Saturday, 1 February 2014

More MASSIVE news and a back out....for now!

I completed this post on Thursday...sorry about the delay in posting!

First....the MASSIVE news!  This week I secured my first major sponsorship!!!!  So so stoked!!!  I have hooked up with Injinji Sports Performance, an online distributor for a number of brands.  They supported dad and I during our run from Bundy to Brisbane and back and I approached them this week about something official.  The owner, Paul got back to me and presented an amazing offer!  So, I naturally took it up!  For those who don't know, ISP stock Altra Shoes (which I now run in the majority of the time), Injinji Socks (which I can STRONGLY recommend from when I used to wear socks...they are THE best sock out there), Ultimate Direction and Body Glide, both of which I use every day and a number of other products.  I just want to thank Paul and his team for their on going support and I can't wait to work together going forward!  Thanks so much guys, and to all of you readers out there, jump over to their site at                       and grab all the gear you need!

First week E2...

26/1 - Today was a good day!  Very exciting for Tegan and I in that we announced to our friends that we are moving to the Sunny Coast!  We are so pumped, a little nervous and seriously looking forward to getting down there to start a new adventure!  Very cool!  It was also the start of my 100days E2 plan.  I stuck to the guidelines well, however probably ate a bit too much as I think I was playing catch up from the last couple of days big milage.  All good though!  Had a crazy, windy 15k run with dad this morning to kick off the day which kicked everything off well!  Todays hit out saw 135k for the week which I am happy with!  First day down and all good!  Start weight - 81.8kg

27/28-1 - The last two days have been so busy!  Everything is happening with moving to the Coast and life seems to be blurring into one!  The last couple of days E2 wise have been OK but still feel like I am eating too much.  I think a problem is that I am not taking on enough through the day and then night rolls round and I am super hungry.  Still stuck within the guidelines though!  Yes!  Tomorrow we head to the Sunny Coast to stay with our good friends Tim and Lisa and scope out some places to live and the vibe in general.  Tegs also has a job trial which is super exciting.  I am just about to go to bed early cause I am beat!  Day 2 and 3 done!

29/1 - Today was terrible!  Well not the day but my feeling in general!  I did 15k this morning and it was a full on struggle!  I had no motivation and it felt like my energy was way down.  Sucked!  Then we drove to the Sunny Coast where I was so tired...even to the point of Tegs and I going for a walk and I felt dizzy!  I went to bed super early (for me) and slept well, although completely drained!  Lets see how tomorrow is...

30/1 - I woke this morning at 4:30am like normal, to do 22k.  I was annihilated!  I went back to bed for an hour (unheard of!) and got up to see how I felt.  Still terrible!  I went out and did 5k and it felt like 50k!  No more!

After talking to Tegs, chatting to some friends and having a good think about things, I have decided to back out of the Engine 2 plan for the moment.  This is for a number of reasons.  Firstly, when things start affecting my running (regardless of what they are) it causes major problems for me!  This is SO important to me and I don't want any external factor to affect my training.  Secondly, it has affected my mental state with my running and life in general.  Not good.  I stand by everything I wrote in my last blog about E2 being the ultimate way to eat however when I am in bulk training(110-180km per week running) I need the easy calories and pick me ups to keep me going.  I am obviously sticking to my plant based vegan diet going forward and still have the goal of getting under 75kg this year however I am just going to do this slowly, eating a healthy, rounded vegan diet, but not restricting what vegan food I can eat.

I feel silly and like a cop out bailing so early on this plan however I am glad I started it and gave it another quick go.  I can absolutely see myself eating this way 100% in the future however whilst I am running like a mad man, a bit of sensible balance in my plant based eating doesn't hurt anyone I don't think!  This is from my experience and only mine.  I know a number of people who train and perform amazingly as a fruitarian but this is my experience and thoughts of where I am at at the moment.

Thank you for your help and support through all I do friends.  Lets keep moving forward positively together and change the world one by one!  All good things, life is blessed and if we don't give things a crack we will never know!  Love you all, run free, vegan and strong!


  1. Hey Mat, I've been reading your stuff and enjoying every bit, but this one really struck a chord. Bailing out on a plan that you have put out there as your new way of life, but is clearly is not working for you, is courageous, never silly or a cop out. Was incredulous about your running mileage but now admiring the soul within...great to be working with you, love your energy, good times a-coming!!

  2. HAy Fran. Thanks so very much for your kind words! I try to be as real, raw and honest as I can in all I post. I hope and pray that might help someone who might need a little hand along their own journey. It is a blessing to be at Kunara and part of the family. Just sent you an email too for tomorrow...fingers crossed! Thanks again!