Friday, 11 October 2013


This week I watched a video on Vimeo...then watched it again, and again.  It is simply titled MOVE and completely resonated with my spirit and views on life!  So whats up?!

As humans, we make excuses, we are lazy and we dont do what we know we should!  I am as guilty of it as much as the next Joe (even though my name is Mat!).  However, I strive, even yearn to MOVE.  To put my body in motion, look after myself, try and do things 'crazy' things, and be an example to my family and friends....heck, even strangers.  To LIVE alive!  I want to do all I can to stay away from that drain hole as much and as long as possible. 

One line really stuck with me from the clip.  'We all try to be buzy instead of being alive'.  Will you get 10years down the track, look back on your life and realize you have missed being alive for the sake of keeping yourself buzy?  Have you done something lately that has scared you, that you weren't sure if you could accomplish?  Why not?  Is another Facebook status, last minute sale, extra extra overtime, watching that second, third or tenth hour of TV for the day really making you feel alive?  Why not get up, move, get your heart beating (not from all the junk in your belly!) and FEEL movement.  The more you do it, the more it becomes habit, the more you will WANT to MOVE!  Liberating!

So, MOVE!  The message is simple!  It doesn't have to be running, biking or swimming...just do something!  This world is in a fat crisis!  I know that sounds harsh, but take a look around.  I mean REALLY take a look around!  A LOT of beautiful souls are killing themselves by what they are putting in their bodies and by what they are NOT doing...MOVE!  People are MASSIVE and it is getting worse!  Lets buck the trend, rebel, and create our own group of humans that will make a difference to our world!  One of health, movement and lifestyle!  Don't give up, do something everyday, embrace this beautiful life for the beauty it beholds, not the crap society is creating!  You are amazing, you can do it, you can make a difference....but it is your responsibility!  Lets do it friend, enough excuses....MOVE!  Run on, Plant strong! X 

Massive thanks to Will GADD for the inspiration!  Check out

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