Saturday, 6 April 2013

Challenge ahoy!

Well, after a week of easy running and recovering after Wild Horse, it is time for new challenges and new adventures!  I have done up my new training log for the next 12 weeks, including THREE races!  Yes!  I have also set myself possibly my biggest challenge yet...I am going to try and do the full program on the Engine 2 plan...which starts TOMORROW!! 

For those of you who don't know what Engine 2 is, it is - vegan eating, only wholegrains, no oil, no sugar and no stimulants (ie. coffee etc).  If you haven't been reading my blog long, I did the 28day challenge outlined in The Engine 2 Diet a few months ago.  Whilst it was hard, I lost some good weight, felt awesome and trained well!  This is going to be epic!  Check out if your interested!  I am going to try and keep you all in the loop with my adventures and also, I need the accountability when things get hard (especially working in a coffee shop!)  I really hope this is going to break a few of the bad eating habits I have left and set me at a ripper weight and fitness going forward, all in preparation for hopefully two 100 + milers at the end of the year! 

As another quick note, my mate Lee and I are organising and event which will be called Bundy's Fat Ass! This will be a looped trail running even in Bundy on the 15th of June.  For those of you not familiar with Fat Ass events their slogan is No fees, No prizes, No aids and No whimps! SO it will be a super fun, social outing with some good running in between.  The logistics are yet to be sorted out but there will be an ultra distance run, something around a marathon and something around a half marathon at this stage.  We will then possibly look at having a get together on the Sunday to slackline, talk rott and have a good laugh!  So, keep the date in your calendar, start training and stay tuned!

So, just a quick gday today crew!  I look forward to the next couple of months of exciting, challenging, ripper awesome times ahead!  Stay true, eat plants and we'll chat soon!


  1. Hi Matt,

    I have been following your blog for a while and it is always a great read as it is always positive. I have run with you a couple of times at the glass house series and I came across this book yesterday and thought of you. You may have already heard of Aaron Ash, but if not have a look

    1. Hay mate. I don't know if you got my email but I sent you one just after you posted stoked you messaged! Thanks for the kind words! Would I know your face? Would be great to catch up at the next run! You doin Cooks Tour? Make sure you come say g'day! I'll check out that cook book too! I do heaps of reading so it's surprising I haven't hear

  2. Heard if him. Thanks again mate. Mat

  3. Hi Matt,

    Not doing cooks Tour, just finished a 24 hr track event in Coburg on the weekend and now just taking time out to let the body recover. You probably would know me, Kerrie Williamson is my name and I have done GH100 for the last 2 years as well as numerous Hares and Hounds and Cook's Tours. Keep blogging the read is great.