Tuesday, 30 July 2013

You did a PB by how much?!

So...Sunday just gone saw the Flinders Tour 50k trail run come around again.  Since last year when I ran 5hrs 32min (with about an extra 2k cause I took a wrong turn), I have been planning to have a dig and crack the 5hr 30min mark.  I ran pretty hard last year so there would be no mucking around this stint.

Tegan, the girls and I headed down on Saturday and had a nice stop off in Pomona before heading to our friends house where we would be staying in Tewantin.  We had a lovely afternoon/night just hanging out, relaxing and enjoying our friends company.  After a beautiful dinner and a nice nights sleep, I woke up Sunday ready and rearing to go.

We made our way down to Beerburrum School for the start.  After catching up with some old friends and meeting some new ones, we were off!

All along I had planned on getting into things from the start.  One has to start wondering though... I have been doing a minimum of 100-120km per week training for the last couple of months (appart from when I hurt my shoulder) and I felt underdone!  What the heck!?

As per usual, the first k's slid by without much effort.  I felt myself breathing at times but made sure that I stayed relaxed and composed.  About 4-5km in I slid in some mud, went down and took some skin off.  I dusted myself off quickly though and carried on.  I made a point of trying to catch a few people in front of me but being conscious not to push too hard.

I met a few cool people along the way, Kerry, Brad, Josh and a few others and had some good conversations along the way.  It is always a beautiful blessing to meet new people at ultras, hear their stories and share experiences with them over a few k's...kinda like what I imagine people go to the pub for...except healthy!  Anywho...As I am not wearing a Garmin these days, I had no idea how fast we were going and told all thoes around me that I didnt want to know!  I knew we were doing a decent clip though.

I saw the girls at about half way through the first loop and Pria had a bit of a run with me.  It warms my heart to know that she is out in nature and that I can set a good example for her doing what I love!  Love you kiddo, you make my heart smile!  My girls are the world to me and it is so so special having them take part in what is otherwise an individual sport.

Before long we reached Mt Beerburrum and I went up and down without any drama.  I arrived back at the school after 27km, including the mountain in 2hr 22min...I knew then that things were going well, and speedy!  After a quick aid station, I grabed some refills and was off again.

I cruised along pretty well for about the next 40min and then started to feel the pinch a little.  I power hiked a few hills but was still keeping a good pace.  In one beautiful section of single track, I tried to have some Raw Bar and nearly had a spew.  I didnt finish it thought 'oh well mate' and plugged on forward.

This race is the first time that I have actually felt like I was racing.  I know that sounds wierd as I have now done like 15 or something ultras and over 10 marathons, but this day I actually felt like I was racing....constantlly checking who was around me, in front and behind.  I tried to remind myself often though that it didn't matter, I was running my own race and couldnt help what anyone else was doing.  I pushed on as hard as I could.

I arrived at aid station 4A where Russ, a mate I know, told me it was about 6k to the finish.  I looked at my watch and though I could make it in under 4hrs 30min!!! What the heck?!  Well Russ...you lied!  Ha!  It was further than 6k but I still pushed on as best I could, including another stack.  I almost caught another 50k runner in front of me but just didnt have the legs to keep with him. Cheeky bugger!

As I approached the finish, I was done.  I had given my all and I was toast!  I ran to the finish line in a time of 4hrs 40min.  I couldnt believe it!  A PB of over 52minutes!  I was unable to celebrate straight away though as I was in all sorts.  I had pins and needles in my head, hands and feet and didnt know what I was doing.  I sat with my head under a tap for a while, layed down and tried to get myself together.  It proably took a good 15-20min before I started to feel any sort of normal again.  Once that happened, I was able to chat with some friends, meet some new people, spread the love about my beloved Luna Sandals (www.lunasandals.com) and generally have a good time telling war stories!

The trail ultra running crew that come to races at the Glasshouse events warm my heart!  I have met some incredible and inspiring people there and value every second I get to spend with them, even if it is only brief during post race madness.  Well done to Sammy, Chris, Marina, Sievland, Dad, John, Katie, Belinda, Scott and any other friends I have forgotten!

As per usual, I just want to give a big shout out to Chris at the Mower Doctor for sponsoring my race and helping me along the way!  I am a shameless self promotor so if anyone else is interested in sponsoring me in my endeavours feel free to drop me a line at grills_1@hotmail.com

A couple of days post race I am still a bit sore but have done a couple of short runs.  I plan on resuming normal training tomorrow as it is only six and a half weeks till the 100miler!  I am super super pumped and excited for it and cant wait to hook in!  Another thing I am really pumped about is that I have abour 5-6 friends doing their first miler!!!  To see them get to the finish line will be far more satisfying than any personal accomplishments I might achieve.

I hope and pray this finds you well friends.  There are a heap of cool and exciting things in the pipeline for me and I cant wait to share them with you over the coming weeks!  Keep smiling bothers and sisters, run free, eat plants and peace out!  TattooRunner

Friday, 26 July 2013

Set yourself some!

'A man without a goal is like the wind...blowing aimlessly, affecting surroundings but with no purpose.'  Mat GRILLS

So, I made up a quote!  Look at me go!  Ha!  Anyways, I wanna talk about goals.  Weather you are a sports person or not, goals in life are so very important and tend to give us a specific sense of direction and purpose.

Back when I used to work at a bank (HA!!) they had a saying... 'It is better to aim high and fail than to aim low and achieve.'  Now while this may sound a little negative, I have always looked at it as a really positive way to look at life.  Anyone can achieve something within their reach and easy but it takes guts, determination and boldness to set a big goal and fall on your face if it dosen't work out!  

Goals can come in all shapes and sizes.  Big, small, short term, long term.  I believe that they are integral to keep us trying to improve the people that we are and to have a positive influence on those around us.  I always dream big and set my goals high.  I think they need to be specific and generally ones with an end point helps us keep focused.  Do I always achieve them, no way, but does that mean I give up trying and setting myself new ones, hell no!

Those who know me know that I believe that we should try and live each day better than the one before.  I think goals, and lofty ones at that help us do this by inspiring people around us, keeping us motivated and looking forward while focusing on each moment that is needed to achieve our purpose.

I am generally a visual person and also think it helps with accountability writing things down.  It makes what we are trying to do tangible and real.  It is a reminder of the dream and keeps us on track.  Telling others in our circle of friends can also help.  It puts a gentle pressure on when things get hard and gives us people to celebrate with when we achieve.

So, whats the message...I challenge you to set yourself some goals.  Short term and long term.  They can be about anything...weight loss, sport, business, family...get creative, dream big and you never know what you might achieve....probably something you thought you could never do!  It will not be easy and you will need to persevere but as I always say, nothing worth while in life comes easy!

Have a super weekend kids and Ill chat to you after kicking my butt at Flinders Tour 50k this weekend!  Peace, plants!

Friday, 19 July 2013

MIA...on more than one level!

What up friends!?  Long time no write!  Lets just say that things have been ridiculous since being back at uni, I have barley had time to scratch myself, let alone blog!  In saying that, I am going to be making a conscious effort to try and post weekly going forward!  I now have a shiny new lap top and can catch y'all up on my breaks at work.  Good times!

So, what the heck?!  Life is good!  Uni is going along at a million miles an hour and I feel like no matter how much I do, I am still miles behind!  First term went well and I need to keep my head down for another 9-10weeks till a nice break over Christmas.  I am really enjoying it and learning so so much...it is just incredibly time consuming.  I have resolved myself to the fact that Uni terms go...study, run, work a little, see my family a little, the end!  I know it will all be worth it in the end though!

Running wise, things have been ticking over nicely.  Since my little shoulder injury, I have been doing pretty much 100-160k per week.  It is crazy times though, as doing 10hours a week running these days feels like I am bludging and doing nothing!  What is wrong with me!

Race wise I have Flinders tour in a week.  Then Glasshouse 100miler seven weeks after that.  I have been putting in solid ground work for that race and have pretty lofty goals.  It will be an awesome day out and one I am really looking forward to!  After that I'm not 100% sure yet, however I am pretty sure I am going to apply for Coast to Kosi.  It is a 240km run from the coast at Sydney to the top of Mt Kosioskou!  Should be an epic adventure and one that scares the life out of me right now!  Lets see what happens!

Family wise, all is well and the girls are growing up so so fast!  Tegan is losing weight like nobodies business and really embraced her new healthy lifestyle!  She looks amazing and is running like a champion!  So proud of all my ladies!  Life is good!

As a last little catch up, I have dragged myself away from Facebook and Instagram!  I have had so much more productive time it is not even funny!  The only reason I will be on Facey is to post my blogs...for a while anyway!  Lets see how it goes!  I do miss all my running buddies from away though, so I think Ill be back at some stage...just not yet!  So if you want to reach me, drop me a text, phone call or email at grills_1@hotmail.com.

Well friends, this has just been a snappy catch up blog and next week I will come back with something of substance!  Thanks for sticking by me, I hope you are still enjoying reading my ramblings and if you are...tell your friends!  Stay true, love always and until next time...run free!