Sunday, 30 September 2012

A new challenge

Lorna Jane anyone??

Well this week has seen me slowly back to running decent distances as it took me a little longer to recover from my chest infection than I thought!  Ugh, sickness blows!  It was a fun week, totalling 100k.  I have been a little flat since my DNF so it was nice to get back to some regularity and normality!  A highlight on Thursday was something completely different to normal, a 1hour run on a treadmill for Team Gloria Jeans at Hinkler Central Shopping Centre for the Cancer Council.  The girls at Lorna Jane did plenty of stirring and by the end my big old face was sore from smiling so much!  Thanks for a good laugh ladies and it looked like a good amount of coin was raised for a worthy cause!  Good job to all involved, even though I had to wear a shirt!


I also got news this week that I was un-successful in my application for Coast 2 Kosi.  I was actually telephoned by the organiser and he had a great, lengthy discussion with me about my entry, sandals and the race in general.  After chatting about a number of points, it was consensually decided that I would delay doing the race for at least a year and keep ticking the k’s over in my huaraches.  Although I think I have more than proved myself in my Jesus footwear, I do understand that they have to think about insurance, blah, blah….the joys of organising a race!  All good though and stoked that he phoned me personally to talk over their concerns. 


So, after my flatness and not being accepted into C2K, this week has also seen me pondering the rest of the year.  I have decided to do something different and entered Kurrawa to Durranbah, a 50k road race on the Gold Coast in December.  It should be nice and cold and an easy race.  Yeah right!  It will be hot and ripper fun!  I am looking forward to it and have been trudging out a few k’s in my roadie sandies getting ready for the different terrain!  What’s a boy to do!


I have also been thinking globally and acting locally….ok maybe not but it sounded good!  I wanna have a big end to the year and pulverise myself with some super fun, big distance, consistent running.  Now I kinda set myself a similar goal earlier in the year but only got about a month in before getting sick or injured, I can’t remember…so here we go again. 


Tomorrow is Monday the 1st of October, 13weeks aka three months until the end of the year.  I am going to aim to do a minimum of 100miles per week (160km, come on people, haven’t we figured these things out yet!?), eating a clean vegetarian diet and aiming to get to my goal weight (still!) which I will reveal in later posts, but is under 75kg’s!  So friends, that is a total of over 2000km in three months…OH THE BLISS!!! I will also be running in my usual attire, as little clothing as possible, namely a pair of shorts, maybe a head covering sometimes and either sandals or barefoot.  Summer is coming and I hate being restricted by silly inventions like shoes and shirts!  If ya cant handle that, stop looking at the tattoos!  Ha!  GOOD TIMES!


So there it is, another ridiculous adventure in the life of the TattooRunner!  I will be aiming to post on each Monday, the previous weeks runs and how things are travelling.  If ya not interested in this, just ignore my ramblings!


As a final note, I have also made an exciting link this week with Luna Sandals.  I am now an affiliate partner and you will see their link/maybe some small advertising for their products on my blog.  If you know anyone who wants to buy some (or you do!)and give them a burl, I am more than happy to chat to them about how awesome they are and how FREE the will feel prancing around in them!  Further to that, if you or any friends wanna grab some sandals or their clothes etc, please go through the link on my blog as it will then feed back to them that the TattooRunner is doing his job in promoting the awesomeness of the Luna Monkey!  As a side point, they are releasing the BEST SHIRT EVER in a couple of weeks.  A baseball style shirt with a cartoon drawing and the slogan ‘Good enough for Jesus, Good enough for a Spartacus, Good enough for you!’ YES!


Well homies and hometts as usual it has been a pleasure doing business with you all!  I can not wait to see, hear, smell you all soon and pray that you are looking after your mum and being nice to strange people, just like me!  Y’all the reason I am still here typing my nonsense so keep enjoying it if you will!  Love you all…RUN ON…TattooRunner    

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