Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mixed bag of good times!

Well, this week has been super exciting for me on a number of levels!  Friday marked the end of exams and the end of my first term of Uni.  It has been an extremely busy 13-14weeks and one that has been both challenging and enjoyable.  I'm reckon I have done enough to pass all of my subjects, but for now will be enjoying the three week break from classes and study.  How will I be doing this?  Catching up with friends I have neglected over the term (sorry guys!), spending time with my beautiful family, A LOT of running, naps and reading!  Can not wait!  I just want to thank everyone close to me, particularly my wife Tegan for the support you have been over this term.  I know it hasn't been easy at times and I haven't been as present as I would have liked to have been, but so goes the life of uni, working to support a family and training for ultra marathons!  THANKS!

The first of June also marked the start of Coach Jeff's Run for the Sun!  It is a super initiative to get people active during the whole month of June, encouraging them to run every day, a minimum of a mile (1.6km).  I have set myself some extremely lofty goals for the month and hoping to set a very high record for the most kilometres covered.  Some of the goals will be personal milestones and I can not wait to keep chugging along, racking up the k's.  First week - 160km and on track!  If you want to find out more, check out and if you want to follow my progress for this event, or just my training in general, Ï log my training on Running Ahead and my user name is Tattoo Runner...this link may work??

Now that Uni is finished, I am also very much looking forward to this weekends first Bundy's Fat Ass event!  It has created quite a bit of interest throughout the running community here and I cant wait for it to all pan out and enjoy the day with friends and new friends Ill meet.  For any of you reading this that are going to take part, please keep a close eye on the Facebook updates this week as there will be some important information sent through there about the day.  YES!  What fun it is going to be!

Well guys, this is just a quick snappy catch up to let y'all know where I'm at and say g'day.  I hope and pray you're all going well, training hard, loving life and being kind to one another and see ya soon!!   

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