Monday, 30 December 2013

Thank you!

Well, 2013 has been a big, ripper, life changing year!  Given that it is the end of the year, it is generally a time to reflect!  And reflect we shall!

This year we had a new baby, Corlè, I left the Police to start studying physiotherapy full time at uni, I started a new job at Nanas Pantry, I got a new wife (ok, not new...Tegs just lost a crazy amount of weight after having the baby and looks AMAZING!)...oh, and I ran about a billion races, including a PB at 50k, 100miles and finishing Coast 2 Kosci...240k!  Good times!

It has been an exciting, challenging, liberating and generally fun time!  In saying that, 2014 I have a feeling is gonna be EPIC!  We have some more BIG plans and ideas in the pipeline and I can not wait to share them with you!  All in good time young punter!

Also, this time of year, people usually set some life goals and resolutions for their next period in life. Whilst there is usually a fair bit of cynicism about New Years Resolutions, can I encourage you to be positive!  Use it as a time to set yourself some goals, make some positive changes and look ahead at what incredible things you are going to do going forward.  Get amongst it!

A couple of goals I have already set....spend more, quality time with my beautiful girls, live each day to the full, run under 4hrs 30min (YIKES) in a trail 50k race, under 20hrs in a 100miler (YIKES again!), aim for 7000km running in the year (not a specific focus but if it happens that would be SWEET), get my weight under 75kg year round (which I have been trying to do for a while) and eat a healthier vegan diet.  There are a few other 'secret' goals that will all be revealed in good time!

I finally want to take this chance to thank YOU!  I have been blessed and amazed beyond belief at the comments, words, thoughts, prayers and general encouragement I have received through this year from every single one of you!  I pray you will continue to follow my journey and be inspired by this little adventure the TattooRunner is on!

God bless you all, I love each one of you and can't wait to share 20-14 with you!


  1. You are amazing Mat Grills - all the best for you and your family for 2014.
    I look fook forward to following your goals through next year and beyond.

    Karin Tap

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours Matty no doubt our paths will cross at some of the events you have mentioned, will look forward to seeing you all then. Love and best wishes from all of Team Tomlins!!