Sunday, 1 September 2013

Come on already!

Well, I have started writing this entry at 5:30am Sunday morning and by this time next week I will have completed my next race - 100miles through the Glasshouse Mountains (hopefully I would have actually finished a few hours ago but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves!)  I am super dooper excited for the weekend and challenges ahead and chomping at the bit to get going!

I have been building up to this race for a number of months now.  Apart from the week I had my little stack down the stairs, have been logging 100-160km per week consistently.  I have been recovering quickly (still logging over 100km the week after races), training well and the body is feeling great.  Mentally I am ready, and whilst I would like to be a few kg's lighter (always the way!), I really feel I am in the best shape for a race that I have ever been!  This is gonna be epic, its gonna be beautiful and its gonna be a ripper adventure!

My stella me
good vibes for next weekend!
This event is also going to see five of my friends attempting their first 100mile race.  Lori, Sammy, Lee, Coach Jeff and Dad are all getting amongst it this year.  Whilst I have my personal goals and will be pretty darn focused on the day of getting to that finish line as quickly as possible, the greatest joy I am going to experience is seeing and hearing about the journey my 100mile virgin friends are going to embark on.  It is something that they will never forget and to say that you have covered 161km on foot is a remarkable achievement!  I'll be thinking of you all heaps come race day and can't wait to get into it with you all!  Run free friends!

Today is also Fathers Day.  I am finishing this blog off Sunday afternoon and what an amazing day we have had.  As hard work that kids are, it is incredible how a single, simple act of love makes it all worth while.  I got some beautiful, very 'Mat' pre

sents which were so great but I think the most special gift I got was a pasta necklace with love hearts from Pria.  She gave it to me and said I could wear it while running and if I get hungry eat it to give me energy!  Talk about melting my heart... I truly am blessed to be the dad of two precious, one of a kind daughters and honoured to be the son of one of my best mates, the Boss, Stewy.  We had a special day as a family with a fantastic lunch and bush walk together...just a stella day!  Love y'all!

Let the long haired hippies unite!!
Your letting the team down Corle!
Anyways friends, I hope you are all smiling, loving life and keeping it real! Keep trying to live each day better than the one before, be kind to a stranger and make two seconds to do something to better yourself.  See you all soon for my 100mile race report.  GOLD!

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  1. Matty looking forward to seeing you next week at Beerburrum,our Geoff is doing his first 100 miler as well so we will be there to support him and all you other amazing runners. Happy fathers day love to Tegan and the girls from Joy & Lionel.