Friday, 26 July 2013

Set yourself some!

'A man without a goal is like the wind...blowing aimlessly, affecting surroundings but with no purpose.'  Mat GRILLS

So, I made up a quote!  Look at me go!  Ha!  Anyways, I wanna talk about goals.  Weather you are a sports person or not, goals in life are so very important and tend to give us a specific sense of direction and purpose.

Back when I used to work at a bank (HA!!) they had a saying... 'It is better to aim high and fail than to aim low and achieve.'  Now while this may sound a little negative, I have always looked at it as a really positive way to look at life.  Anyone can achieve something within their reach and easy but it takes guts, determination and boldness to set a big goal and fall on your face if it dosen't work out!  

Goals can come in all shapes and sizes.  Big, small, short term, long term.  I believe that they are integral to keep us trying to improve the people that we are and to have a positive influence on those around us.  I always dream big and set my goals high.  I think they need to be specific and generally ones with an end point helps us keep focused.  Do I always achieve them, no way, but does that mean I give up trying and setting myself new ones, hell no!

Those who know me know that I believe that we should try and live each day better than the one before.  I think goals, and lofty ones at that help us do this by inspiring people around us, keeping us motivated and looking forward while focusing on each moment that is needed to achieve our purpose.

I am generally a visual person and also think it helps with accountability writing things down.  It makes what we are trying to do tangible and real.  It is a reminder of the dream and keeps us on track.  Telling others in our circle of friends can also help.  It puts a gentle pressure on when things get hard and gives us people to celebrate with when we achieve.

So, whats the message...I challenge you to set yourself some goals.  Short term and long term.  They can be about anything...weight loss, sport, business, family...get creative, dream big and you never know what you might achieve....probably something you thought you could never do!  It will not be easy and you will need to persevere but as I always say, nothing worth while in life comes easy!

Have a super weekend kids and Ill chat to you after kicking my butt at Flinders Tour 50k this weekend!  Peace, plants!

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