Thursday, 9 June 2011

First Up!

Gday there blokes and shelias!  Well this is my first, in a new career of blogging!  Just what I need, more time with technology!?

Anyway, I feel as though I need to share my lunacy with the world so they/you too can hopefully be encouraged, motivated and kicked in the ass to do more worthwhile things in life, be more motivated, and generally get living and harden up (smile people, we live in Australia)!!!

So, as this is my first blog, it will be a bit of an intro...Mat Grills...who am I and what do I love?  This pretty much sums it up...God, Family, trail running, tattoos and heavy music!  There are a few other things thrown in there but I think they are the main ones.

I will be using this blog, mainly as a useless ramble of what I have been up to in training, races, thoughts I have about pointless things and general rot talk!  Love it!

So far, my running resume reads as such...six marathons, many half marathons/10k plus other random runs, six ultra marathons (including a little run from Bundaberg to Brisbane and back with my dad, and most recently The North Face 100km trail run in the Blue Mountains)  I train hard...or like to think I do, and LOVE life in general so why not be doing something challenging, like running stupid distances!

At the moment, I have started training again for another 100k trail run, this time at the Glasshouse Mountains. I have a few 'smaler' runs in between consisting of the Goldy Marathon (boo to bitumen), Relay for Life (see how far I can go in 18hours) and Cane 2 Coral, a 15k fun run, probably at the end of a 4hour run or something???  So a good couple of months coming up!  So far this week has been...
Mon - 5k Tues - 15k hills Wed - 10k hills Thurs - 18k Fri - Rest (what does that mean) and tomorrow and Sunday will be 3hrs and 2hrs...good times, training is ramping up!

Well I think this may be enough for people to handle for my first 'blog'.  What the heck does that mean anyway???  Anywho, have a great day today people, make someone else happy, smile when things are 'bad' it really isnt the end of the world!  Love life and Run On...TattooRunner


  1. Good onya Mat :) ... great reading, and I look forward to hearing all about your training and achievements. An achievement just getting the blog up and running ... and linked to FB!! :P

  2. Nice work Matt. Blogs are a great way to communicate to friends, family and other runners out there. I have added your blog to a list that I follow on mine and am looking forward to reading your posts. Keep running mate and see you at Gold Coast.

  3. Hey Mat, congratulations on your Blog. I was thinking about the name for your Blog & thought 'I'd run too if I had Tattoos' S.

  4. Your blog looks great! Well done on the first post and looking forward to many more!