Thursday, 22 March 2012


Well, over the last couple of weeks I have suffered from something that is completely new to me...a lack of motivation.  There has been no reason for it and I have been running reasonably well, I have just had no real desire to be putting in the hard yards.  It even got to the point where one day I was programmed to do a 15k hilly run and I turned around at 2.5km to make a massive total of 5k.  I have NEVER done that in all the time I have been running.  The only thing that has reduced my run from my regular program has been injury.

Now I know that a lot of you struggle with this problem on a day to day basis, but it has never been a issue for me...I just wake up every day, jump out bed and get to work...that is training!

So, what is one to do when faced with a problem like this?  Well one thing that I do is saturate.  Let me explain...usually all I read, study, look at etc is running stuff.  But over the last few weeks I have uped this even more so!  I have been reading about running, watching running DVD's, checking out clips on You Tube etc.  Mass saturation.  I find that when struggling with something that we love, if we fully emerge ourselves in it and remind ourselves why we do it, it re-ignites our passion and drive to get out there day after day.

Secondly, I reassessed my goals and what I am training for.  Although I run for the sheer enjoyment of running, it is nice to have races and goals to aim for.  I set myself a pretty heavy schedule between now and the start of July, and this also kicked me into gear.  Maybe too much so...

I have to be honest...I started and deleted this blog a couple of times.  Reason being is at the moment I am down... My passion and motivation is well and truly back in full flight, however I have developed a very sore foot.  I am not sure what this is from, but it seemed to start on my 35km sandal run last Saturday.  I even had two days off running this week to try and heal it...UNHEARD OF!  Even with this rest, it is still bloody sore.

At this point, I am taking each day as it comes and doing what I can.  I am planning on greatly reducing my complete barefoot k's and more using this as a technique stable/foot strengthener.  I will be mainly running in my sandals over the next few days/week at least and Ill see how things go.  I am unsure why this problem has occurred however I do firmly believe that if I had been in shoes it would be even worse.  My feet, ankles, legs and whole body has become so strong since minimizing my footwear, it is unbelievable.

So...I am sorry for my lack of 'OMPF' in this blog.  It is a bit tough.  As much as I don't like sharing negatives, I wrote this blog cause I think it is important to share not only the positives in life but also the hard times.  I hope and pray that this issue will only be a short term thing and that I will be out running 100% ASAP.  Dependent on the length of time it takes to heel, I may need to re-assess my upcoming runs/ this point, it looks like my run to Childers is out, but we'll see.

Anyway friends, I am trying my best to stay positive.  As much as running is every part of me, there are SO many beautiful things in my life I have to be thankful for, as I am sure you do!  Have a look around you, smile, laugh at yourself and have fun!

I am thinking and praying for you all and hope this finds you well and running fit!  (Do a couple of k's for me ay!)

Until next time, Run On.

P.S - My daughter this week did her first somersault on her own!  SO proud as I have been trying to teach her to do it for ages!  She is SO stoked!  Love it!

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  1. You must of caught this bug from Benny!! Take it easy with the foot, I battled for 9 months with TOFP due to minimal footwear then just decided I would rather be running in shoes, than NOT running due to being stubborn about the barefoot journey. That is my experience, no reflection on your own mate. Keep your chin up!