Saturday, 9 November 2013

Its all happening!

Heya!  Hope y'all going ripper and lovin the warm weather again!  Got some catching up to do today and let you know about some cool stuff going on with the TattooRunner! we go!

First up - I have, for the last month or so been backlogging some blogs for my work, Nanas Pantry.  These blogs have now started going live and if ya keen, you should check them out!  Basically, each week I am doing a shortish post about a product from the store and providing a reciepe about the product.  It is something I am really excited about and enjoying a lot!  If you get a chance, please take a look, duck in store, say gday and grab the product blogged about!  For the link, go to

Secondly - I am now a distributor for Froothie Blenders.  They are amazing blenders, which we use every day.  They are commercial level and pulverize anything thrown in them!  A HIGHLY recommended product!  If you are keen for a superior quality blender, please check out and contact me directly at

Thirdly - The TattooRunner has been at the podcasting caper once again!  Coach Jeff has graciouslly had me on for a third time and it was a fun chat and re-cap on the Glasshouse 100miler plus a heap of other random ramblings.  If your keen for a listen, go to

Last of all, today is my 31st Birthday!  Last year I set myself some fitness and health goals.  Whilst some of these have been met and exceeded, some of them have been left behind.  I am approaching my 31st year alive with some renewed vision and big goals.  I will be tracking a lot of this in future blogs, but the main thing I am wanting to improve is my diet.  Most of you know I am vegan which has been going great for my running and when I eat right, my health thrives.  I have however been enjoying vegan treats and overeating a bit too much (sometimes it is easy to use the 'Im training a lot' excuse but that is no longer cutting it!)  I know my diet is cleaner than probably 80% of the population however I want to focus my diet on eating for lifelong health which in turn will improve my running performance and physique.  I am completlly convinced that a clean vegan diet is not only the optimal fuel for endurance athletes, its the perfect way to eat for a long, sickness preventing life.  As I said, I will talk about this in future posts, but onward and upward!

Thanks peeps for checking in on the blog again!  Hope it finds you rockin and eatin plenty of plants!  Cant wait to catch up with you soon and hope and pray you have a ripper week!  Run run free, plant strong friends!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mat! Listening to the podcast now. Good stuff. Keep moving!