Friday, 14 December 2012


Gday all!  Just a quick post today to let you all know that my maiden Podcast is out!!!!!  VERY VERY exciting for me!  Thanks again to Jeff for having me on the show, it was super fun!  So, if your interested, kick back, relax and have a listen!  (Link below)

As a side point, if any of you are interested, please subscribe to my Blog.  You can also now leave comments on Blogger (you only used to be able to if you were a blogger yourself.)  If you dont mind, pass the word around about my Blog and if any of you think my writings/thoughts are worth sharing with others Id be stoked if you spread the TattooRunner word!

Thats it for the moment crew!  I will be posting Monday about a new short adventure I am challenging myself to but in the mean time, run free and enjoy the Podcast!  live long, PLANT STRONG!!!

If you go to my Podcast is at the top avalible for download....

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