Monday, 23 September 2013

It happens to the best of us!

Well, the start of this year saw my first real running injury in...maybe as long as I have been running.  We all experience niggles that we self manage the best we can but the start of the year was the first running drama that has stopped me in my tracks and forced rest....until now...

So, I had four full days of no activity off after the 100miler and felt GOOD!  I did a few very easy runs and then started rebuilding again this week to commence a block of BIG k's next week in prep for Coast 2 Kosci.  Early in the week my right heel/achilles started to hurt a little.  I self treated and it started to come good.  No real drama.  That is until I ran on Thursday.  This run flared it up and it was hurting pretty bad.

My visibly swollen right achilles
Only runners understand, but I woke up Friday morning in Rocky (was there for Uni) and wanted to run.  I planned a 13k easy run but upon my first step, my achilles was SORE!  I decided to just do 8k but hobbled the whole way.  I should not have done ANYTHING!  Silly stubborn me!  Runners will be runners.  Anyway, my tendon swelled badly and I was in pain.  Luckily I am studying Physio, and got some advise from my lectures.  I did as I was told and managed it the best I could.

Yesterday I had to work a few hours and by last night my achilles was just as bad and the swelling had spread to my ankle.  Ugh.

As I said in my last blog, I have applied for a 240km race in 11weeks.  I still have every intention of running it, providing I can get my leg right.  I know to non-runners it will sound dumb but so much of my identity is wrapped up in my running I just feel completely lost when I cant do it.  I am only on day two of rest and I already feel fat, lazy, useless and un-prepared (even though I just did a 160k trail race!)

Swelling spread to my ankle...
I am planning on taking this hopefully short time of rest to focus on getting my diet in tip top condition (got a few positive changes I want to make) and studying hard before end of year exams Wednesday and Thursday week.  As much as this sucks beyond sucking I am trying to stay positive although I am already over it!  I am possibility able to do some bike riding however am without a bike, so if anyone has one that they are not using that they wouldn't mind loaning me please drop me a line.

I know all things happen for a reason and this forced rest could be a potentially good thing but it is hard to see through the haze of disappointment sometimes.  Thanks to all my friends and family who have already offered advise, words of encouragement and promise.  I look forward to being back running very soon but until then friends, do a few k's for me ay?!  Run free!  x 

UPDATE - So in the last two days I have seen my physio twice (thanks so so much Nix again!), been to the doctors and had an ultrasound.  The end result is that I have peritendinosis....inflammation of the Achilles tendon and the sheath that surrounds it.  This is the best possible news!  Basically I am not running for another week (swimming only) then back to see Nix to reassess and plan from there.  I am praying and hoping it will recover super super quick and I will be back running VERY soon!  I will find out on Sunday if I have been successful with my Coast 2 Kosci entry....come on baby, I am keen!  So, all good things!  Some cross training and non weight baring will do me good and I just have to do my best to enjoy the black line!  Love life brothers and sisters!  Ripper!

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