Sunday, 16 December 2012

Set a goal.

What up friends!?  Hope this post finds you all well and excited to be alive! 

Well, not too much out of the ordinary to report on the running front this week.  My k's looked like this...72.7km running and 30min on the stepper.  It was a recovery week after my race last weekend and I managed to run every day which was good to shake out the soreness and keep me moving.  Going forward however...

So...I have decided to set myself a little goal.  I am aiming to run 500km in the next three weeks...whilst remaining on my clean E2 diet.  For those who are good at math (not me) that will look like: 165km this week, 170km the following week and 165km the last week.  I will then have an easier week before my next race, the first one for 2013, Hares and Hounds 53km trail run.

Now this all got me is all very well me setting myself some big goals, but the year is rounding out an as usual on the 31st of December, many of you will set yourself New Years goals....most of which unfortunately will not be kept!  I don't know why but that's the way it is!  I have been guilty of this in the past too don't worry.  So, come with me on a little adventure...

Tomorrow is Monday.  The 17th day of December, 2012.  Two weeks until the end of the year.  I am hoping and encouraging you all to set yourself a fitness/life goal.  Now don't be hatin, we can ALL get fitter and have more discipline in our lives!  I know I have a long way to go and am constantly trying to better myself and improve who I am and what my limitations are.  So, instead of waiting until New Years to 'get fitter', 'lose weight', 'get into running', blah blah blah...set your self a specific, little bit challenging goal for the next two weeks.  Lets go on a little 14day journey together.

Now, for you all, this will probably look completely different.  I know though with goals, you have to be specific.  To 'start running' just doesn't cut it.  So, commit with me.  This can be anything...but as I said BE SPECIFIC!  Wright it down, keep a little daily journal and stay focused.  So, what might this be?  Examples I hear you say...easy...for the next two weeks I will...

Run 5km a day
Start a marathon program
Go to the gym every afternoon
Ride 30min a day
Eat no junk food
Run 20km a day
Get up at 5am and walk for an hour every day
Lose 500g a week
Or anything you come up with!

What ever you like.  It doesn't have to be rocket science people!  I am a MASSIVE advocate for routine and am constantly drilling into my mates about it!  Set some discipline in your life.  Wake up early every day for the next two weeks, commit to your goal and I GUARANTEE that you will feel better for it. 

Whats the point of all this...WHY NOT!?  Why does everything in life have to have a reason!?  Why not just do something for the sake of achieving something!?  Also, when New Years comes around and people you know are setting their 'goals' and ask you what yours are, you can tell them that you have already started them and you are just going to keep on keeping on!  Trust me, it is MUCH easier to continue with something once you have been doing it regularly for two weeks than to start on a day where goals seem to be easily made and easily broken.

Life is about making each day better than the one before guys.  Think about it, if tomorrow is exactly the same as today, and you keep on this path, you will get 10years down the track and be in exactly the same spot you are now!  We all deserve better and should be aiming to make ourself and the world we live in better!

Now...a may fall of the wagon a little...big deal!  I don't know about you but the thought of so much running over the next three weeks scares the ink right out of my skin! (you like that?  Just came up with it!)  If you do have a bad moment (that's right, moment, not day), snap yourself out of it, send me a message/facey/email message and I'll kick you back into line and get right back on the horse!  The most successful people that have ever lived failed time and time again however NEVER gave up!  You can do this, its only two weeks and I hope that will set a routine in your life that will see you sprint into the New Year, not limp with a busted knee and whinging voice!

So that's it crew!  I can not wait to get started on my little personal challenge and I can not wait to hear what you guys come up with and set yourself!  Let's rip as much guts out of this life we can and soak up every blessed moment!  Keep positive friends, laugh often and set those goals!  RIP IN! 
Live long, Run on, PLANT strong!

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