Monday, 26 November 2012

Another week down...

19/11 – AM – 8km sandals 45.49min. 2.03km barefoot 10.29min. 15min stepper.
Run was good this morning. Felt like I was only going slow but kept a nice solid pace. Was awesome to get some barefooting started again after a little hiatus on it.

20/11 – AM – 13km sandals 1hr 09.46min. 2.01km barefoot 10.20min.
Was hella windy but my first run back with my buddy Jodie so it was a chat fest and very enjoyable! Good times!  Ah the counselling is so good!

21/11 – AM – 10.02km sandals 58.21min. 15min stepper. PM – 7.43km sandals 38.30min at Road Runners.
All my Hummock buddies deserted me so I decided to punish myself! Ha! Did a big loop and did 8 x grass hill repeats in a row! Oh the burn! Was ripper fun though! There was also a group from Be Transformed down there doing PT so I got to encourage a few of them doing hill repeats.  I get a sweet satisfaction in encouraging those around me ripping in!  I hope I did this in a small way.  In the arvo I went to Road Runners and did about 3k with Rick chatting which was good then got into it a little. Really focused on form and felt great.

22/11 – AM – 19.08km sandals 1hr 41.21min.
Ran 11km with Jodie and then finished off on my own. Another enjoyable run in the beautiful sunshine.

23/11 – AM – 6km sandals 31.13min. 3.02km barefoot 20.00min. 15min stepper.
Ran with the superstar, Female 10km overall winner of the Lighthouse Series Tanya today and had a nice chat and run. Enjoyable all round.  Well done on your achievement too Tanya, you deserve it, you train hard!

24/11 – AM – 40.04km sandals 3hr 49.48min.
Ran 30k with dad and a bit of time with the running group too. OMG, did not even struggle. Even though I got up to start at 3:15am to get this run in before work, it was easy! I can only put this down to the diet…felt awesome! Another really good mental builder before Goldy Ultra.  I am at a special place at the moment where I am actually surprising myself with my training!  I can not believe how good I feel and how well I am running/recovering.  It makes my heart so happy to be eating and training so well.

25/11 – AM – 17.06km sandals 1hr 35.31min.
Ran with Dad and Lee. Was a little tired in the legs from yesterday but otherwise great. Always good fun to catch up with Lee the big skirt!

TOTAL – 127.7km running and 45min stepper
Weight loss - 600g

What a ripper week!  My running has been consistent and this has been my biggest week for a little while.  My body and mind is feeling the strongest it has in a long time!  I am contributing this mainly to my new eating plan!  It has been amazing and my running has improved out of sight in such a short time!  Average speed, recovery, leg turnover...everything!  I am also continuing to drop weight which is awesome and feeling super light!  GOLD! 

I am really looking forward to the up coming Kurrawa to Durranba run!  It is now going to be a boys trip (Dad has decided to do the 30k) so it will be alot of fun!  I am really looking forward to running strong, catching up with friends and having a heap of laughs!  YES!  The way I have been training, I think I would be pretty disappointed if I didn't go under five hours.  Time will tell though!

This week I have also made the leap to getting a new GPS watch!  I have upgraded to the Suunto Ambit and trying to learn the ropes getting the bad boy set up!  I am a bit technologically challenged so it is proving a test!  Ha!  I am relying on the help of my friends who also have one!  Seems like a pretty amazing piece of machinery though!

So, apart from that there is not alot to report this week!  Things are just cruising along really nicely and I am loving eating super clean, running free shirtless and in my huaraches/barefoot.  I have also come to the realisation that if I can remain consistent for the rest of the year (no reason why I shouldn't) I will achieve the goal I set myself last year about this time....5200km for the year!  That is an average of 100km per week people!  This is a MAJOR achievement for me and I hope and pray I can reach it without too much effort!  Good times!  My running is going forward in leaps and bounds which makes this young man very happy!

So ladies and gentle men, I hope that this reaches you all well and that your life, wherever it may be is blessed and firing!  Keep your head up, run free and savour every moment!  Until next week...RUN FREE!

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