Saturday, 7 July 2012


Well, what a week it has been! Since finishing the Goldy Marathon, barefoot and all, I had the afternoon off and then was straight back into things Monday morning.  It was a big ask, but that day marked 10weeks until the grand event for me for 2012, the Glasshouse 100miler.  Last year I did well in this event and was satisfied as it was my first miler.  This year however I want to be in the best shape of my life physically, mentally and emotionally.  This is the reason I have been working so hard on my diet and decided to try and conquer a minimum of 100miles in training a week for 10weeks.

I was pleasantly surprised to not have sore legs AT ALL after the Goldy.  My feet were still a little tender for a day or two, but no drama!  So far this week I have run eight times and I still have a long run ahead of me tomorrow.  RIPPER!  I will achieve my 100miles (for those who can’t work it out it is 161km) this week and am feeling GOLD, even with some limited sleep!

I have also had another weight loss drop this week.  I am now down to 82.7kg. I have now officially lost over 20kg since moving to Bundy and am almost as light as when I got married and started lifting stupid heavy stuff!  Ha!  So stoked with my progress so far!

Today on my long run I tried out a new product.  I bought a Nathan running vest from Zombie Runner as I am over using packs with bladders.  This is a personal choice but I just have grow sick of the extra weight on my back, the sloshing and not being able to clean the straw and mouthpiece.  I have been using Ultimate Direction hand helds for a while now and just needed something light weight to carry my gear/food in.  Let me just say, it started out crap!  The pockets were bouncing big time against my ribs and I was worried they were going to bruise me.  I then remembered that the chest strap slides up and down.  I moved it down into a better lower position and GOLD!!!  SO good!  So light, and so comfortable!  I even did the last four k with it on and no shirt!  No rub which was awesome so tomorrow I will try 10k shirtless with the pack and see how things go!  YES!  Love it when things work out!

The most exciting news for this week however is something that has been in the pipeline for about a week but has just come to fruition.  I am now officially sponsored!!!  The young fella who owns The Mower Doctor (where I get my mower fixed/serviced) has offered to help me out with my races and travel!  I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!  I didn’t even approach him, he offered out of the generosity of his heart to help and I couldn’t be happier!  I am looking forward to a partnership with the business and promoting the shop as they help me out!  Incredible! 

I pray and hope that this may be a catalyst for other businesses to look at sponsoring me, as I have so many dreams and aspirations to do SO many races both locally and internationally.  I never thought this would happen to me, so who knows now…the sky is the limit! 

So, if you live anywhere near Bundy (he is now covering down to Gympie, Sunny Coast and as far north as Mackay) and need a new mower, whippersnapper or yours needs a service, get down to The Mower Doctor, 1 Walker Street or call on 07) 4154 4413 and Chris will help you out!

Well, I am chuffed!  Family/work is GOLD, Running is going TOPS, diet and health are AWESOME and a sponsor for Barefoot GRILLS is now on board…what next!!?? Amazing!

Thanks to every one of you who read my blog too.  It is so encouraging to get your feedback and encouragement in what I do.  I love you all and cherish your support.  I hope this finds you fit, smiling and enjoying life.  Live each day to the fullest friends, it is the only way to go!!!  Until next time…Run on…BFG.