Friday, 30 September 2011


Gday ya'll!  Hope this reaches you all well and that your being inspired to live each day to its full potential!  The 1st of October...the start of a new month!  This blog is about a new trial...and hopefully a new beginning!  Ohhh, exciting!

Before I get into that, a quick back track.  I have had a mixed September.  I have trained quite well and had some good results with my weight loss at the start and middle of the month.  I have managed to drop quite a few kg's, however toward the end of the month, I have gotten complacent.  Whilst going well, I have been doing something I haven't done before seriously...calorie count.  Let me tell you, the simple science behind it indicates that it has to work...and has been!  Eat less than you burn in a day.  Basic huh?!  For those interested in losing a couple of kg's and have an Iphone or Android, I am using MyFitnessPal.  Ask me to be your friend, I will be, I promise!  It takes a bit of effort to start with but it is worth it and is a valuable tool in knowing how much/little we should eat and how much we burn.  My bet is that probably 90% of you don't know how much you body actually requires to function each day, let alone when you includ your exercise/ is very interesting to find out!

That said, the start of October is bringing some new, exciting possibilities for me.  I have decided to go back to (I have done so before for about 5months) a vegetarian lifestyle.  The reasons for this aren't overly complex or deep.  Basically, I feel better eating meat free, I don't feel as 'heavy' in day to day life and in particular when I run and I am a hippy at heart and love nature, ie. Animals!  Ha!

Further to this decision, I am wanting to make a 13week commitment (October, November, December) to stick to my calorie counting, aim to be under my 'limit' each day, eat as much healthy food as possible (vegetarian) and reach my goal weight of 75kg's by the end of the year.  At this point I will re-assess things but that is the aim for the next three months, starting October!!

With these new goals in place and broadcast to the whole world (more accurately, about 10people who read my ramblings!) I will keep you all up to date with my progress, struggles and successes!

It is all very exciting and a challenge I look forward to.

As a side point, on the body side of things, I am still recovering from the 'miler' however almost there.  My toenails are still falling off and the balls of my feet are still sore.  A little more concerning though is that I still can not feel the whole inside of my left big toe properly...wonder if this will ever come good?!  The minimal running and free feet can only be helping though.  I guess time will tell.

On the training front, my 'four week minimal program' is still going well and I have to be honest...I LOVE my sandals!  I am going to give them the rest of the four week plan and assess then but at this point, I may look at training for my next ultra in them...we'll see!

Anyway friends, that is all for today!  I love you all!  Be good to each other, love like there is no tomorrow, smile like a sucker and keep your chin up!  Someone will clock you on the mellon otherwise!  Life is good!  Keep plodding mates and mate-esses and I hope to catch you on the dirt soon!

Run on...Mx

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  1. Hey mate!

    Just want to encourage you in your goals for both the charity run and the weight loss.

    When i read your section about your toe still being numb i had to laugh. My toe left toe remained numb for probably about 2 months after the north face this year. I thought it would never get its feeling back, but it has. Hope yours does too!

    Ill be reading on about your transformation during the next couple of months!