Saturday, 30 November 2013

The madness awaits.

So, it has been with much patients, preparation, excitement, nervousness, anticipation and general 'I'm scared beyond scared'ness that I have been building and waiting for this coming weekend.  For those of you new to my blog, this coming Friday I will be facing my biggest running challenge thus far.  A 240km foot race from the coast at Eden (about six hours south of Sydney) to the top of Australia's tallest peek, Mt Kosciuszko. 

I have what I think is great balance in my crew....consisting of my dad, Lori, Rod and my sister Melinda.  On Tuesday, we are starting the drive (yes we are DRIVING down!) for the nervousness to continue to mount.  This thing is gonna be amazing!

In the lead up to this race, a lot of people have been talking to me about it, getting excited for me, offering encouragement and generally being bewildered by the magnitude of the task ahead.  This has made me take a step back a number of times and think about what is to come.  When reflecting and imagining what is to be, I nearly have a quiet chuckle to myself as I dont really think what I am doing is all that special.  Let me explain...

So often in life we say no to things and dont even attempt them, for a lot of reason, but generally the main one is fear.  Fear of the unknown, personal doubt, what others will say, but more prominently, fear of failure.  Now, to a rational person, this may be a genuine fear, but not one that I want to entertain in my life, or let rule my existence.  Fear is more often than not in our minds.  The best way, I think to confront it, is to commit to something that completely scares the crap out of me!  Don't think, just do (or in my case enter) and then panic when it is too late!  I have said to a few friends in the build up, that 100mile trail races are now are my favorite distance and whilst I have respect for them, the distance no longer 'scares' me.  240km though, with a hell of a lot of climbing does though!  Given, one of the reasons I am going down to give this monster my best shot!

One of my great friends Nix gave me a card yesterday with a quote I had already found and saved.  It was a timely reminder and affirmation that you can do ANYTHING if you really want to.  'Do not follow where the path my lead.  Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.'  Ralph Waldo Emerson.  That takes courage, it takes guts and a certain amount of calculated stupidity...all of which I have some of, and maybe more of some than the other!  I believe that we ALL possess, deep within our spirits, a sence of adventure, creativity, excitement and a longing for the unknown.  Another quote I always remember goes something like, 'Only thoes who risk going to far can possiblly find out how far they can go.'

So, while I continue to prepare and build excitement for the coming week, I want to encourage you.  Do something that you might not be so sure you can complete and give it a red hot go.  If you fail, big deal....learn and try again.  This last year has built within me a spirit of 'I would rather try and fail spectacularly that not try and never know'.  You are better, stronger, smarter, more amazing, beautiful, destined, loved, able, prepared and need to go beyond yourself.  Reach high, push your limits, become better...forks to the stagnate!  You inspire me friends and I hope in a small way, one step at a time, this weekend I can inspire you!  Run free, vegan power! 

PS - If you want to follow my adventure, the race begins at 5:30am on Friday the 6th of December.  There is a live update section on the website which you can find at

I also want to thank all those who have sponsored me and helped me out in the lead up to this run.  Nanas Pantry for the beautiful snacks and food to keep me and my crew powered up.  At One Food bars for making incredibly beautiful raw food bars which I will be eating whilst running.  Rod for helping out with the use of his camper trailer.  Lori for the crew kit, so so rad!  Dad for the $$ he will be putting into food and the use of his vehicle.  Tegan and my beautiful girls for letting me go down for this mad adventure.  And lastly but most importantly, one monetary donor who wants to stay are incredible!  Thank you for the funds to assist in this journey!  You inspire me more than you know and your generosity is indescribable!  Run Free!


  1. Good luck Matt we know you can do it. Enjoy the run, enjoy the atmosphere of the race and the people.

  2. As you said to me 'run free my friend' ;)

    Karin T