Sunday, 23 December 2012

Week one...

Week One of 500k challenge… 

17/12 – AM – 15.05km sandals and 15min stepper.  PM – 6.07km sandals.

Felt a bit ordinary in the morning but got through ok.  Afternoon run was very hot and windy.  Started to get a twinge in my left knee.  Not sure what that is about?
Vegan wolf crew represent!
18/12 – AM – 25.07km sandals.

Ran 15k with Jodie.  About half way through the run I thought I was going to have to stop as my knee was so sore but I battled through and started some serious self treatment (TENS, ice and Loris magic potion!  Drove to Brisbane in the morning and got tattooed in the arvo.  Wolf is DONE and got a little love heart done as well. 

19/12 – AM – 16.03km sandals.  PM – 6.06km sandals and 15min stepper.

Ran at Kippa Ring/Redcliffe with Jeff from The Running Podcast.  It was humid but he pushed me along nicely and we had some ripper convo.  Great to catch up with him.  Knee was a little better once warmed up.  Drove back from Brizzy and then arvo run was hot and legs were a little heavy but was good fun. 

Oh cute!
20/12 – AM – 25.03km sandals.

Did 11km with Jodie, Bec and their mate they had met on a previous run.  Finished off on my own and did it a little tough due to the increase in k’s but got there.  The humidity has been roaring this week and been knocking me a bit! 

21/12 – AM – 12.15km new sandals.

Went well and smooth.  No drama.

22/12 – AM – 35.1km sandals.

Again did it a little tough through the middle k’s due to only having four hours sleep but finished strong which was great. 

23/12 – AM – 25.01km sandals.

Ran after finishing work at 4am.  Was an enjoyable stint with Dad and ploughed through.

Total – 165.6km running and 45min stepper.


Well, week one has been a success!  I thought on day one that I was going to have to pull out because of a sore knee but it came good and is now about 90%!  Thank God for that!  It has been a bit tough jumping up the k’s so much and also with the high humidity but I have battled through and proud of my first weeks efforts.
Since finishing my initial 28day Engine 2 program, I have been a little up and down with my eating.  I have still been vegan and am not swaying from that but just had a few things and overeaten a couple of times that have made me realise I do not want to live like that and the true Engine 2 way is supreme!   

For this reason, I have decided to set myself a new goal (along with my running goals!).  100 days of Engine 2 eating and living.  I felt that the 28days were good and set some good habits for my new way of life, but just needed a little longer to set them in concrete and live long term the best way possible.  So starting today, I am going to do 100days E2 living.  I will be keeping my journal again and at the end of the 100days, re-assess with the very high likelihood that I will continue to live that way as I feel SO awesome when I do.  I am also really looking forward to a couple of friends joining me along the way that have shown some keen interest in the plan.  Can not wait to have you on board Jeff, Benny and Lori!  You WILL achieve and see results you never thought possible on this plan, trust me!  Anyone else keen to give the 28day Engine 2 plan a go, I can not recommend it enough and I would love to support you in your journey if you want to give it a crack!  You wont regret it, trust me!  Drop me a line and we can be accountable to each other as it is recommended that you do it with someone else for support.  Great idea. 

I have also got some super feedback from Jeff about the Podcast!  He has said that over 2600 people have downloaded it and he is getting some really good emails etc about it.  Lots of interest!  So much so, that he wants me back on the show next year!  Bring it!  If you missed out on hearing it, I would love you to have a listen.  Click on the below link and download Episode 70.  Good times!  

So, apart from that, everything is ticking along nicely.  I have a big week of training ahead and can’t wait to get stuck in with my nutrition spot on.  Christmas is nearly here also and it will be a super time with family, celebrating Jesus Birthday and hanging out together.  I hope and pray that the time for you is a blessed one and that you can remember the real reason for the season.   

My next blog will be the last day of the year which is ridiculous!  Where has the year gone?!  I hope that you are all achieving your goals this week and that you are being blessed beyond measure!  Much love to you all and I will catch you next week!  Live long, run on, PLANT STRONG!

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