Friday, 7 March 2014


Above is a picture of what I will be seeing when I look down for the next little while....thoes who know me, know that this would usually make me incredibly sad and depressed....BUT....

I'm happy because...I only have the first stages of a stress fracture and not a full blown break
I'm happy because...I only have to wear this thing for the next couple of weeks
I'm happy because...I get to ride a bike and experience new things until it heals
I'm happy because...I have a beautiful family with new exciting adventures on the horizon
I'm happy because...I start my new job in a week
I'm happy two weeks we are moving to the SUNNY COAST!!!
I'm happy because...I will get to run soon...and with a vengeance
I'm happy because...God has blessed me so very much in every possible way!
I'm happy because...although running is my everything, in the big scheme of things it is just running
I'm happy because...injuries make me realise just how special time outside, running the trails is to me
I'm happy because...I have clothes to wear, food to eat and clean water to drink
I'm happy because...I surround myself with positive, inspiring, beautiful people
I'm happy because...I have made amazing friends through running and simple things like Instagram
I'm happy is too short not to be
I'm happy because...I have taken risks, broken from the mould and the future is mine to decide
I'm happy because...I am not tied to a career
I'm happy because...the sun is shining
I'm happy because...hatin will get me nowhere fast
I'm happy because...I know you have amazing potential, waiting to break free
I'm happy because...of the time I have spent in Bundaberg
I'm happy because...I get to share this with you
I'm happy because...each day I am trying to be better than yesterday
I'm happy because...I'm happy!!!!!
I'm happy because...there is so much negativity in this world, it is nice to have your heart smile!  If you haven't seen the below, watch it, smile, feel good and be happy!  Heck, I got a boot and I'm happy!  Ha!  Love y'all and blog ya soon.  Run on!

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  1. Like...good on you Mat - gratitude is great!

    look forward to hearing about your recovery and running adventures on the Sunny Coast!!