Sunday, 9 February 2014

A catch up...hang on!

Gday y'all!  Well, to say life has been hectic for us over the last couple of months, particularly the last month, would be an understatement!  There have been MANY exciting things happening and I thought it was about time I updated you all so everyone knows whats up and can't claim they didn't know!

So, a month or two back, after lengthy discussion, Tegan and I decided it was time to move to the Sunshine Coast.  We have been wanting to do this for a couple of years now and the time just hasn't been right.  Now though, we feel God is moving us on to a new and exciting adventure!  We weren't sure how it was all gonna take place but we made the decision and went at it!  I kept hearing all these things about talking the first step and the rest will just happen so that is exactly what we did.  Through our random daily Bible devotions we have also got a number of confirming verses that we need to go!

At this point, long story short, we have been able to secure a beautiful house to house sit for a lovely couple who are missionaries.  They are going on a mission trip on the 21st of March for three months and we will be moving into their house to look after their place, get settled in and hopefully find somewhere of our own to buy.  We have a dream of having a house in Buderim and running a small health Bed and Breakfast from it.  I will be offering additional trail running tours of the area and we will also look at offering picnic baskets and trail walking tours as well.  It is SUPER exciting that is for sure!

Tegan has secured her dream job and will be starting THIS Sunday.  She is going to be working Sunday, Monday Tuesday and driving back and forth from Bundy until we can get into our house sit house.  I will play daddy daycare and then work Wednesday to Saturday still at Nanas before starting work at the Sunshine Coast when we move down.  I have got a job at Skäl Coffee in Peregian and have a few other things on the go so that will be cool for when I get down there!

The girls are booked into care from when we all move down, so all is working out perfectly.  We have had the house on the market for a couple of weeks now and just praying it will sell ASAP, as that is kinda the last piece of the puzzle.

I have made the decision not to continue with Uni at this point for a number of reasons.  The most important reason was that between working part time, studying full time and training, I was barely seeing the girls.  It was a full on year last year.  I am looking at the possibility of studying something by distance, however still looking at the options.  I also couldn't really see myself going to work everyday, stuck in a cubical!  Ugh!

I have completely come to the point in my life where I do not care about money but only about being happy!  I of course will always work to provide for my family but job status etc no longer holds any importance to me.  As long as I LOVE my job and am helping people on a daily basis, this is what matters to me!  This is one of the reasons leaving Nanas Pantry (my current workplace) is going to be SO hard.  There is exciting things happening there and I LOVE going to work, every shift.  It is a beautiful environment with amazing people and I will miss them so much.

Of course it is also going to be hard leaving family and friends behind, but the positive is that we will be just down the road and once we have our own place, they will have somewhere to come and stay!

So there it is kids!  The Grills' are out of Bundy!  One of the final reasons for moving is the location.  We are head over heels with the Coast and a location like the Buderim area is perfect for us.  The shops are close for Tegs, the beach is just down the road and the mountains are at our doorstep for my running.  Whilst this might seem trivial to some of you, to have a supportive wife toward my running, and being willing to move somewhere I can really improve as an athlete is so SO incredibly heart warming.  My best friend and soul mate Tegs is one of a kind and this new adventure is gonna be epic with her, hand in hand!

Now your up to date!

I hope this blog finds you all fit and well and chasing your dreams in 2014.  What a year it is going to be!  Have a ripper week all, keep smiling, fighting the good fight, eating plants and loving life.  Blog hugs for you!  Run free...Mat

PS - On the training front, all is going AMAZING!  I have been logging 100-140k a week in prep for Beerwah at Dawn (in two weeks) and I am running faster and stronger than ever.  I aim to run fast at this event and see how things pan out!  Good times ahead!

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