Sunday, 19 January 2014

Exciting news and some rad running!

What up yall?!  Hope you have had a super week and brought the New Year in with a bang!  We have a super buzy January ahead but it is going to be one filled with fun that is for sure!  Some exciting things have been happening in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to kick off the first post of the year announcing them!

I have recently struck up a relationship with Soleus Watches Australia.  They deal in fitness, everyday and GPS watches.  They are extremely affordable and create a super product for everyone!  I don't have any way of personal referral to the company at this time, however if any of you want to purchase one, I ask that you make a note when ordering that I let you know about them.  I am currently using the Cross Country GPS watch and it is super!  I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with them and hoping it expands to something even more exciting!  Check out

As a small side note, I have also started using Strava.  I have an account there now, so if you want to follow my training along with yours, get on board ( ).  I am also going to include at the end of my blogs my training this year....itll be at the end so those not interested can skip over it!

This week - first week of the year...

30/12 - 12km easy run
31/12 - 20km hummock route with 10 hill repeats
01/1 - 7.1km family run.  43:14min.  Pria did her first ever k!
02/1 - 20.4km hummock route with 13 hill repeats.  1hr 57min.
03/1 - 10km easy run.  53:28min.  1k with Pria.
04/1 - 25km long trail run with group.  2hr 23min.
05/1 - 15.1km tempo run.  1hr 18min.
This week - 109.6km


My beautiful wife killin it
in her first ultra

This week (and the one before!) has been one of adventure!  After seeing Tegan and a heap of friends run Hares and Hounds, Monday the 13th we were off to New Zealand!  As part of Tegans 30th Birthday month, she ran her first ultra marathon (52km) and would be celebrating her special day (20/1) in Auckland!  And might I say, she did an incredible job!  I was so proud to see her persevere and complete something truly remarkable!  Good times!

In amongst all the chaos of packing and getting sorted, I was hoping to post the above earlier however didn’t get around to it!  It has been a little busy!  Sorry it is a little dated now!  I realised when posting that I missed two weeks!  Sorry!

The Redwoods Forest...speachless!

So far, our time across the ditch has been super fun and I have got plenty of good running in!  As most of you would have seen on Facebook or Instagram, the Redwood Forest in Rotorua stole my heart!  Holy smokes!  Incredible!  After spending three days there, we then trekked north to Corromandal and stayed in an AMAZING tree house, way up in the hills!  The running was ordinary with as much hiking as actual running but it has still been enjoyable.  On Sunday we will head to Auckland and spend our last four days.  Bliss.

I have been doing a fair bit of pondering and ‘start of year reflecting’ and have some exciting, challenging things up ahead.  Can not wait to get into it and share the journey with you all!

I pray the first couple of weeks of 2014 have been fun and exciting for you all and that you have set yourself some challenging, larger than life goals for this year.  Stay positive, smile and Ill see y’all when I return to Auz!
The view from our place in Corromandal

6/1 - 13km run in the sandies - 1hr 10min
7/1 - 20.3km hummock route w 15 hill repeats (4 run, 11 hiked) - 1hr 57min
8/1 - 10km easy - 57:54min
9/1 - 20.1km in a strong head wind on the way back - 1hr 45min
10/1 - 12.1km at Marcus Beach - 1hr 7min
11/1 - 25.1km from Peridigan to Mt Coolum and return - 2hr 21min
12/1 - 7.1km after crewing for Tegs at Hares and Hounds - 36:30min
This week - 107.6km
YTD - 185.2km

13/1 - Rest day travelling to NZ
14/1 - 20.4km to the Redwood Forest and through it (Rotorua) - 1hr 50min
15/1 - 15.3km back to the Redwoods - 1hr 23min
16/1 - 20.6km on the 'Purple Loop) in the Redwoods.  Amazing - 1hr 58min
17/1 - 10.1km in the estate we stayed in in the Corromandal.  Freekin hilly - 1hr 15min
18/1 - 15.1km on the 309 toward Corromandal - 1hr 35min
19/1 - 22.5km on the 309 away from the Corromandal...stoked with my time and average pace (745m elevation - 2hr 14min
This week - 104.1km
YTD - 289.3km

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  1. Gday Matty, Great seeing all of the Grills' at the Hares and Hounds congrats to the new ultra runner Tegan, what a bunch of legends. Thanks for sharing your news with us. Lionel