Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Week Four and Five…

Well, it has been a rather hectic couple of weeks but I am finally adding a new entry!  Better late than never! 

The last two weeks on the training front has been going RIPPER!  I have stuck to my minimum of 100miles a week and have tallied just over 320km!  WO!  I never thought I would be able to run that far and still live normal life!  Ok, lets face it, I am far from normal but you get the drift!  It hasn’t always been easy logging these big k’s but a challenge that I have really taken a hold of!

The change in diet has had a lot to do with my success in training.  Things overall have been going really well but I have had a few days where I have gone off on a tangent, eating crap!  It has been a bit of a challenge keeping enough calories up on the predominantly vegan diet, but one that I have really enjoyed and has kept me feeling really on top of my game!  The last two weeks have seen me drop from the mid 82kgs to 81.5kg and this morning I weighed in at 80.5kg!  This is the lightest I can EVER remembering weighing and I am feeling super!  The eating plan is working really well and so is the shirtless running!  HA!  The only problem is that now NONE of my pants fit!  After Flinders Tour, when I drop under 80kg, I am getting rid of all my old clothes and going shopping!  No turning back!  Anyone that wants some new/second hand gear might get lucky!

I have been really excited the last fortnight in the aftermath of Western States, reading interviews, watching YouTube clips and hearing about the successes of all the different runners.  The annual Hard Rock 100mile Endurance Run has also taken place and an event that I REALLY want to take part in one day.  It is one tough mother of a race!  To put it in perspective, the professional runner that won WS did 14hrs 45min give or take…the winner of Hard Rock took over 25hrs and there have been only two people EVER to go under 24hours on that course!  WOW!  A challenge I want a piece of!  Badwater has also come and gone.  Although it is a road run, I was still very interested in how it panned out, especially considering a copper from Vic Police took place and got 17th overall I believe!  An incredible effort!  Well done to all competitors!

This last week, running has been a real outlet for me too.  For those who don’t know, to cut a long story short, we found out that Tegan had a cyst the size of a grapefruit on her ovary.  After emergency surgery she is slowly recovering and lucky to be fit and well!  It was a big shock and my running really helped me clear my head and keep things in order mentally!  I thank God and all our beautiful friends and family for getting through the last week!  Everyone has been amazing from friends bringing meals, flowers, cards, baking and love, to my mum and dad watching Pria (AMAZING).

I am getting pretty stoked to looking forward to another race on Sunday, Flinders Tour.  This is a 53k trail run at the Glasshouse Mountains and holds a bit of significance as it was my first ever ultra!  I am also REALLY looking forward to the weekend as we are staying with our good friend Katie and catching up on Saturday with Lori, Chris and family and Daniel and his beautiful family.  These are guys that I have met at Ultra events and developed a great friendship with!  Such a blessing and I just cant wait to hang out, laugh eat and have a super doper stella time!  My sides hurt already thinking about how much I know I am going to laugh!

Something that has REALLY blown my mind this week too is the amount of people that have been inspired and motivated by ME!  I don’t want to sound big of myself, quite the opposite actually!!!  I can’t believe that people are motivated by my life and adventures!  I have had quite a few messages this week asking about when my next blog will be, asking running advise and even, people unmentioned (cough cough Benny Boy) wanting vegetarian/diet advise!!!!  WOW!  This has further brought me to think about furthering my studies and skills in potentially making this all a bit of a side business……Hummmmm….lots of thinking to do!  Thank you all though for your constant kind words and encouraging me by asking for my advise!  I am MORE than happy to help anyone I can….I don’t know much but love learning so I will find out for you!  Life is good!

Well I think that about wraps thing up for this week/weeks.  It has been a heck of a good time and as always a great adventure!  Cant wait to update you all on my half way point this weekend of my 12week challenge and also bring a race report from Flinders!  I love you all, keep smiling, loving life and running free!  Chat soon ombres!  TattooRunner

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