has been HECTIC!  I am loving it and super happy to have made the decision to chase this dream of being a physio.  It is A LOT of hard work and can be quite stressful with A LOT of information to take in, but as I always say, nothing in life worth while comes easy!


Well after about four weeks off at the start of the year (soleus/achilles injury) I have rebuilt my training and am now back to 100-130km per week consitentlly.  I have my next race on Easter Sunday and am super pumped to get back into the swing of racing.  Its going to be a great family affair with my sister doing her first trail race in the 30k event and the old boy and I doing the 70k.  We are also having a family holiday which will be awesome.  Blessed.  So as far as running goes I am now just running free, training hard and catching up on some k's I missed at the start of the year!


We had the house on the market however have decided to stay here.  The time just wasnt right to sell (floods) and as it turns out, the thought of moving whilst at uni and with a two week baby makes me shudder! 

I am also looking at selling my Suzuki Jimny (downsizing due to $$) so if any of you are interested, or know of anyone who might be interested, drop me an email or text.

Well, I think that is enough!  The last couple of weeks have been crazy, exciting, stressful, overwhelming, joyful, ripper and blessed!  Life has taken a sharp right hand turn and we werent sure what was down the track but I tell you it is looking good so far!  Thanks all for your support and love in our madness and I will try and blog as often as I can, but at the moment time is a premium!  Good times! 

Keep the love, be good to each other and Ill see ya all soon!  Live long, Run on, Plant Strong.  TattooRunner