Saturday, 23 June 2012

A week to go...

G'day friends! What's doing? It is only one week now until the Gold Coast Marathon and things are getting exciting! I did a 30k barefoot run yesterday and I am keen as mustard to give my first barefoot marathon a red hot go on Sunday! Come to me, I am ready! It will be an awesome weekend as we are heading down with friends and staying in a share house. We are also going to catch up with some old friends so it will be a lot of fun! On the 12 week challenge front, Week 1 is down, and what a journey it has been already! I have had a lot of ups with a few small downs (only in energy) but over all it has been a ripper! My performance has not suffered with the change in diet and everything is feeling much better already! I have managed to drop a crazy 3.2kg in my first week and feel strong! So good news all round! I have topped out at 125km this week so I am a happy camper! I have been incredibly inspired this weekend in the running/updates of the Western States 100mile race in the US. It is one of the oldest and toughest milers in the states and one that I dream of doing one day. The beautiful thing this year was that the course record was smashed by a young bloke named Tim Olsen (another bearded, long haired, shirtless it). He is an incredible inspiration as he was once a drug addict and has transformed his life to a world class athlete. Amazing! Good on ya bloke! One day I hope to be there running it too! An amazing example of what can be achieved if someone really wants to change and turn their life around. I have also over the last few weeks been getting into pod casts. I know I am a hater of music when running (I just think it takes away from the experience, just my opinion) but listening to some pod casts has been really rewarding. I have mainly been listening to ultra marathon ones (surprise surprise) but it has been great. I don't know if this is something I will do forever but really feel at times it adds to the simple joy of running! Well see how this all pans out. Well crew, I am sorry this isn't the longest blog but brace yourself for next week. I have a half yearly update on my k's travelled thus far in 2012, Week 2 of my challenge report and also a race report on the Goldy. Good times ahead. I hope this finds you all well and healthy. Keep smiling in the bleak weather and don't stay inside. Running in the rain is RIPPER!! Love you all, keep loving life and hooking in! Peace out - till next week...RUN ON! TattooRunner 'Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail' Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Hey BFG try the podcasts in the science section on iTunes. Search for TED - I can't recall what it stands for but they have these eggheads who are super smart but a sense of humor talking about high follutin' things like how good the world today is with achievements in science etc compared with yesteryear in the times of our grandparents etc - u get the idea. And as u know with me there is always Rage against and Linkin Park! Cheers BFS