Friday, 19 July 2013

MIA...on more than one level!

What up friends!?  Long time no write!  Lets just say that things have been ridiculous since being back at uni, I have barley had time to scratch myself, let alone blog!  In saying that, I am going to be making a conscious effort to try and post weekly going forward!  I now have a shiny new lap top and can catch y'all up on my breaks at work.  Good times!

So, what the heck?!  Life is good!  Uni is going along at a million miles an hour and I feel like no matter how much I do, I am still miles behind!  First term went well and I need to keep my head down for another 9-10weeks till a nice break over Christmas.  I am really enjoying it and learning so so is just incredibly time consuming.  I have resolved myself to the fact that Uni terms, run, work a little, see my family a little, the end!  I know it will all be worth it in the end though!

Running wise, things have been ticking over nicely.  Since my little shoulder injury, I have been doing pretty much 100-160k per week.  It is crazy times though, as doing 10hours a week running these days feels like I am bludging and doing nothing!  What is wrong with me!

Race wise I have Flinders tour in a week.  Then Glasshouse 100miler seven weeks after that.  I have been putting in solid ground work for that race and have pretty lofty goals.  It will be an awesome day out and one I am really looking forward to!  After that I'm not 100% sure yet, however I am pretty sure I am going to apply for Coast to Kosi.  It is a 240km run from the coast at Sydney to the top of Mt Kosioskou!  Should be an epic adventure and one that scares the life out of me right now!  Lets see what happens!

Family wise, all is well and the girls are growing up so so fast!  Tegan is losing weight like nobodies business and really embraced her new healthy lifestyle!  She looks amazing and is running like a champion!  So proud of all my ladies!  Life is good!

As a last little catch up, I have dragged myself away from Facebook and Instagram!  I have had so much more productive time it is not even funny!  The only reason I will be on Facey is to post my blogs...for a while anyway!  Lets see how it goes!  I do miss all my running buddies from away though, so I think Ill be back at some stage...just not yet!  So if you want to reach me, drop me a text, phone call or email at

Well friends, this has just been a snappy catch up blog and next week I will come back with something of substance!  Thanks for sticking by me, I hope you are still enjoying reading my ramblings and if you are...tell your friends!  Stay true, love always and until next free!

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