Monday, 11 February 2013

Things in threes.


This week has been...well hectic to say the least!  They say things come in three's (who is 'they' anyway?) and that has been the case this week.  So here we go...


I am back running!  Hallelujah!  It was my first full week back, and although it was short, I was able to manage 7, 9, 10, 13 and 10km.  I had no pain in my Achilles, however my poor old calf's copped a bit of a hammering due to the time off I have had from running.  It was pure bliss though!  It is only when I am forced to not run, that I truly realise how much influence and a massive part of my life it is.  I truly do live to run.  Certainly not my only reason for living but let me tell you, a huge part of it.  My days just don't seem fulfilled or whole if I don't get time running in nature with the wind in my face, the warm sun on my back and my heart rate raised.  Bliss my friends, bliss!


After resigning from my job and due to start Uni in a week and employers have thrown me a last ditch offer.  They have stated that they want to keep me part time.  After much thought and heartache I have decided to take up the offer.  At this point (from my perspective anyway) it is only a trial to see if it works out.  When I decided to embark on this new journey (Uni) I wanted to sever old ties and have a fresh start.  Sometimes though, especially as a man, decisions need to be made for our families.  That, and that alone is the reason I have decided to stay on, two days a week in my job.  If however, six months down the track I find other work, the agreement isn't working out and I still feel the same as I do now, my resignation will be getting re-submitted and a new money making venture will commence.  Time will be the tester to see if things are going to stand.  At this time though, I am thankful for the opportunity to give it a go. 


Yesterday I bought shoes!  Yep, read it again...I bought shoes!  Now before you start getting all ancy on the sandal man, hear me out.  The company is completely for minimal, zero drop shoes.  I have purchased the Superior trail shoe from the company Altra.  They have a zero drop (heel is the same height as the forefoot) a foot shaped toe box and all their ethics are very much in line with my way of thinking.  Why do I hear you ask?  Well, something different!  I do feel like I am getting faster these days, especially on trail, so to have the added comfort of something completely protecting my foot and some ripper grip for when I am bombing hills will be some good assurance.  Now I am not saying this is going to be for good, or that I am going to give up my sandals, but I am SUPER excited to give them a go!  Tegs got some road ones as well for after the baby is born so the minimal, correct running form is continuing on from dad to wife to daughter (she runs barefoot or in her 'running sandals' flats from Kmart!)  Good times!  Check out the links below for the gab!

So there it is friends!  Things are getting very exciting and all happening at once!  It is only a week until the baby is due, I am going part time at work, I start uni in a week and a half and the house is on the market!  Wozers!  Life would be boring if it weren't busy and full of adventure!  There is so many good, beautiful, blessed things on the horizon and for that I cant wait to see them all happen!  It is with great pleasure and joy that today I can again sign out saying.  Live long, run on, PLANT STRONG! 

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  1. Thanks for the update Matt, I for one am pleased you are staying with the QPS, at even two days a week you can inject some common sense to the organisation no doubt and with the structural change, you may have leave a permanent positive impact. As for Uni you will learn a bit and with a baby you will learn heaps. I have a pair of Altra Lone Pine trail shoes, the only time I have worn them is the end of an Oxfam 100 in Brisbane, that was a walk (for us) but the five fingers were not going the distance. I also carried them over the Overland Track wearing five fingers but from the 23rd will carry them over numerous Tassie tracks for three weeks, wearing a pair of traditional Leadville Pacers. And injuries I got one, lower back, ligament and saw a Chiro today saying I haven’t run for two days and am going crazy, I’m with you brother – keep it up and take the opportunities as they come, if the QPS offers two days it’s for a reason, go with the flow. Cheers Chris