Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bitumen is boring...except for 10years!

Well in three more sleeps, I will be doing the Gold Coast Marathon again.  I have to be honest and say it is not a run I really want to do.  Mainly given the fact that
1. It is on bitumen.
2. It is just marathon distance.
3. It is on bitumen.
In saying that though, the reason we are making the yearly trek once more is because it is my dads 10th year running the race!  A super achievement and one that we weren't sure he was going to make!  Since The North Face, Dad, who has never been injured, has been injured and doing his very best to be ready for the Goldy!  I think he is almost up to scratch and will battle through regardless.  What a trooper!

I am also really looking forward to catching up with a lot of friends who are doing the race and encouraging a heap of first time marathoners I know.  I may end up running a fair bit slower time to my usual marathon time as I am looking at running with a first timer, but we'll see what happens.  It will be a super weekend away and if you are looking for me, just spot the tattooed man wearing trail shoes on the black stuff!

Apart from that, the last two weeks have been good ones doing just over 115km in each week.  This week however I have picked up another flu and am battling to be right come Sunday.  I have only done a few 5k runs since Sunday, but I think I should have the k's in the legs by now!

On other news, this year I have actually kept a record of how many k's I have done.  I have never done this and was interested.  So at the mid way point (26weeks) I have covered 1973.14km.  I have no idea if that is good, bad or otherwise, but gee it would have been good to do another 27k to get to 2000!!! Oh well, I'll have to rip in a bit more in the back half of the year!

Also, on my 12 week challenge.  The first week and a bit has had mainly ups with a couple of downs.  I had a loss of 2.6kg in my first week (crazy town) which was unexpected!  This week however I have had a couple of bad days but am back on the wagon now and looking forward to hitting some good goals on my return from the Goldy.  Stats 27/6 - 88.6kg 20% body fat (by my scales)

So ripper champions, have a top week, and if you are doing the Goldy Marathon, Half or 10k, GOOD LUCK!  Keep your head in the game and remember, running is easy, just one foot after the other!

Run on troopers! Mx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My name is Mat and I no longer want to be a Clydesdale!

Well this post is to be brutally honest!  As most of you know, I run, alot, however always trying to go further.  Last week was a good one, 115km.  Even so, since I have taken up long distance running a few years back, I have never really felt like a runner because of my weight.  Probably sounds weird to those non-runners, but to those who run, and know what a difference a few kg's can make would understand!  It seems like a constant effort to shed a few kgs in fat to become leaner and leaner!

Since moving to Bundy three years ago, I have lost around 12-14kgs (I used to be really into weight lifting!).  Recently though I seem to be hovering around 88-92kgs, depending on the day, food intake etc.  After reading 'Racing Weight', I realized just how much of a 'clydesdale'/fatty runner I am (a term generally used for runners over 90kg)!  WAY TOO HEAVY!!!

So for some time, I have wanted to get down to 80kg...and after reading the above mentioned book realized that closer to 75kg would be optimal!  I know that this may sound like a large loss, but I KNOW it would benefit me in so many ways, health wise, running wise and overall living wise.  I seem to constantly struggle with overeating and eating junk in big spurts...not good for my health or my running!  NO MORE!

So here is the plan....over the next 12weeks (the amount of time until my next 100km race) I want to get my weight under 80kg's.  This would be an awesome starting point and something I really want to achieve.  The problem I have had as of late is maintaining things.  So, no more!  This is my public declaration to do it, and stay committed!  I will need your help as you all probably know, weight loss is not easy!  So, through my blog, a food journel and the help of my friends, family and fellow weight loss partner, Mandy, I WILL get there!  Weigh ins will be Fridays and Mondays.

That is all on this point, apart from the beginning...91.2kg (stupid body fat measure wouldnt work!).  Oh, and if anyone wants to join me on my 12week jaunt, feel free!!!  Journeys are always funner together!

As a side note and update on the change in running Merrells (minimal shoes) are going well.  I am up to running 6km in them and have started running barefoot again also...slowly building.  My calfs have been quite sore since taking up the minimal running and I have some 'rub' points as I am going sockless, but know it is all part of the process.  Slowly does it!

Thanks for reading...Run on!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

First Up!

Gday there blokes and shelias!  Well this is my first, in a new career of blogging!  Just what I need, more time with technology!?

Anyway, I feel as though I need to share my lunacy with the world so they/you too can hopefully be encouraged, motivated and kicked in the ass to do more worthwhile things in life, be more motivated, and generally get living and harden up (smile people, we live in Australia)!!!

So, as this is my first blog, it will be a bit of an intro...Mat Grills...who am I and what do I love?  This pretty much sums it up...God, Family, trail running, tattoos and heavy music!  There are a few other things thrown in there but I think they are the main ones.

I will be using this blog, mainly as a useless ramble of what I have been up to in training, races, thoughts I have about pointless things and general rot talk!  Love it!

So far, my running resume reads as such...six marathons, many half marathons/10k plus other random runs, six ultra marathons (including a little run from Bundaberg to Brisbane and back with my dad, and most recently The North Face 100km trail run in the Blue Mountains)  I train hard...or like to think I do, and LOVE life in general so why not be doing something challenging, like running stupid distances!

At the moment, I have started training again for another 100k trail run, this time at the Glasshouse Mountains. I have a few 'smaler' runs in between consisting of the Goldy Marathon (boo to bitumen), Relay for Life (see how far I can go in 18hours) and Cane 2 Coral, a 15k fun run, probably at the end of a 4hour run or something???  So a good couple of months coming up!  So far this week has been...
Mon - 5k Tues - 15k hills Wed - 10k hills Thurs - 18k Fri - Rest (what does that mean) and tomorrow and Sunday will be 3hrs and 2hrs...good times, training is ramping up!

Well I think this may be enough for people to handle for my first 'blog'.  What the heck does that mean anyway???  Anywho, have a great day today people, make someone else happy, smile when things are 'bad' it really isnt the end of the world!  Love life and Run On...TattooRunner