Sunday, 20 April 2014


Well, I planned on posting a blog last week but things were hectic (whats new!?) so here we are!  There is SO much going on and SO many exciting things happening at the moment it is nearly blowing my head up!  So, where to start....

First of all - today I started back running!  After eight weeks away from my indulgence with a stress fracture, I am finally back!  I only ran 2k but it was lung burning joy!  Where we live now at the coast is COMPLETELY different to Bundy and I got nearly 100m elevation in 2k!  OH I AM EXCITED!  I have massive plans for my running going forward and plan on being competitive, training hard and smart and being a lean, fast mountain goat!  Bring on the upness!

I have also been around the same weight for the last year or so.  I have knowledge that my weight is not ideal for competitive running and for sometime now I have wanted to drop my weight by a further substantial amount.  I know I have hinted at this in the past but I really want to get to where I should be as a ultra runner, completing the foundation of building my running career from here on in.  Fun journey ahead.  Along side gaining ideal racing weight, long term health and wellness is something I am aiming for every day.  I have strong conviction about the 'best' way to eat for longevity and this is the gold standard I am aiming for going forward.

For those who don't know, I am now working full time at Kunara Organic Market Place .  I am SUPER excited as they have just started a magazine (also can be seen on the website or obtained in hard copy from the shop).  After some conversation with the marketing department, I am going to be writing a whole page every issue.  This will generally include an interview with a local personality, regular customers or whoever (this issue will be with local triathlete Scottie Farrell who some of you know, so wait for that!), some training tips, maybe a recipe or whatever I like.  It is a great opportunity and one I can also use to promote my TattooRunner adventures, which brings me to my next point....TattooRunner!

Kunara have offered me as a runner a sponsorship!  It is a great opportunity and I am super excited to be involved with them as an athlete as well as an employee.

Hopefully this week, I am also going to be launching my website.  There will be more details about this forthcoming, but it will hopefully be a one-stop-shop for all things TattooRunner - blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.  Very VERY keen to get this up and running.

Lastly (I think), I can now officially announce I am coaching!  My good mate Andy Dower has given me a good push to get this going, and I am going to be helping him in his journey to the Glasshouse 100miler in September.  I am available to coach anyone (generally online) from new or established ultra runners, trail runners, runners in general and also those who haven't run a step!  I would love to help people lose weight, set a goal and achieve it (no matter how small!), and generally make your life better!  Please pass the word around, but these details will be on my website, pending the release.  If ANY of you are interested in getting coached by me, or know someone who might be interested in getting coached, please email me direct at for costing etc...

So, I think that is it for the moment?!  There is SO much going on and I have so many goals, dreams and visions of what I want to achieve in the near and distance future.  I have really grown a deep seeded entrepreneurial spirit and I have no desire for the ordinary.  I am chasing the dream, living life, celebrating existence and learning from mistakes.  God is good, life is blessed and meant to be a wild adventure.  I am honoured that you would want to share this journey with me and hope you are taking your own off beaten, un-explored single track to find your own special, individual calling.  I love you all friends, have an amazing, super exciting, beautiful week.  Run on, plant strong....

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Booties got back....almost!

MY PEOPLE!  Well, I haven't really felt like a runner as of late let me tell you!  Whist I am back training (elliptical and spin bike at the gym...ugh!) there has still been no running due to the stress fracture in my foot.  My physio has said that I am aloud to start running tomorrow, however I am giving it an extra two weeks (shock and awe!!!!) to make sure it is healed and ready to go for the rest of the year.

It has been tough!  I have REALLY missed my daily routine of getting out the door early, starting the day beautifully.  My daily meditation practice of running has been sorely missed, however it will be back soon!  I really think though that this has re-lit the fire in the belly for when I am back clicking off the miles.

So, in saying this, I thought I would take this opportunity to let y'all know my plans for the rest of the year.  I have just done up my calendar and diary and I can't wait to get started tomorrow.  I am SUPER keen to start running here at the Sunshine Coast.  I think I was a decent trail mountain runner whilst living in Bundy (with no trails or mountains!), however now I am living where there is some serious hills and trails, I am super excited to see what I am capable of.  Bring it on mountain goat!  So here it is!

- Two more weeks at the gym, then four weeks running for my comeback race, Cooks Tour 30k.  I am going to use this time to drop some serious weight, get my mind right and in some decent shape for the second half of the year.

- Flinders Tour 50k.  This is a 'A' Goal this year.  I am aiming for a finish time under 4hrs 30min.

- Maybe River Run 100k.  This is three weeks before Glasshouse 100miler so Ill see where Im at when the time is closer.

- Glasshouse 100miler.  Another 'A' Goal race.  I am setting myself a massive goal and aiming to finish in under 20hrs this year.  Ohhhhh the enormity of this excites me!

- Blackall 100.  This is a new event being put on by Run Queensland Whilst I have no idea how fast I will run here, the course is going to be AMAZING (now in my backyard, the Sunshine Coast Great Walk (think Maleny, Montville,  waterfalls etc etc)!  This is probably the race that I am most looking forward to this year, purely on a new, beauty side of things.  Alun and the crew at Run Queensland are sure to do an amazing job as usual and I think this is going to become a premier event in Australia.

- Maybe Coast 2 Kosi.  Whilst I had an incredible time at this event last year, it is essentially a road race, expensive to do and a LONG way.  I am much more suited to trail events (the tougher the better) and 100k or 100mile events, but well see.  It is hard to ignore the specialness of this event.  Truly epic!

- Any other smaller or super fun events that may come along.

As a side point, I am also going to be checkpoint chief at the halfway point at Wildhorse Criterium Easter Weekend.  This is gonna be super fun to help out in a way I have always wanted to but never had the chance to due to running.  I will be there with new friend Meagan and Coach Jeff so it will be a hoot!  Get ready for some vegan goodies!

So....there you have it friends.  I am going to be training seriously focused and doing bulk k's on some gnarly hills and trails so I think the possibilities for this year and my running going forward are endless.  Thanks for your support during my down time and I can't wait to see you all out running soon!  Smile, love all and run free friends!  YES!

P.S - Dont forget I am still blogging for Nanas Pantry in Bundaberg -  I am also in the process of hopefully getting involved and maybe writing for my new workplaces magazine, who's first issue only got released last week.  Check it out if you get a chance.  It is a very professional publication with some really great information/articles.  I am not entirely sure exactly how I will be involved yet but I am super excited and keen!  Check out

Lastly - I just want to thank for their ongoing support.  They have been looking after me with shoes and gear and I can't wait to keep this relationship going in the coming times.  I am also in talks with Pocket Fuel USA about their products so who knows what exciting things may come of that!  Stay tuned!