Monday, 18 November 2013

Giving = Recieving

'No one ever became poor by giving' Anne Frank

In the past, giving has been something that I have done a little, but often struggled with.  I don't really know why, but it has been a trait in my life that I have really wanted to change.  As time has past, and I have become increasingly detached from material objects and less involved in myself and more interested in others worlds, it has become easier and easier to give, and give generouslly.

As I have become an ultra runner, peoples amazing-ness continues to boggle me.  Whilst my adventures are in all honesty selfish ambition, friends, and even strangers have been so giving of finance, products, love, support, kind words and blessings beyond my comprehension.  This has again been displayed in the lead up to my next running challenge Coast 2 Kosci.  So so blessed, I cant believe it!  Without naming names (you know who you are) you mean the world to me and I pray your return is 1000 fold! 

I know that the individuals who support me don't do it for recognition or any selfish gain, but to do something beautiful for me out of love.  That kindness touches my heart and helps me aim to be a better and more giving person.  I find it difficult to put my gratitude into words.  Whilst I know I run a long way, and do my best to help others make their lives better, I don't think I am that different from the every day Joe...I think that's why those who support me are even more special!  You inspire me, encourage me and push me to improve the person I am, day by day.  

So, as I move forward, think and challenge myself, I am not saying that I am giving everything away and that I dont like some nice things, but lets face it, we all have stuff we dont need or use, time to spare, money we waste on un-productive things/activities etc.  I want to leave a legacy in this life and for people to remember my kindness when I am gone.  I know I have a long way to go, but I am trying to improve day by day.  When I get a chance (sooner rather than later), I am planning on going through a heap of my stuff and giving it all away.  I'm not doing this for some sort of recognition, just to step forward, let go of material items, bless others and become more simple, humble and free.

As the quote states, give, and you will be rich...not necessarily in finance, but lifes most precious, kindness, bliss, forgiveness, integrity...the list goes on.  Some of the worlds richest men have come to giving away vast majorities of their fortunes as they have come to the realisation that money don't mean squat! (ok they may be my words but you get the point!)

Lets be givers friends...aim to be below those around us by lifting them up.  Be generous beyond your own ideas and belief and be blessed in the process.  These are the things that really matter in this world and that will last into eternity!  Love, peace and plants to yall!  Bliss. 


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  2. Cool post Mat.
    Enjoy your training for K2K.

    There's a book called The Moneyless Man, which is about a guy who lives for a year with no money in Bristol I think.
    The idea & his thoughts are a bit more complex than you'd first imagine & it took me a while to get why he was actually doing it.
    At one point he works a whole day on a farm in exchange for a bag of oats, I think.
    Now the oats would be worth only about five pounds or so, maybe less.
    But I think the logic was this was a fairer system, because if you work for $, & go to the supermarket & buy oats for $5 or whatever, which is a tiny percentage of your days salary, someone somewhere is being rorted by the global market. (I think that's his point)
    Which is not something I'd normally think about whilst wandering in the supermarket.
    There's also some links at the back of the book to sites like freecycle where people can give away unwanted goods for nix.
    Anyway it's a good read about an interesting idea I think, & your post made me think about it again.

  3. Hay Seano, thanks for the info about the book mate. I will definentlly check that one out. Sounds great! Have a super weekend.

  4. Good post, good challenge and good progress! Carry on with generosity, it spans from one person to the next.