Monday, 22 October 2012

But a fleeting moment.

15/10 – 10km road sandals. 2km barefoot. 15min stepper and run with Pria barefoot.
A good solid hit out. Felt great to finish this run off barefoot.

16/10 – 15km trail sandals. Run with Pria barefoot.
This was a fun little run down through Baldwin Swap…except for the Satan possessed, kill shot plovers! What the heck…they wanted blood and they nearly got it!

17/10 – 10km road hills at the Hummock with 2 x grass repeats each lap (four in total). Whole run with Tanya and 5k with Jodie. Stepper 15min and run with Pria barefoot.
We have started to include these cool tough hill repeats in our normal hill route. They are tough and add some good tiredness into the legs. We plan on building these up to doing five each lap…that will hurt! Wanted to go to Road Runners in the afternoon but got stuck on overtime at work. Priorities people!

18/10 – 10km trail sandals with Jodie. 3km barefoot. Run with Pria barefoot.
Again another nice cruise and enjoyable run out the back canefields.

19/10 – 8.4km road sandals. Run with Pria barefoot.
Had time restrictions today due to finishing work late last night and having to be at the coffee shop early this morning. A bit heavy but still a good solid run.

20/10 – Rest (mainly due to finishing work at midnight last night and having to be back at 9am this morning.

21/10 – 25km road sandals. Full run with Jodie and 15km with Sabo. Run with Pria barefoot.
A real good solid run to get the legs used to some longer k’s! Oh how I have missed you! Felt great to get a little time back on them and really looking forward to some serious training going forward.

Weekly total – 84.7km. Weight loss – 200g


This last month has been a serious reminder, as if we need another one, as to why life is so precious and every moment should be treasured! Overseas, in runs that some of my hero’s have taken part in, has seen two runners die during the events. These were for various reasons but it is a timely reminder that although running ultras is a beautiful, peaceful, serene and sometimes even meditative experience, it also can be inherently dangerous.

I think at times it is very easy to look at a race, or even a training run as ‘just another outing’ but it is important to remember there are real risks in what we do. I know that most of the time we take all the precautions we can to ensure that we are safe and that our loved ones don’t worry anymore than they need to, but these recent events were a bit of a wake up call for me! It is too easy to think ‘It wont happen to me’ but to be prepared and aware of any possible dangers is so important. Do what you can friends to stay safe and make sure that your loved ones are happy with whatever arrangement you have to keep you safe! For those interested, check out as a great way for others to know who you are just in case! I need to get my act together and get another one!

Although I wasn’t at either of these races and I didn’t know the athletes who passed away, my thoughts and prayers go out to your families and friends. I pray your spirits live on in them and that you can be remembered for doing something you loved with all your heart. Bless you all.

So, on a more positive note…I am now on HOLIDAYS! I am SO excited! Tegan and I (that’s right, no kid!) are heading to New Zealand on Thursday for about 12days of pure bliss! It is our 10 year wedding anniversary (YEP, married at 18 and 19 years old! GOLD!) and I can’t wait to spend it with my beautiful bride! I plan on doing a HEAP of trail running and exploring all NZ has to offer on the nature side, spending time with Tegs shopping, eating and just enjoying the beauty that is NZ! Blessed! I will endeavour to post a blog next week of all the super fun adventures but just not sure what the internet story will be…

I have also just compiled a 12 week training program on I couldn’t help myself! I have included the Kurrawa to Durranba race in December however the program will be pointed by Hares and Hounds on the 13th of January, 2013. The k’s aren’t as far as in the past (between 100-130km on average) with some challenging workouts in there which I am looking forward to! Jump on board if you like!

So crew, just a nice short little blog this week. Keep smiling, loving this warmer weather and if your keen for a run, give me a hoy! Love life friends…until next time, Run on…TattooRunner

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