Saturday, 28 January 2012

The 'W' word!

Yes, this post is about the dreaded 'W' word...WEIGHT!

So, for those of you that have been following my blog (thanks!) you would recall a post last year about my wanting to drop weight.  I have dropped some since then, however not as much as I would have liked to.  I have been stuck in the low 80s for a while now.  This, however is the start of a new program and exciting results!

Chanel 10, bless their soles, have come up with a really good idea!  Who would have thought!  I saw it advertised a while ago on TV and it looked great!  (Yes TV can promote some good stuff believe it or not!)  It is called the 1 Million Kilo Challenge.  Details can be found at Now I usually try not to be one to 'jump on a band wagon' however this promotion is really good and can only be good for our ever fattening nation.  The program challenges Australians, together, to commit to lose 1million kilos over a 10week period offering exercise programs, diet advise, meal plans etc...ALL FOR FREE!!! RIPPER!  Well done Chanel 10!

Now the main reason for me partaking in the program is that I have hit a little plateu with my weight loss.  As anyone knows who has tried to lose weight, this happens and did for me when I was just above 100kg, just above 90kg and now that I am just above 80kg.  (Yeah you read right, since moving to Bundy, I have nearly lost 20kg's...that day will be awesome!!!)  Sometimes we just need a little kick along to get us back 'running down hill'!  So, this next 10weeks will be mine.

I have started a team and if you would like to lose a couple of kg's, join our crew and lets encourage each other during our progress.  My team is called Run it off!  I think you just send me a request, I accept it and we are good to go together!

Now I know some of you have been reading this and hatin!  Don't be!  I have heard so many times 'You don't need to lose weight, you'll be skin and bones' 'Where are you going to lose weight from?' blah blah blah.   Let me give ya'll a little insiders tip, if you know someone who wants to lose a few kg's and you keep saying this, it is very discouraging!!  We all want to lose weight for different reasons, to be able to play with our kids and not be puffed, to run our first 5k, to be able to play touch footy better, to run better, the list is endless and we all have our differing motivational factors.  I know it is hard for non runners to understand, but every kilo makes a MASSIVE difference...especially when you are running ultra distances.  I am still being called the big fella who runs stupid distances!  Over it...the big fella part, not the stupid distance part!!  For this reason, I still have very lofty goals for my weight loss so if you see me round, please don't give me, or anyone else dropping weight, the third encouraging, we are improving our life and becoming more healthy!  You never know, you might be encouraged to drop a few kg's too!

So, apart from cleaning up my 'already reasonably clean diet', I am setting myself a reasonably decent running challenge to go along with it.  For the next 10weeks, I will be running a minimum of 100miles (160k) per week, for the full 10 weeks, along with core strength and stretching every week day.  For a very simple breakdown of the running, this is 20k per day through the week and 30k both Saturday and Sunday.  I will mix it up a bit, but want to do over the 100mile each and every week!  So, if you are looking for someone to run with, shoot me a text or a Facey message, cause chances are, Ill be running and I always love company!  Benny Boy has also informed me that we are going to try a 200k week sometime in March too, so standby for more details on this!

So, crew, that is it!  For the next 10weeks, starting tomorrow, I hope and pray to see some significant changes in my running, emotions, health and physique.  I will break through the 80kg mark and have set my goal at 79kg (Goal for the 10week challenge).  I look forward to catching up with you all during this challenge and hope you are motivated to join our team, come for a run, go for a walk, eat better, or do anything to make your life a little better!

Stick it to em crew!  The only one stopping you reaching your goals is you!  So, stop your whinging, do something about it and rip in!  Lovin life, lets make it count!

Keep smiling yo, and well catch you soon.

Keep running!


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