Friday, 22 July 2011

A little bit emo...

So I had a topic for this blog however have been brought to a couple of more important the former will wait!  Hope your confused!

This week has been lingering in the back of my mind for some time now...  So, for those of you who don't know, in May of 2009, I had major surgery and got a benign tumor removed from my pituitary gland (the base of my brain).  To cut a long story short, it was not cancer however, if not treated it would have killed me.  So, the point of all this babble is that on Thursday this week I had a check up in Brisbane and was quite concerned as my results lately have been on the constant slide.  Much to my relief, the doctors are very happy with my progress and things are sitting 'normal'.

This all got me medical issues, whilst are minor on the big scheme of things, sometimes get me upset and worried about 'what might be'.  I guess this is normal when having something like I had?  This then in turn gets me thinking about the bigger scheme of things and how my issue is so small in the big wide world.  We have had a couple of family friends over the last 6months to a year who have been so close to not making it, it is not even funny.  Then to hear their wives and their attitudes, and their trust in God is just something truly amazing!!!  It is a good kick in the ass for me to wake up to myself and stop thinking 'poor me'!

This is something that frustrates me about people these days (oh yeah I'm so old!).  Everyone always wants to have a whinge about something so trivial when they should just shut their mouths and have a little think!  There are folks out there fighting for life and being over the moon to have taken one step, that their chemo has worked, that they can use their hand again or that they can finally eat a home cooked meal and not have to be fed through a tube!

Lets keep our heads in the game people and be thankful that life is GOLD and we are so blessed to have clothes to wear, food to eat, clean (kinda) air to breath and choices in life!!!  We truly are blessed and honored to live in this awesome country!  

So, all this leads into this weekend.  Most of you will know that I am doing Relay for Life.  Last year, my mate and I did the entire thing together, 18hours and I am aiming to do the same starting at 3pm today at Bundy Showgrounds.  I am aiming for a minimum of 120km's.  I will be doing it for the old man, who a couple of years ago had prostate cancer, however this year want to specifically keep going for our good mates John and Pete!  I don't know if you fellas read this or not, but you are absolute legends and do not deserve to have gone through what you have over the last while.  Sometimes crap things happen to good people!  Sucks!  I hope you don't mind that I have mentioned you in here but I just what to honor you both, let you know to keep fighting and that I will be thinking of you fellas and your lovely wives through the Relay today/tonight and tomorrow.

If anyone can come out and say gday, please do (bring your runners, if you throw in some coin Im sure you could jump on the track).  If you cant make it, I know there are so many great charities out there, but please consider donating to our team 'Cop this Lot' through the below link.  Keep smiling people!  The sun is shining, life is good and GET RUNNING!  Until next time, RUN ON!

(A special thought to those doing the Flinders Tour this weekend...wish I could be there but I will be thinking of you, have a ripper race!  Cant wait to hear all about it!)


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  1. Gees Mat, you really know how to make a point. We are really glad that you and your Dad are OK. My Daughter has Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC), a slow, terminal cancer that can only be treated with radiotherapy (chemo is ineffective). She has been given the all clear at present, but this we know is only temporary. She is facing her vulnerabilty like a champion that she is. My point here is to reinforce your theme of 'toughen up' stop whingeing, get on with it and do the best you can with what you've got. There is always something in life to balance things - during the week my Granddaughter gave birth to a beautiful little girl. My cup runneth over, a Daughter who has taught me to move through adversity, and a New Great Granddaughter to prove that Life Goes On. Thanks Mat for your poignant and emotional blog.