Sunday, 18 November 2012


09/11 – AM 9.25km – 53.59min in trail sandals, 15min stepper.

Nice run at the back of Shalom school with Dad and Melinda my sister.  Enjoyed pretty much the only trails Bundy offers!


10/11 – AM 30.10km for my 30th BIRTHDAY– 2.59.49min in trail sandals.

Ran the whole journey with Dad and Tanya and met up with the old running crew and did about 12km with them.  Was met by them all singing Happy Birthday as they were running along.  Was a really nice way to start my big 3-0 and catching up with old friends made it super cool too.


11/11 – AM 15km – 1.28.16min in trail sandals.

Ran the Bargara track toward Burnett Heads with Dad, Melinda and Chris.  Was a little slow on the way out but picked things up a bit on the way back.  Always an enjoyable run along the water front.


WEEK TOTAL – 112.8km and 15min stepper.


12/11 – AM 10.05km – 52.04min in trail sandals, 15min stepper.

Was a heck windy but ran strong and at a good pace.  First day on the Engine 2 Diet.


13/11 – AM 15.02km – 1.18.46min in trail sandals, run with Pria.

Ran to Telegraph Road and then with Wade.  Was great to catch up with him and we kept a good pace too which was a bonus.


14/11 – AM 11.28km hills – 1.04.16min in trail sandals, 15min stepper. (Solar eclipse)

PM 7.4km – 40.45min in trail sandals at Bundy Road Runners.

AM - Started off with Wade and Tanya and did our loop with 3 x grass repeats.  Amber then met us for 5k and I kept on going with Wade.  Did another 3 x grass repeats and kept a solid pace.  Was a good hard workout.

PM – Really nice run with Dad and Sabo.  Pushed Pria in the pram and she had a good time so everyone was happy all round!


15/11 – AM 17.03km – 1.28.15min in trail sandals.

Was a good solid hit out.  Getting quicker!


16/11 – AM 8.04km – 45.20min in trail sandals, 15min stepper.

Ran to Bargara Road and then ran 5k with Brett.  His first run back in sometime so was nice to get out with him.


17/11 – AM 35.01km – 3.20.02min in trail sandals.

Started with Dad and ran to Sabos place.  Then ran together for a while before Dad dropped off to do his own thing.  Sabo ran strong but stated to fade after a couple of hours.  He then detoured and we met up at the end.  This run was a real breakthrough for me.  It felt effortless and I ran the last 7k at under 5:10min p/km pace.  Felt euphoric when I finished, a real runners high!  Was so stoked!  All this after working all night too!  Good old night work!  PB for Sabo – 25km.


18/11 – AM 17.06km – 1.30.22min in trail sandals.

Was super tired from work and it was HUMID, WINDY and brutal conditions.  Felt sick most of the time but I toughed it out.  Was a stark contrast from yesterday!


WEEKLY TOTAL – 120.9km and 45min stepper.


First week of Engine 2 Diet – 3.3kg loss in weight!  YES!


Well this last week has been VERY exciting!  I turned 30 on Saturday 10/11 and celebrated with 30km!  I had a ripper awesome party with my friends and got some beautiful presents!  Stoked to now have a slack line (SO FUN) and looking forward to getting a new toy in the Suunto Ambit!  YES!  Thanks to my beautiful bride, mum and dad and special friend Lori for all the hard work you put in to make my day so memorable!  Bless your hearts every one of you for rocking up and sending me much love!


Sunday also saw the dawning of a new chapter in my life.  I have gone vegan!  I decided to kick things off with a bang and commenced with the Engine 2 Diet.  It is basically a four week vegan kick start program developed by a Texas Firefighter and professional Triathlete, Rip Esselstyn!  Check out for more!  Basically it is a brutal welcome to vegan living however also includes no oil, very minimal sugar, everything wholegrain (bread, pasta, rice etc) and NO COFFEE or tea!  WTH?! 


For the first three to four days I nearly died!  No exaggeration!  Ha!  I was SO tired from not having coffee and sugar I could barley keep my eyes open!  I persevered, feeling like absolute crap for four days but have come out the other side!  I was worried about this weekend at work (night work) and am proud to say that I survived with no caffeine!  This has been the hardest thing for me because for those who know me know I LOVE coffee!  The food has been awesome and I have enjoyed eating beautiful fresh unprocessed foods!


I also did my first bulk wearhouse fruit and veg shop!  WOW!  It was RIPPER and the food is amazing quality and price!  A vegans God send!


So it is all very exciting!  I am basically doing this kick start to shake myself free of anything that I feel dependant on (ie. Coffee)!  After the four weeks I may go back to having oil, coffee and being a little less strict on the complete no sugar, but I am committed for the four weeks to the E2D. 


I am also making the change to vegan for long term health and wellbeing.  I have been running quicker than ever and my body is really enjoying the amazing food I have been eating and preparing!  I am so very grateful for an amazing supportive wife who puts up with my cooking and is so on side with my constant quest for health and a better way of living!  I am also super stoked that my mum and dad have shown great interest in giving the vegan lifestyle a go!  Although the ideas are foreign and full on for dad they are both taking it in their stride.  Mum is trying out the E2D and dad is making some good healthy adjustments to his diet and lifestyle to try and get healthier and more plant strong!  


So it has been a really positive time the last week or so!  I hope my madness and constant quest to improve myself and life is an encouragement to you all!  There is hopefully going to be some really exciting times ahead for my beautiful family and way of life.  God is so good to us and I am incredibly blessed to have such an amazing wife by my side in this life!  I hope y’all going tops and that life is good!  Keep loving life and all those around you friends and until next week…RUN ON!  TattooRunner


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