Thursday, 28 July 2011

Round and round...

So, here I sit for a 'Race' review?!  I question this as the Relay for Life which was held in Bundaberg on the 23/24th of July, could hardly be called a race!  It is a great event, one of Cancer Councils biggest, to raise money for Cancer research.  Teams are organised to have one persons walking the 450-500m track at all times, for 18hours.  I, as I did last year, would be doing the event for the entire time with my trusty side kick Lee!

So as we did last year, Nashy organised a Police team.  Although it was very disappointing again that no one at the station got involved, (apart from Nashy and I!) we were keen as mustard!  We rolled up at about 2:30pm to get ready for a 3pm start.  Once 3 came around they do a survivors walk.  This is where those who have had/have cancer walk a lap with their carers.  It is a lovely start to the event.  Once this had happened, we were into it, all be it late!  Dad was also part of the team, however he was more there to have a good time and a chat this year...good on him!  Tegs stuck around for a while however wanted to get the big unit Pria home!  I waved them off and would see them in the morning.

Dad and Pria doing a lap
We initially had a goal of 120km and had worked on running 10min and then walking 5min.  This got off to a great start.  I did however suffer from some pretty bad stomach issues for about 6hours.  At times it was so bad I couldn't talk, just keep moving.  We did even talk about how great it would be to do three back to back marathons (approx 126km)...who knows what could have happened!

At this time, I got a visit from Elane and Angelo!  It was great to see them come down and yell at us as we went past!

At around dusk, they hold another ceremony where people write personal messages on paper bags and then light a tea light candle inside it.  Everyone then walks a lap with their bag and then places them around the inside of the track.  It is a very touching moment and great to remember those who are fighting/have fought cancer.  This again took a fair amount of time, however, we just relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

Once running again, it was looking less likely we were going to meet our km goal.  This was mainly due to the time being cut short.  We figured that we would only end up with about 16hours, instead of the organised 18.  Again, we just kept positive and kept working at it!

We got another visit from Pete and Karen.  Their smiling faces were lovely to see as the night was wearing on.

At about 9pm I was SO tired!  I dont know why, but after a coffee from the Boss, I came good!

I also got a visit from one of my sponsors, Michael from Jack Splats who turned up with one of his mates.  It was great to see these guys and the look of confusion as to why we would want to run around a track for so long!

We were able to maintain our run walk plan for about 8hours, however at that point we were getting pretty tired.  We had however done 60k in that time!  We had a change of clothes into warmer ones (it was COLD) and decided to walk a lap, run a lap.  At this time I also started to develop a very sore left hamstring.  I pushed through though.

In the early hours of the morning we were kept buzy checking my phone for updates on the mighty Cadel in the final stage of the Tour de France, the time trial!  Lee and I were both VERY excited to see him smash the final stage and finally win the tour!  Made us very proud to be Aussies!

The Green Meanie!
SO, through the night we went, plugging/shuffling away.  Dad had enough and wanted a kip.  We had dubbed him the 'Green Meanie' as during the event he had his green calf socks on and a green jumper.  It wasn't until he went to 'bed' however that the laughs really began.  We ducked into our teams gear to get some food and saw a green mound???  On closer inspection, there were legs coming out underneath!  It was the BOSS!!!  It is amazing what will make you laugh and spur you on when you are tired!

So on we went!  Through the early hours of the morning, and we were both looking forward to seeing dawn break.  By this time my hammie was GONE and although I don't condone it, was into the ibuprofen!  I was HURTING!  I was quite worried I had actually injured it, but kept going.  At this time we got another visit from the ever faithful Mandy, and then a bit later, Rebecca turned up!  IT was lovely to see these faces too and do a few laps with them, even though by this stage our 'running' pace was pitiful!

In the morning, we had another little break as Dad gave a little talk about his cancer battle/victory.  He did a great job as usual and made the Grills' proud.

So on we went for the final stages, and decided to pull the pin at 16hours.  This was only a short time before the official finish of the relay, however it made a nice whole number, so that was to be it!

Once we had a quick sit down, we went to the official finishing ceremony and celebrated the end of another successful relay event!

So when all was said and done, we reached just over 107km in the 16hours.  Although I didn't quite reach my goal, I was still happy with the outcome considering the reduced time and my buggered hamstring.  Our team raised over $1200 and as a whole the event raised over $110,000!!!  Incredible!
Lee and I after 107km!

I just want to thank everyone for their support during this event!  Weather it was commenting on my Facebook updates through the relay, coming down and saying gday, or donating money, you are all very special!  We had a ripper time and it wouldn't have been the same without you.  Personally, I had the biggest donations from Terry O'Shay Smash Repairs (thanks Mandy), Jack Splat Paint Ball (thanks Michael), and The Place Hairdressing (the best place in Bundy to get your hair looking all schmick!)  Thanks for your continual support guys, looking forward to the next event!  Thanks also to Nashy and Leisa for their organised of the team and going to so much effort to get all the logistics sorted out!  A top event!!!

Bless your heart all and thanks for reading!  Run on and until next time!

PS - As I sit and write this, five days after the relay, the hammie is almost better and I have managed to do 25k this week.  ALL GOOD!  Look out the Glasshouse 100k in September!!!  

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