Friday, 1 June 2012

Take one step...

Excuses...we all have them for one reason or another,applying to one area of our life or another.  But if I had a dollar for every excuse I've heard as to why people can't exercise, I would never need to work a day in my life again!  'I don't have time', 'I'm not built to run', 'The boss hates me', I'm too lazy', The dog ate my homework'....blah blah blah...Soooo, if your an excuse maker, you might not like this!

At the Hares and Hounds trail run in January, I briefly met a girl named Lori.  She was running with her good friend Amy and having a hoot of a time.  As is the case in these races, you meet people for a short moment when either you are passing them and start chatting, or they are passing you.  Lori, Amy, my Dad and I had a brief chat, laugh and hooligan before we pushed off.  No biggie.  I did remember her though as she was SUPER happy!  Gold!

At the Cooks Tour a couple of weekends ago I saw Lori again and got chatting to her more.  We all headed off into the darkness and I wished her all the best since it was her first Ultra over 50k.  Upon finishing my race, a bit later, a ruckus ensued at the finish line and Lori crossed with her arms in the air, smiling, so very happy!  Then her husband and four little kids all embraced her and they were all yahooing with joy!  Beautiful!  Top job friend!

The reason for my mentioning Lori, is that since the Cooks, I have been in touch with her and got to know her a bit.  Let me tell you something...she is a wife, Ultra runner and so I was a little shocked to hear, amother of four kids under six!!!!  WOW!

For those who don't run ultras, it will be hard for you to grasp, but to run the distances we do takes ALOT of training.  Lori does much of her training on the treadmill (ugh!) while she can utilize child care at her gym and then with the support of her 'also running' husband, runs outside where possible.  All with four young kids, a household to look after and a normal life to lead!

Whats your excuse?!

There are many people who inspire me in life with their efforts, when it would be quite easy for them not to care or continue with their passions.  My wife for keeping our home beautiful, looking after Pria while Im running and generally putting up with me, friends who study at uni whilst working full time, my Dad, people who train for lengthy periods of time even when exhausted, the overweight bloke I see running the streets of Bundy, Killian's running/adventure goals/achievements, people who are 100% committed to their diet that they share their secrets with the world...too many to list.

Of all these people there is an underlying reason why they all succeed in what they do (or if they don't succeed they fight until they do).  Ready for it...They take one step!  Be it physically or metaphorically, they just take that one first step.  Not hard huh, just one step.  Too many of us are willing to make excuses about things we 'can't do' when we haven't even tried!

How do you know you can't run a marathon if you don't get your ass out of bed and try to run 500metres first?  How do you know you can't be the best in your job if you bludge every day and don't put in any effort?  How do you know you can't achieve your dreams if you don't first take one step toward achieving them?

I am a MASSIVE believer in the philosophy that we make time for what is important to us.  The amount of times I have heard 'Grillsy, how do you have time to do what you do, run ultras, have a family, work two jobs and have a normal life?'  Well let me tell you, there is nothing special about me!  I am very organised (which helps!) but I am willing to sacrifice 'normal' things to lead the life I do, and have a top ripper wife!  I don't sit around and watch hours of TV a day.  I don't procrastinate, if something needs doing I do it (most of the time!).  I take responsibility for my decisions good and bad, even when it is hard.  I train while most of you are sleeping to try my best not to impact upon my precious family time.  Simple things friends.  Simple things we can all do!

So my question to you is...whats your excuse?  Do you have big dreams?  Or even small dreams?  Do you just need to take 'one step' to begin your journey to achieve them?  Is there un-important things you need to sacrifice in your life to make your life better.  Remember there is only one person responsible for the life you have and that is you!  Quit whinging about all that has gone wrong, get your head up and YOU make a change now!  One step at a time!  If we're not trying to live each day better than the one before, what is the point?!  Don't just float along and get to 60 and have a list of 'I wishes'.  Live your dreams now, make a change, one at a time and you will be amazed at where life might take you!

Thanks for your inspiration for this blog Lori, you encourage me to quit complaining (its not that often I hope) and get on with it!  Life is an adventure and a beautiful one at that!  God brings people into our lives for a reason and if they're not there to enrich yours, how are they helping!?  Keep smiling and do something today that you have been wanting to do for a while.  Take that first probably wont be easy, but it will be worth it!

Love you all, run on and RUN FREE...



  1. Been reading your blog for just a bit, and today - I needed this post! Thank you thank you!

  2. Hay Shelby!! What a wonderful surprise to get a comment from the US!!! Amazing! I'm glad that you enjoyed if! Please feel free to pass onto as many people as you like! Have a super day!

  3. I stumbled across somehow through Luna Sandals I think!! I can't possibly be your only US reader - but I've got you linked on my blog as well. Happy running!

  4. Thanks again Shelby! There may well be other readers but I think your the first to comment! Yeah! Good times!