Sunday, 30 December 2012

The New Years resolution Im gonna keep!

Week 2 of 500km Challenge...

24/12 - AM - 15.1km, 15min stepper.  PM - 6.1km
25/12 - AM - 15.3km
26/12 - AM - 27.3km.  PM - 15min stepper.
27/12 - AM - 33.2km
28/12 - AM - 33.2km
29/12 - AM - 16km.  PM - 6.1km
30/12 - AM - 18km

Total - 170.2km.  30min stepper.

So, a quick catch up on my ''End of year, 500km challenge''...all is on track!  It has been a big week but a super fun one!  I have really enjoyed my runs and the k's are ticking over nicely!  If I stick to my projected distances this week I will own 500km in three weeks!  YES!

The point however for this blog, as you would expect is an end of year wrap up and 2013 outlook! 

This year has been a super year and by far my best running wise.  I have completed a half marathon on trail, a marathon completely barefoot, three ultras on trail (50km-50miles), my first DNF (but still did 59km) at Glasshouse 100, a road run to Childers (ultra distance), and a road ultra.  Appart from a few very minor hiccups, I have been very consistent and absolutlly loving my running!  As Killian says, 'More k's equals more fun!

At the end of last year, I also set myself a goal of running 5200km which is an average of 100km per week.  Now that scared the heck out of me!  100km in a week is not alot for me now, but to AVERAGE it for a whole year...WO!  Well I am pleased, and very proud to announce that...drum roll please...I ran a total of 5465.9km in 2012!  STOKED!  And only 15.4km of that was in shoes.  The rest was in huarache sandals or completely barefoot!  Good times!  I am very proud of my efforts and forks to those who say 'New Years Resolutions' can't be kept!  (Not that it was really one of those but you know!)

So....that is a little of the year that has gone, but what about the year ahead?  Well I have some potential life changing things happening in 2013 (our second baby and another potentially massive change...stay tuned for that one!), but I am still going to set myself some lofty goals, stick them on the wall and smash through them the best I can!  I may fall short on some, but you know what, I am going to give it my all to achieve them all!  I have never really set concrete New Years goals, but this year, I am writing them down and going to give them all a bloody good crack!  So, to make myself completely accountable and transparent, I am going to make them public and hope that any and all of you, when I catch up with you along the way, might feel compelled to encourage me and maybe even set some lofty, specific goals yourself!?  Please share!  Do it, you will not regret it! they are.

- To draw closer to God by remaining true to my daily devotions and be more regular at church (this is hard at times with my job)
- To be a better husband and father.  More loving, more patient and slower to anger.
- Build better and stronger friendships and be more giving in all areas of my life.
- Commit 100% to the Engine 2 lifestyle for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!  Transform my body, mind and spirit into a new being through this beautiful way of eating.  (That's right, a WHOLE YEAR!  BRING IT!)
- Run everyday for pure joy.  Aim to run 7000km in the calender year.

Two 100mile plus runs
Three 100km plus runs
Hares and Hounds (55km)
Mt Mee Marathon
Cooks Tour (80km)
Fat Ass 50mile (an event Ï am organising)
Flinders Tour (50km)
Cane to Coral Half Marathon
Glasshouse 100miler or Surf Coast Century 100km

Possible events...
Great North Walk 100miles
Three marathons in three days Cairns
Coast to Kosi 240km
Any others that might pop up along the way!

So there it black and white!  Some of it scares the heck out of me (especially the Engine 2 eating for a whole year and the 7000km of running!), but hay, life is pretty boring without a bit of fear!  I can not wait to do my very best to achieve and blow my goals out of the water.

I just want to end by thanking each and everyone of you for taking the time to read my blog.  I really love doing it and I am always taken aback a little when people say they have been reading it and how much they have been enjoying it.  THANK YOU!  I hope and pray that this means of communication will inspire you, encourage you and make you push for bigger and better things in your own lives.  Thanks again friends, run free and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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