Friday, 4 November 2011

Remembering yesteryear...

When I was young (cause I am so old now...turning 29 on Thursday!) I used to run shorter distances, and at a reasonable pace.  As time has evolved, I have run further and further and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.  Well, today, I remembered why I stopped with the short stuff!

It was the second of a three race series in Bundy called the Lighthouse Series.  Once again I lined up for the 10k.  MUCH shorter than I have become accustomed to running these days!  I was once again shod in my sandals ready to go.  I didn't really plan on running too quick and started at the back of the pack.  I set off at a comfortable pace and after a couple of k's was feeling pretty good.  I also noticed Dad a couple of hundred meters ahead of me.  At about the three or four k mark, I decided to get into it and try to catch the old bull.

Now let me just say, I have been running about 4 or 5 years now, and I can not remember EVER beating Dad in a race... (oh, that is a lie, I beat him at the North Face, I seem to have a better shot at him over long Ultras.  He always smokes me in races up to and including marathons)

So anyway, after just completing 'Macca' Chris McCormack's book, I had a upsurge of competitiveness.  Dad was running at a good pace and it would take some doing to beat the bloke.  The first 5k was into a decent head wind and I seemed to maintain a gap of 100-meters behind him.  At the turn, we had a tail wind and it was HOT...time to put the hammer down (I kept dreaming I was in Kona!  Ok, maybe not that hot!)!  I made a plan in my head to catch him by the 8k mark.  I slowly chipped away at him, gaining about 20m - 50m per k, pushing myself to a limit I have not reached for a LONG time!  I slowly managed to bridge the gap by just after the 8k point...SHOWTIME!

Macca explains in his book that often when you make the 'chase', athletes will then run alongside the person they had caught and mentally they are then gone as they think the job is done.  Macca says that once you catch the leader (Dad in my case) either 1) make a comment to hurt them mentally (not in my interest, hes the BOSS!) and 2) don't slow to level with them, run straight by them, and break them with a pace they can't handle.  This was my plan.  Upon catching Dad, there was a slight rise...GO!  I got into it and moved quick.  I would like to have seen my heart was going!

Anyway, the Boss kept at his already quick pace and I pushed hard on ahead.  I had a look over my shoulder at the 9k mark and couldn't slow much, he was still there!  I was hurting in the last k but I pushed it home.  I managed to finish the race in 46.20min...I carn't remember running that fast for a LONG time!  Dad finished in 47.03min...not far behind!  I was spent!  The 'race' was of course all in good fun, and it felt great to get a hand shake and smile from the Boss across the line for a job well done!  Where we usually run side by side, a bit of healthy competition doesn't go astray from time to time!  I dont know if I will be running that quick again for a while...think I prefer the 24hour plus zone!     

The event was again a great success and it was great to see a lot of faces I haven't seen in a while!  A big thanks to Sherry and the Bundy Road Runners crew.  Without volunteers, stuff dosent get done!  It was awesome to have some good conversation after the race and catch up with old friends!

Well done to all, another super day/event.  Again the sandals came and saw, and today, at least for one day 'flew'...well in my little world anyway!  Thanks Boss for pushing me...I might feel it on our 20k'er tomorrow!

Keep smiling friends.  Life is good, make this day count!  Keep putting one foot in front of the other...otherwise you will be moving backwards!  Until next time...

Run on...

P.S - I have found a rickshaw!  Thanks to my friends who have helped with research!  It is actually a pony cart at a horse place in Landsborough, just gotta get down to check it out and save some pennies!  Good times!    

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