Monday, 8 October 2012

But I’m scared mummy!

What up hipsters!? Well it has been an interesting week to say the least. To give you a quick run down (no pun intended) it went like this…

- Run a lot! Calfs a bit tender??
- Run 15k of hills in the am on Wednesday and then run 7.5k in the pm at 4:52min p/km pace…ROOTED!
- Drag my ass for a short run on Thursday
- Completlly stressed and extending my maths skills to try and fit in 160km per week!
- Decided the time is not right again for the 100miles per week
- Eat too much food
- Make new plans…

So there has been my interesting week! As mentioned, I have decided to change my focus from the 100miles per week business, for now anyway! I found that half way through the week I was REALLY stressing about my k’s and in my opinion if that is happening something is not right! Running is the most beautiful, free, liberating thing to do and as soon as it becomes an effort things need to be switched up.

This in turn got me thinking a little about the future…as in next year. This year I only have one event left planned, the Kurrawa to Durranbah 50km and then Hares and Hounds the second week in 2013. I was reflecting on the 12 week challenge that I have done not long ago and how I lost, and have kept of 6-7kg’s (depending on the time of day!) and how I am still a little ways off my goal weight and REALLY want to get there. Then, with a little calculation, I realised that today (Monday) is exactly 12 weeks until the end of 20-12 homies! SOOOOO, why not another 12 week challenge to round out this awesome year!?

I have recruited three of my good buddies to take part in the journey with me and we have all set lofty but achievable goals to obtain by the end of the year. I am scared at my goal but VERY excited to try and achieve it!!! Can not wait to see what can be done and how ripped/fit I can get for 2013!

Basically my plan is this…eat a clean vegan diet where possible (all other times, and where not possible, ripper vegetarian tucker) and try and stick to a set calorie goal. This isn’t something that I have really done before (count calories) so it should be interesting (I will be using using MyFitnessPal App). I also want to eat much more mindfully and not just jam the tucker into the hole in my face as fast as possible. A food/training journal will also be kept. Food (especially plant based) is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed and this is something that I am planning on doing!

As far as training goes, I am going to focus on running free and doing as much as I want. This is going to be ideally over 100ks a week as this is pretty much stock standard for me now. (As a side point, for those who have been following my blog for a while, at the end of last year I set a goal for this year to average 100k per week all year, giving me 5200km before years end. I did some calculating on my online log ( and if I can do 100k a week for the rest of the year I will achieve this goal! KEEN!!!) I want to try and run EVERY day of the challenge with no rest days.

So Tattoo Crew, as I did last time the call is out…if you want to join me and my buddies in this crazy adventure, come on down! Text or Facey me your starting weight today and your goal weight by the end of 2012. Weigh in days will be Mondays and a lot of hard work will be done between them! Let me know if your in, and we can include you in our rott talk! Oh, and there is plenty of it! All ripper super fun though!

Ok my friends! The sun is shining, the warm weather is here and its time to tan up! Shirtless running is well and truly here to stay and its time to soak up that vitamin D! YES! Forks to the cold and running in the dark! Thanks to y’all for putting up with my rott and erratic adventures! I look at my life as an on-going challenge, fun filled, high-goal set journey of joy! Time is too short to be content with the normal and not strive for amazing and better in every area of life! I will leave you this week with a awesome quote that my mate Tanya said the other day while running (see below)…I’m pretty sure she made it up, and if not that is what I am running with anyway! Love ya mates, and even better, love your enemy’s brothers and sisters and until next week…Run On…

‘Running is not what we do, it is who we are!’ Love your work Tanya!

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