Friday, 31 August 2012

By by August!

Well...August!  You have been interesting!  It has been a challenging month but one that I think I had to have mentally and physically!  It feels like it has been so up and down, I have been on some sort of rollercoaster!

Since Flinders Tour I have been constantlly battling niggling issues with my legs, and up and downs with my eating patterns.  It, I believe, was due to my own fault of overdoing things since the race in late July.  I trained too hard, too soon after the hard effort at that event and have done myself some minor damage (manageable but still damage).  And just when I thought things were coming good, my sandals ravaged my toes this week and I have had to barefoot the last couple of days.

In saying this though, since that race I have completed weeks of 129.3km, 34.5km, 162.3km, 65.3km and this week I should do over 110km.  Now this might seem like alot to some, but when training for a 100miler, long k's on the legs are what you need, physically and mentally.  I have unfortunatlly not been able to complete my 100miles a week for 10weeks as I had previouslly hoped.  This has been mainly because of my hard effort at Flinders, so I think I will try it again soon when I have no races to blow my legs out and destroy me!

Now in saying this, the 'forced rest' has proberbly been a good thing for me.  For thoes of you who know me well, know that rest is not something that I do!  I run every day, if physically possible and don't like not running!  It is something I need to do and have to do for my sanity!  I have noticed though, with the forced rest, the runs I have done have been much faster (pretty much always averaging betwen 5-5.30min p/km.)  This rest seems to have freshened up my body and mentally got me ready for the battle ahead in two weeks time!

Ahhh, the 100miler!!!  I have been working hard to get my head in the right space and really work myself up for the fun day/night of the race!  I have had a goal of going under 24hours this year since last years race and I really look forward to smashing that goal!  SOOO much of ultra running is done between your ears and the physical side of things is just a bonus.  I am fully ready to tackle the challenge!  I hope to get a few good runs in over the next week and then focus on positive thoughts, books, YouTube clips and people to really build things up to race day!

So...September.  The first day of Spring and a new start for my training and clean eating (I havent really been eating bad, just too much good food!)  I am very excited for the heat to return and get some sun/tan up for the months ahead.

I hope and pray you are all doing well!  Keep positive, run free and I look forward to updating you once or twice before the big weekend!  Run on...

P.S - As a side note, there are some VERY exciting adventures ahead for TattooRunner.  I, along with a good friend, are looking at expanding and exploring the possibilities of branching out into the unknown.  It is very exciting, so watch this space for developements.  In addition to this, there is something that YOU can do!  If you know anyone who might benifit physically, mentally or just enjoy reading my blog, please pass on the links and spread the word.  The more people reading along the better!  Thanks guys and Ill see ya soon!!    

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