Monday, 2 April 2012

A new journey...

This blog will be honest...proberbly a little too honest but thats why im here!

A new journey is beginning...let me explain.

As of my 29th birthday (November last year) I went full on vegetarian. Before that I was vego through the day and just eating meat at night. Since going vegetarian, my running has improved, my recovery has improved and i generally feel better. For some reason though, i have been struggling with eating a fair amount of junk! I have also been battling to drop extra weight that i have been wanting to drop. Ever since i had my tumour removed from the base of my brain I seem to have been battling with eating a fair amount of crap food and I don't even know why half the time(connected? Who knows?) It is a viscous circle and I end up pretty down on myself. My life is so abundantly blessed in so many ways and it seems like my diet is the only thing that really brings me down! I hate it and I really want to change.

I have tried and failed so many times over the last little while. I am sick of the ups and downs. Things need to change! I generally only start thia type of thing at the beginning of the week, month etc (as most people tend to do and end up failing by Wednesday), but i need to take action NOW! I feel as though I need to take some drastic action to change up this rutt I'm in. I am going to have a go a a new plan starting 03/04/2012.

I am looking forward to the next 100 days. I am setting a pretty challenging goal for myself. I am aiming to eat a vegan diet wherever possible but generally vegetarian at night due to it being much easier on my family and socially. This will generally eliminate the crap that i struggle with eating and make me be more creative and healthier overall.

I am also looking at running everyday and training damn hard. I will be doing my absolute best to do a weekly blog with daily updates on how I am going. I got this idea from Anton Krupicka and think it is a much more creative/progressive way for me to blog my way through this journey. I will be updating you on how this new diet effects my running and general health/well being. I know that this idea/personal challenge will be damn tough but I need to break myself from this rutt i feel I am in!

As a side point, I will be weighing in every 10days to keep track on my progress. I am not wanting to focus on weight but do want to keep an eye on how I am going. This challenge is more about improving my health, not necessarily weight loss. In saying this though, I know that by eating this way and training hard, the weight will fall off and I will break through this personal barrier.

I find that when struggling with any area in life (diet, motivation, health, fitness etc) the best way to break through is to saturate ones self with help and inspiration. I will be doing this throughout my 100day journey, reading a lot of vegan running and non running related articles, watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading a lot of information about vegan related info.

I would also appreciate any advise or encouragement from any of you along the way. If anyone finds any cool YouTube clips, articles or books to read, just holler!

So that is it! The new adventure of the TattooRunner. I hope and pray that this will be a real turning point in my life and change the way I view food/my health. I am not necessarily going to stick at the vegan eating permenentlly but it is a possibility...I will review this at the end of my 100days and see how the process goes.

Good times! I hope that this blog finds you all well and ripping into life. I look forward to catching up with you all soon and having a good old yarn. Keep smiling and I'll see ya Mellon soon!


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